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I’m always on the look out for new products to keep my frizzy mane at bay. And although I don’t get my hair died all that often, I still try to look after my hair as best possible. Treatments, blonde shampoos, oils, conditioners and masks – I love it all!

Being the bargain hunter I am, I enjoy searching for affordable products – makeup, haircare, the works. Of course, with affordability can sometimes come issues with reliability. Today we’re taking a look at my experience with one of the most well known brands in Australia.

When I first came across Hello Hair I had no idea what I was in for. Sure, I’d seen beauty influencers promoting them online, raving about how soft, luscious & healthy their hair felt after using their products. But could a mask priced at $15AUD really work wonders on my mop of hair? And what makes their shampoo & conditioner stand out from the rest?

Well, we’re going to find out..

But first, let’s take a look at Hello Hair as a brand. Based in Australia, completely cruelty-free (which means no bunnies are harmed in the making of their products) and everything is reasonably priced. And did I mention they have AfterPay?! Yes, yes, yes!

Want To Know What I Really Think of Hello Hair? | ElleyMae.com

First on the chopping block is the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask*.

Coconut oil, almond oil & argan oil – three of my favourite products for keeping my hair healthy. Usually I’ll lather my hair in one of these three oils before bed, wake up & then wash it out and the results are amazing. So of course when I read that the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask* has all three of my favourite ingredients in it, I was stoked. I knew this mask was going to be for me. Plus, the coconut scent is so calming & no where near as harsh of a smell as some of the other more “affordable” hair masks I’ve tried. Score!

First things first, I brushed my hair, removing all the knots & tangles. Then, I start applying the Hydrating Hair Mask* to the ends of my hair, gradually working up towards the roots. From previous experiences with oil based hair products, I prefer working from the ends up just to avoid over-oily roots.

Having thick hair, I wasn’t sure how much of the sachet I would need to use. After my first use, I was absolutely shocked at how little I actually needed. If we want to get technical here for a minute, let’s say I get 4 uses per sachet right. At $15AUD per sachet, that works out at about $3-4 a mask. Now that’s a bargain.

I left the mask in for about an hour while I relaxed in the bath catching up on some “me time”. Then, I moved into the shower & washed the mask out. Although it may have taken me a little longer than normal to wash this mask out, it was worth it. I could immediately see improvements in the texture of my hair – it was silky, smooth and smelled so damn delicious!

It had that “fresh-out-the-salon” feel.

The masks come in three different versions: The original Hydrating Hair Mask*, a Botanic Edition* ($18AUD) and an Island Escape Edition* ($18AUD). And they’re all amazing.

Want To Know What I Really Think of Hello Hair? | ElleyMae.com

Next up, Hello Hair’s absolutely brilliant Natural Hydrating Shampoo* & Conditioner*. No parabens, no sulphates, no formaldehyde, no propylene glycol, no synthetic fragrances, no harsh detergents, no silicones.. Oh god, I’m running out of breath here.. I guess you could say, it doesn’t get more natural than that.

 There are just so many fabulous things about Hello Hair’s products & their Natural Hydrating Shampoo* & Conditioner* are of no exception. Just like the Hydrating Mask*, I really didn’t need a lot of product to see results.

Unlike a lot of basic shampoos & conditioners, these were incredibly hydrating and left my hair feeling silky smooth. Hello Hair for the win, again!

Pair all three of Hello Hair’s best-selling products, the masks, shampoos & conditions, and I’m in heaven baby! Oh and did I mention you can actually do that though? There’s a huge range of different hair care packs on Hello Hair’s website worth checking out. Great for gifts but even better for pampering yourself – there’s something for everyone.

So, regardless of this post being sponsored, the truth is – I love Hello Hair. Australian owned, natural ingredients, cruelty-free and affordable. How could I not rave about this brand?!

 Have you tried Hello Hair products before? Was it love at first sight too?

*Please note: This post is kindly sponsored by Hello Hair and products mentioned were gifted to me. This does not affect my opinion on the products or brand. I always share my completely honest opinions regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not.


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Want To Know What I Really Think of Hello Hair? | ElleyMae.com

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