Hey girl!

It’s so nice to finally meet you! Well, e-meet you at least. 

My name is Elley Mae & I’m a rabbit enthusiast, pro photographer & social media fanatic

& I’m super freakin’ passionate about living life fuelled with self-love, wonder & happiness.-

I started my first business at 15 years old.

And for six years, I was a self-taught professional photographer, living it up – shooting everything from couples to families, wedding & boudoir (my personal favourite).

Over my years as a self-taught pro photographer, I learnt the ins & outs of running a business all by myself & utilising social media for growth.
I learnt more about myself in those 6 years than I could have ever imagined.

All whilst I was in my teens & twenties!

Fast forward to now..

Well, if I’m not cuddling my bunnies or sipping chai lattes, then it’s likely I’ll be right here – my humble home on the web, ElleyMae.com

I’m committed to helping female entrepreneurs grow an authentic influence using simplified blogging & social media strategies to achieve total confidence online and off-line.

And now babe, it’s my turn to help you.