The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca Maxima

The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca Maxima |

Unfortunately for us Aussie gals, there’s not a huge market for high-end makeup in Australia. In comparison to America and their absolutely unreal prices, Australia has next to nothing when it comes to the beauty industry. But do you think that holds us #beautyjunkie’s back? Um, no.

Mecca Maxima is my one stop shop for all things beauty.

With brands like Too Faced, Smashbox, Stila and Urban Decay on board, Mecca took Australia by storm and will continue to do so forever, if you ask me. You’ll not only find the best of the best when it comes to makeup, but luxurious skin care, fabulous beauty tools & brushes along with fragrances to die for.

Oh, and did I mention that if you sign up as a member with Mecca, every 3 months they give you a box of goodies?! No crappy $2 samples here. We’re talking high-end primer samples (mmm my favourite), mini lipsticks & glosses, and teeny tiny little bottles of the best smelling fragrances you’ll find. But why? It’s simple really. Mecca rewards those who reward them. Not just with the Mecca Beauty Loop system, but with their speed delivery times, an unreal range of brands and absolutely incredible customer service.

There’s nothing from Mecca I don’t love. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t tried every product in the store. That’s actually a dream of mine. However, based on my personal experiences with the products I have tried, I’ve put together a collection of my original favourites from Mecca.

The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca Maxima | - Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

This post contains affiliate links. I will only ever promote something if I genuinely believe in the product and believe it’s valuable to my audience. For more information, please see my disclaimer*.

They’ve melted our hearts with their liquid lipsticks, aided our chocolate addiction with their cocoa infused palettes and taken the makeup world by storm. Can you guess which brand I’m talking about? That’s right, it’s Too Faced.

My first ever high-end product (and the first product I purchased from Mecca) was the original Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced. It still, to this day, is one of my all-time favourite eyeshadow palettes. Stunning packaging, the perfect shade and oh, did I mention IT SMELLS AMAZING. And guess what! Their Cocoa Contour Kit is just as good. I can’t go a day without using it – a definite staple in my collection.

Too Faced don’t just make great chocolate palettes. They also make one of my favourite primers, the Hangover FX Primer. Dehydrated skin is no match for this primer. Struggling to get your foundation to last all day? No worries. Too Faced’s Hangover FX Primer has got you covered. And if you’re wanting a perfect foundation to match that, check out the Born This Way foundation. I have a full review on it here actually.

Just when you think I’m finished with Too Faced, I’m not. There’s just one more thing I couldn’t live without – their Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara is legit the best mascara I have ever used. It gives me huge amounts of volume and loads of length! The best part? It actually keeps my straight lashes super curled all day long. Hallelujah! Oh and I best mention that the waterproof version is my favourite. No fallout or smudgy panda eyes with this one.

The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca Maxima | -BareMinerals GenNude Collection Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Now, when it comes to keeping my brows in place, the Urban Decay Brow Tamer Gel has me covered. The creamy formula brushes my hairs perfectly into place & keeps them tame all day. Match that with their infamous All Nighter Setting Spray and my makeup isn’t going anywhere. These two products are made to make makeup last. Try saying that super quick.

Whilst we’re on the topic of Urban Decay, let’s talk Vice Lipsticks. These lipsticks retail for just $28AUD, making them some of the most affordable high end lipsticks on the market. But they’re not just affordable, these lipsticks are absolutely incredible. No joke.

Urban Decay released 100 shades on launch of the Vice Lipstick collection. That’s right, one hundred pigmented, creamy & gorgeous shades. There’s mattes, crèmes, sheers & metallic to choose from. Basically, there’s a lipstick for everyone. I cannot fault the Vice lipsticks – they’re absolutely stunning.


“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick” – Audrey Hepburn


The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca Maxima | - Clinique x Crayola Chubby Sticks

I honestly believe that I could sit here all night listing off products. But I won’t. Because you would be here forever. However, my Instagram is full of makeup-filled, drool-worthy shots you can lust over until my next review is up if you like.

But, there are just a few more products that have a special place in my heart. And I just have to mention them.

  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater – Such an affordable, refreshing facial spray. Tip: Store it in the fridge during warmer weather for extra refreshment.
  • Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips – My holy grail lip balm. This stuff can revive even the driest of lips.
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XXL – I reviewed this lip plumper a while ago & have been obsessed since. It’s just fabulous.
  • BareMinerals Mineral Veil – The finest loose powder I own. Gives me a flawless, poreless finish.
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Range – My all-time favourite hydrating skincare.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, that wraps up my Mecca favourites round up but don’t you worry, I’ll be back with the next part soon. You see, having a makeup obsession helps when you’re a beauty blogger. There’s always something new to rave about!

What are your all-time favourites from Mecca? Do you have any of my favourite products?

This post contains affiliate links. I will only ever promote something if I genuinely believe in the product and believe it’s valuable to my audience. For more information, please see my disclaimer*.

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The First Products I Fell In Love With From Mecca

Have you shopped at Mecca Maxima before? What are your favourite products?


  1. Apr 2017 /

    I absolutely adore the Too Faced Hangover Primer and Blushes are my favourites. I would have to mention Marino Badescu range, every product I have tried so far I absolutely love xx

    • Apr 2017 /

      Totally agree! I just had to mention their Facial Spray as I couldn’t do a Mecca favourites without it!

      Elley xx

  2. Apr 2017 /

    I love your posts so much I totally agree about Mecca! I think the chocolate bar palette definitely holds a special place in my heart as my first Too Faced/Mecca purchase. Xo

  3. Apr 2017 /

    I’m from California and lemme tell ya, Mecca’s reward system sounds so much better than Sephora’s! I definitely need to check out Mario Badescu products. I’ve heard such great things!

    Shirin |

  4. Apr 2017 /

    Oh my gosh…so many lovely products! Mecca sounds amazing! I’m hoping it is true that we’re getting a Sephora in the UK! Unless you’re in a major city like London the choice is narrowed to online and I prefer to swatch first!
    The Too Faced Hangover Primer is on my wishlist 😛
    Lovely post xx

  5. I don’t have a particular product, but I really love Mecca’s own line, especially their Xmas releases.

  6. Apr 2017 /

    First I have to tell you that I really like your photo style! They’re so appealing 😀
    I also love the TF chocolate bar and I need to get more UD lipsticks!

  7. Apr 2017 /

    Mecca sounds like a beauty junkies dream. We don’t have Mecca in the U.K. But a few great beauty halls that have all you need makeup. For living in a county you claim has no makeup swag, you are not doing bad girl, Loving your stash. X

  8. Alice
    May 2017 /

    We totally need this in the UK, come on! So many pretty products I want to try.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

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