The Best Way To Gain Followers on Instagram (and Quickly)

Gain Followers On Instagram | Sick of trying to crack the Instagram algorithm? Fed up with seeing your followers decline not go up?! Yep, I've been there. Instagram can be frustrating sometimes - But I managed to gain followers on Instagram, 10 thousand within 10 months actually. Wanna know my Instagram secrets? Learn more at

Well, hello again friends and welcome to one of the highest requested posts ever on my blog. Today I’m going to teach you the easiest & quickest ways to gain followers on Instagram.

After successfully and organically growing my following to 10,000 within the space of 10 months, I figured it’s the perfect time for this post! Of course, to some people 10,000 in 10 months isn’t that impressive and to others, would be a huge achievement. If you saw my 10k announcement post on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m the second person previously mentioned.

Hitting 10,000 followers was just so amazing. Knowing that 10,000 people in the world appreciate the hard work I put into not only my Instagram but my blog, ugh I just can’t thank everyone enoughTo me, Instagram isn’t just another social platform. Instagram allows me to show my creative side and connect with people all over world, as well as work with some pretty amazing brands!

So how did I gain so many followers on Instagram in such a small space of time? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out..

Oh and just to add – No, I’m not going to tell you to buy your followers. Let’s be real for a second, who in their right mind would buy followers?! Ugh. There’s something about fake followers and spam accounts on Instagram that really grinds my gears. You see, what these people with thousands of fake/paid followers don’t realise is that brands have more access to actual statistics than what you’d assume. That’s why, in my opinion, the only way to get followers on Instagram is to be real.

Now, let’s get onto the good stuff – how to gain followers on Instagram.. quickly.


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Consistency Is Key

Keep your account looking fresh with new content frequently. I suggest posting at a minimum of once per day (if possible of course).

Being consistent not only brings new followers but reminds your existing followers that you’re still there so they won’t unfollow you. Be consistent and you’ll be gaining followers in no time.


Never Forget Hashtags

Never ever, ever forget hashtags. This is one of the biggest factors in how many followers you gain. Think of it this way.. Would a photographer take a photo, display it in an album on his coffee table and complain that no one is buying his work? No! He would contact local galleries, post in community newspapers, advertise in local cafes.

Just like a photographer, you need to advertise yourself when it comes to social media. Make the most of hashtags and use up all 30. I like to put mine in a comment below my post so that my caption doesn’t look messy with #’s everywhere.


Post Quality Content

Everybody starts somewhere. No one is born perfect & no one is ‘insta-famous’ the second they create an account.

Practice using your camera, experiment with lighting, watch tutorials on YouTube. Do basically anything you can to better yourself & further your skills. Who knows, one day your favourite brand might repost you or better yet, reach out to you to collaborate!


Host A Giveaway

Although hosting a giveaway where entrants have to follow you is amazing for gaining followers, it also has it’s downsides. Lots of people who enter these competitions are bound to unfollow you when the winner is drawn and it’s not them.

But hey, they’re not the type of followers you want anyway? You want caring, amazing followers who appreciate your work & want to get to know you!


Know Your Followers

This tip and the next tip come very hand in hand actually.

Knowing your followers is extremely important when it comes to the online world. If you don’t know your audience, then you’re chances of posting content they don’t enjoy is higher. And that’s not what we want at all.

Get to know the backbone of your Instagram and go through your followers.

I often scroll through and check out their posts & give some love back with a comment or like here and there. Another great way to learn more about your followers is by tracking them. Check out which app I swear by when it comes to Instagram analytics.



Stick To Your Niche

Just like knowing your audience, sticking to your niche is also important. Let’s take a look at my Instagram for a moment. You’ll see from my feed that majority of my photos are beauty related. I also share a small amount of lifestyle, photography & blogging related posts. What you won’t find on my feed are waterfalls, family photos or mass amounts of food shots. It’s just not what fits my account.

But don’t take this advice too seriously. I actually know many great bloggers & social media influencers that are great at finding a balance with these type of shots.

Sticking to your niche will not only define your Instagram & help to create a more aesthetically pleasing feed. Sticking to your niche will bring fresh, new followers that love the content you’re creating. It’s a win win if you ask me.


Engage With Everyone

This could quite possibly be one of the most important of all when it comes to gaining followers on Instagram.

