After eating my body weight in food at Christmas, my SkinnyMint teatox* could not have come at a better time. Dopey-eyed mornings, a constant bloated stomach & that awful feeling in my stomach.. Ew.

Whether you’re into detoxing or not, this tea is actually delicious. I’m actually a huge fan of detoxing my body – out with the bad, in with the good. And no, before you ask, you don’t need to use the toilet every 5 minutes with these. Well at least I didn’t seem to.

Designed to make you feel happier & healthier, SkinnyMint teatox* is perfect for anyone up for the change. The 2 step natural teatox program is extremely easy to use and has worked incredibly for so many people across the globe. Oh and another positive – free shipping worldwide!

SkinnyMint TeaTox

Seeing that I was actually going to be drinking the tea, I got researching what actually goes into them. I mean, I’m not keen on drinking nasty concoctions if I don’t have to. I’m actually usually more of a hot chocolate, milo & black tea drinker. So I guess you could say I really didn’t know what to expect with my SkinnyMint teatox*.

In my research I found that SkinnyMint combines a variety of all-natural ingredients designed to work together to give your body a much appreciated health kick! I also found out that green tea actually takes up about half of the teabags. Perfect for boosting your metabolism and burning fat more effectively, green tea is amazing. And being that my metabolism is normally not the greatest, I was stoked with the results the teatox gave me on this front.

The 28 day teatox program* I used came with 28 Morning Boost tea bags, 14 Night Cleanse Tea Bags, an information booklet and a great little teatox journey calendar. From having an iced Morning Boost to workout ideas – the calendar is so handy! And if you’re not up for a full 28 day teatox, you could just try a 14 day program. This one includes 14 Morning Boost tea bags and 7 Night Cleanse tea bags.

The teatox is divided into two parts & you still eat like normal because SkinnyMint teatox* is not a meal replacement. You have your Morning Boost every morning on your 28 day teatox & a Night Cleanse every second night.

SkinnyMint TeaTox

Drink every morning.
“A special formulation of guarana, Green Tea & Yerba Mate to create a fruity and fresh tea blend. Expertly created to maximize naturally occurring vitality boosting ingredients.”

SkinnyMint nailed it on the head with this one. Fruity and fresh, this tea tastes delicious first thing in the morning. With only 62mg of caffeine in each tea bag, you’re much better off drinking this compared to a normal cup of coffee which in comparison has 90mg of caffeine.

Unfortunately because I’m not a morning coffee drinker, I really can’t tell you how it compares in regards to energy levels throughout the day. Bummer. But in comparison to my normal energy levels, I didn’t feel a huge difference other than the fact I was more confident not being so bloated!

Drink every second night.
“A special Night Time formulation of Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk, combined for best results.”

Unlike the Morning Boost, the Night Cleanse has no caffeine in it. I mean, you’re drinking it at night time and no one wants to be a night owl, especially with work the next morning. Right?

Although I much prefer the taste of the Morning Boost, the Night Cleanse tea still tastes pretty good. I was also really surprised how quickly my bloating decreased even after my first cup of the Night Cleanse!

So, if I haven’t convinced you already to #DareToBeGorgeous & try SkinnyMint, head on over to their website below & check out some great testimonials. You’ll be glad you did!

Ladies and gents, it’s time to unleash the new you with a SkinnyMint Teatox*.

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*Please note: This post is sponsored by SkinnyMint and products mentioned were gifted to me. This does not affect my opinion on the products or brand and I always share my completely honest opinions regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not.

SkinnyMint TeaTox