I'm Elley; A chai latte enthusiast on a mission to change the world, one female entrepreneur at a time. I help ladies dying to ditch the side-hustle, leave their 9-5 jobs & step into boss mode, as full-time CEO's in their own businesses.

For years I was overworked & underpaid; feeling like every single employer was taking advantage of my "get sh*t done" mentality & my empathetic nature.

I used to work endless hours, day after day, week after week, for people who never appreciated my true talents, until one day, I decided that enough was enough.

Fast forward a few years, after dabbling in blogging, social media influencing (+ with a background in photography!), I got serious about creating my own dream business I'd seen so many successful ladies online being hella proud of. 

And from that moment, I decided it would happen for me. So it was head down, bottom up from then on out.

I worked smarter, not harder, and within months, I was able to say goodbye to the "corporate career path", quit my 9-5 & became a full-time business owner.

And the coolest part of all of this?!

I now get to help women all over the world to go through the transformation I did; helping them quit their 9-5's, take their side-hustles full-time & make squillions of dollars doing what they love, every damn day!

But you want to know the real me, don't you?!

Get the low down below ⇣

What's my fav Netflix binge?

American Horror Story, Gossip Girl or Rick & Morty.

All-time favourite genre of music?

 Rap, hip-hop, acoustic & pop. I'm a mixed bag really.

Must-have in my workspace?

Flowers, plants & anything pink! Music is also a must.

Am I a coffee or tea kinda gal?

White tea, 2 sugars. Or chai. If there's chai, I'm there.

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