Elucent Skincare | Brightening Skincare Range

Ever since I fought my battle with acne as a young teenager, I’ve struggled with dull & dehydrated skin.

And after all these years of being a dedicated beauty junkie & trying out product after product, I came across Elucent Skincare by Ego Pharmaceuticals.

Dermatologically tested on all skin types, Elucent’s products are targeted for anyone with any kind of skin problems. I’m talking dehydration, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles… The works!

Plus, for those with sensitive skin like myself, there’s no need to worry about irritation.

Each product is carefully tested & proven to work on even the most sensitive skinPhewf.

And, if you’re not sure which product is best for you, Elucent has a fantastic product selection tool that will match your age, skin type & concerns to the right product.



“At the core of the Elucent philosophy is the belief that every woman is beautiful. And that all women want to look their best so they can feel comfortable in their own skin” Elucent Skincare


Here are the Elucent products I was matched to & recently tried out on my 22-year-old, dull & dehydrated skin:


Elucent Whitening Exfoliating Cleanser

Unlike some exfoliating products, the Elucent Whitening Exfoliating Cleanser was actually quite gentle on the skin.

Each morning & night, I would begin my skincare routine with Elucent by squirting a small amount of cleanser onto my Foreo Luna Mini and gently massaging it in. I focused solely on my face & gradually worked it down my neck.

The gentle exfoliating beads were actually quite therapeutic – I love when I can actually feel products working on my skin, especially my face. Plus, no aggravation on my sensitive skin!


Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser

In comparison to the consistency of the cleanser, the Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser is a bit thicker.

The SPF 30 moisturiser absorbs extremely quick into the skin which is something I love in a day moisturiser. Considering I usually have to wait at least 15 minutes before applying my makeup with most moisturisers, this one definitely wins here.

Also another bonus with this moisturiser, it gives me such a natural, “lit from within” glow! Even after applying foundation or a BB cream, my skin still looks fresh & glowy all day long.


Elucent Skincare | Brightening Skincare Range


Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector

This one I absolutely love – the Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector, or as I like to call it “the magic tube”.

In the most perfect, travel-sized tube, the Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector is great for targeting troublesome areas. For example, just under my right eye, I have a small dot of hyperpigmentation.

Each day, after applying my moisturiser all over my face, I’d then go in and target my hyperpigmentation & even a little under my eyes on those days where I needed a little “pick me up” from lack of sleep… Whoops!

Although the smell of this one compared to the rest of the Elucent range is a bit stronger, results are actually quite impressive & weigh out the scent. Mind you, it’s really not that overpowering anyway.

Oh and the formula isn’t even half as thick as I thought it’d be! It’s actually quite thin, hydrating & again, gives me a beautiful glow.


Elucent Whitening Eye Cream

So, I mentioned before how the Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector is good for targeting troublesome areas like under eyes right… Well, if you’re not keen on the smell or just like an all-rounder for your eyes, this eye cream might be for you.

I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve woken up these past few months with dark under eyes from overworking myself. It’s seriously something I need to work on.

But luckily enough, I’m in the right industry & have products like the Elucent Whitening Eye Cream to have my back.

The thin, hydrating cream instantly brightens my under eyes and makes me look more awake – can I get a woop woop?!


Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser

Oh my golly gosh you guys, this one is my favourite – the Whitening Night Moisturiser.

First, I have to address the presentation of this product, because I mean, we all love beautiful packaging right?! The clear jar is so freakin’ luxurious and looks so stunning sitting on my makeup vanity.

But that’s enough about what it looks like, how does it perform?

Well, after using it for quite some time now, I’ve seen some pretty great results. Each morning I’m waking up with brighter, fresher & glowier (is that a word??) skin and I’m lovin’ it baby!

And, when I’m going to be sleeping with a product on, it’s important to me that the smell isn’t overpowering & prevents me from sleeping. Luckily, the smell of this moisturiser is just so gentle, there’s nothing to worry about.

This one’s basically a beauty junkies dream – great packaging, even better product!


So, that’s what I think of the Elucent Skincare Whitening Range – what do you think?


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*Please note: This post is kindly sponsored by Elucent Skincare and products mentioned were gifted to me. This does not affect my opinion on the products or brand. I always share my completely honest opinions regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not.