Interacting with other Instagrammers is one of the best ways to get your name out there. Whether it’s a simple like or a meaningful comment, engaging with other peoples work will help you gain followers on Instagram. It’s as simple as that.

When commenting on other peoples work, try putting yourself in their shoes. Would you be more likely to reply to a comment saying “Cool pic” or “Wow! This photo is absolutely gorgeous. Which product is your favourite?”

One of the best things you can also do on your own Instagram account is reply to your comments. I currently use a great app that helps me track my comments so I can always (or at least try to) reply to comments on my work. People like to know that they’re appreciated so replying to their question or liking a photo of theirs is bound to keep them coming back for more.


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Gain Followers On Instagram | Sick of trying to crack the Instagram algorithm? Fed up with seeing your followers decline not go up?! Yep, I've been there. Instagram can be frustrating sometimes - But I managed to gain followers on Instagram, 10 thousand within 10 months actually. Wanna know my Instagram secrets? Learn more at

Gain Followers On Instagram | Sick of trying to crack the Instagram algorithm? Fed up with seeing your followers decline not go up?! Yep, I've been there. Instagram can be frustrating sometimes - But I managed to gain followers on Instagram, 10 thousand within 10 months actually. Wanna know my Instagram secrets? Learn more at Gain Followers On Instagram | Sick of trying to crack the Instagram algorithm? Fed up with seeing your followers decline not go up?! Yep, I've been there. Instagram can be frustrating sometimes - But I managed to gain followers on Instagram, 10 thousand within 10 months actually. Wanna know my Instagram secrets? Learn more at



  1. Feb 2017 /

    10k is such an achievement in 10 months. My heart sank when I read that! I’ve had my account for a little over a year and I’m still struggling to make followers! I do all the things you suggest however I think it’s my photography letting me down 🙁

    You’ve done so well and I can only hope I do it as well as you do one day! X

    • Feb 2017 /

      Thank you so much Felicia. You are always such a supportive follower of mine and I can’t thank you enough for that. Persistence is key! Don’t compare yourself to others (including me) and focus on your own personal wins & you will be there in no time!

      Elley xx

  2. Feb 2017 /

    amazing post Elley, its bloggers like yourself that help inspire others!! i didnt have a clue what i was doing until i came across yourself and some others that have created these great posts that help boost us so thank you for that xxx

    • Feb 2017 /

      Awh, Suzanne that is so lovely of you to say! It warms my heart to know that people just like yourself are benefiting from the work I put into my blog. I can’t wait to see your blog grow.

      Elley xx

  3. Feb 2017 /

    So many good tips. I will be sure to put them to the test xx

  4. Feb 2017 /

    Congrats on 10K, that is so amazing! I try to do most of these but am not yet at 2000. It’s building very slowly. Better than nothing I guess! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Feb 2017 /

      Hi Di! Thanks for reading. I’m so glad that you’re already on board with most of the tips in the post. Persistence is key – keep at it and you’ll be there in no time!

      Elley xx

  5. Feb 2017 /

    Amazing tips, I really enjoy it.. that’s what I do, I do take a bunch of pictures, then I post on instagram 1 to 3 pictures a day.. I do comment on other people’s post, I never brought followers,that’s wrong.. they will unfollow you some day and you will loose your money.. and I was reply the comments others leave me.. well done to you.. you deserve it.. and continue to do what you love doing

    • Feb 2017 /

      That’s fantastic Rafaela, so good to hear! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep on learning and you will succeed!!

      Thank you so much for reading and always being so supportive.

      Elley xx

  6. Feb 2017 /

    Congrats on 10k Elley, you really deserve it! Your posts are always interesting and creative, and your photography is beautiful, a winning combination 🙂

    I’m doing everything you mentioned, but realistically I’m not expecting anywhere near 10k by 10 months, I’m hoping I can get to 2k by the end of my first year though (I’m 4 months in now and I have about 780 followers so far!) so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and see where it takes me! xx

    • Feb 2017 /

      Faye, what an honour it is to have such a beautiful comment from you. Your account is honestly one of the most beautiful I’ve seen on Instagram in a very long time and I love the effort you go to to create such a dreamy, pink filled and feminine theme. Your aesthetic is so spot on and you deserve all the success in the world.

      If you follow each of these steps above, I guarantee you will reach your goal in no time. You will easily make 2k within the next 6 months let alone by the end of the year. Stick at it and I will be following you all the way along giving you all the support I can!

      Elley xx

  7. Maryam
    Feb 2017 /

    The post is really helpful. Congratulations on 10k

  8. Feb 2017 /

    This was a really helpful guide and I truly mean that, usually I read through posts like this and all the tips are a little ‘meh’ or far too difficult. This was perfect, I’ve been slack with my Instagram lately but this gave me the inspiration kick I needed 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Feb 2017 /

      Fantastic Julia – I am so happy to hear that! Just checked out your blog and it is absolutely beautiful. How have I not seen it before?! You’ve just scored yourself a new reader right here!

      Elley xx

  9. Feb 2017 /

    This is great! Thanks Elley! My aim is 1k by the end of this year and I am nearly half way and we are in February so fingers crossed. I get frustrated with people following me then unfollowing just trying to get knew followers. I am starting to work out who it is and they often have a huge following but a smaller number that they follow. Frustrating when you are constantly getting knew follows but the number doesn’t go up. But I will keep plodding along and try some of your tips! Congratulations on your 10k!!
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_

    • Sep 2017 /

      Hey Michelle,

      Wow – I should get an award for the most delayed response in the world right! Sorry about that lovely.

      1k by the end of the year hey?
      Word on the street is that you SMASHED that goal and are already over 2k!! Go you!!

      I am so proud of you and all the effort you put into your Instagram.
      Keep going – love your work!!

      Elley xx

  10. Feb 2017 /

    Congrats again on 10k! This is such an achievement! and it’s totally deserve because you’re doing a great job! I wish I’ll be able to hit 10k once so I’ll follow your tips 😀

    • Sep 2017 /

      Thanks so much lovely (ps so sorry for the delayed reply!)

      You can totally do it – 10k is such a fantastic goal to work towards and with determination and passion always in the back of your mind, you can do it!
      I look forward to seeing you grow & feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

      Ps – did you know that I am releasing an eCourse on October 1st called “SkyRocket Your Instagram”?!

      Elley xx

  11. Feb 2017 /

    These are very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing them with us

  12. Feb 2017 /

    Thank you Elley for so many helpful tips. I will certainly put these to use.

    • Sep 2017 /

      Any time girl (ps sorry for the delayed reply – I suck!)

      Elley xx

  13. Feb 2017 /

    I’m really trying to grow my Instagram at the moment and found this post so helpful, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    Rachael xx.

    • Sep 2017 /

      Rachael, how is your growth going?
      Just checking in to see if there is anything I can help with?

      Can’t wait to hear back!
      Elley xx

  14. Feb 2017 /

    This post is exactly what I have been looking for! My Instagram growth has completely stalled for the last 6 months and I’m ready for some big changes and to really put the effort in. Thanks for this post which tells me where I should be focusing.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    • Sep 2017 /

      Hey Emma,

      How’s your Instagram growth going now?
      Have implementing some of these techniques helped at all? I’d love to know!

      Chat soon beautiful girl!
      Elley xx

  15. Shenita
    Aug 2017 /

    I agree with you on this advice. Building a following does take time. I have been utilizing the advice you gave on this post, and my following is slowly gaining followers. I did try to step out of my niche, of course it didn’t work. I also really agree that brands do know the difference between fake/bought and real followers. I tell people all the time to please don’t waste their money trying to buy followers on any social media platforms.

    • Sep 2017 /

      Oh definitely Shenita – the whole point of social media is to be social and to want to be social.
      If we all just bought followers then where would the “social” be in social media?

      Although building a following can take time, determination & using the right techniques can get you there quicker.
      Thanks again for being supportive of my blog.

      Much love,
      Elley xx

  16. Sep 2017 /

    Oh this is such a great article too – lots of really useful advice!
    I know this congratulations is a little delayed… but a massive congrats on your success to date – so truly deserved!

    • Sep 2017 /

      Thanks Casey – that’s so sweet of you!
      Means the world to me that I have the support of beautiful people like you.

      Success comes from happiness.
      And happiness comes from support.

      Much love,
      Elley xx

  17. Bella
    Nov 2017 /

    I love the advice given! It has helped me out so much!

    • Nov 2017 /

      Thanks so much Bella, I’m so glad you’ve found my tips useful!
      Let me know how you get on with your Insta-growth!!

      Much love,
      Elley xo

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