Why You Should Support Your Fellow Bloggers

Why You Should Support Your Fellow Bloggers

There’s no denying that this world can be cruel sometimes.

There’s no denying that this world can be full of hate sometimes.

And there’s definitely no denying that this world can bring us down sometimes.


If it weren’t for the love and support of my fellow bloggers, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Emails, Facebook messages, Instagram DM’s, comments, likes.. I could go on. The support I have received from hundreds, actually thousands of you over the past 12 months has been incredible. Every little thing you do or say to support me, fills me with love and reminds me why blogging is so special to me. And for that, I can’t thank you enough.

If you want to join a supportive network with beauty bloggers from all over the globe, join the Beauty Bloggers Circle! A Facebook group I created to support bloggers like myself who want to connect with others, make new friends & spread the love.


But unfortunately, like all things in this world, blogging isn’t always sunshine & rainbows.

Everything on the internet is so easily accessible at the click of a button. Literally anyone, anywhere in the world can access your work.

You’re probably thinking ‘well isn’t that what you want?’ Well yes, of course, you want to reach all ends of the earth with your inspiring posts. But with your work being out there for millions, even billions of people to see, you’re bound to come across some issues.

Take a good friend of mine for example. She has an Instagram following of over 19,000 people who, like me, obsess over her high-end flatlays and buy everything she recommends.

Now you have her loyal followers who like, comment and repost her photos at any chance they can, it’s amazing. But unfortunately for my friend, there are copycats in this world who replicate her images 24/7 and give no credit to her whatsoever.

If you’re a social media influencer or blogger yourself, it’s likely that you’ll have experienced something like my friend at least once in your lifetime. In fact, I too have encountered a chronic copycat.


” Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent “ – Eleanor Roosevelt


Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing feeling to know that people are inspired by your work.

But when inspiration reaches copying, it’s really disheartening. You lose all sign of motivation and don’t have the passion for creating work like you used to. Why? Because you know that as soon as you create something new, something your followers have never seen before, that your copycat is bound to strike again.

So how can you actually support your fellow bloggers? 

Follow them, like their work and if you recreate a post of theirs, mention that you were so inspired by them & tag them. Trust me, it will mean the world to them!

Appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating their work.

You’d be surprised how much time it takes to create the perfect Instagram photo. And blog posts… well that’s another story. 


Now, here’s a little task for you all. 

I want you to choose 3 of your favourite Instagram influencers or bloggers. Now go to their page, leave a comment and remind them why they love blogging.

Keep them inspired, make someone’s day & karma is bound to give back to you.

Much love beautiful people. Until next time, keep spreading positivity.


So, if you want to join a supportive network with beauty bloggers from all over the globe, join the Beauty Bloggers Circle! A Facebook group I created to support bloggers like myself who want to connect with others, make new friends & spread the love.

The Beauty Bloggers Circle is a Facebook group I created to support like-minded bloggers & entreprenuers who want to connect with others, make new friends & spread the love.


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  1. Feb 2017 /

    What an awesome post! I am still small so haven’t experienced any copy cats yet (that I know of anyway). Love the idea of commenting on three blogs so I will do this today. And as an extra one I want you to know that I love your blog. Your posts are always stunning and full of great content. I always leave your blog and Insta feeling inspired. Keep it up! Xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_

    • Feb 2017 /

      Thank you so much for stopping by Michelle and having a read!

      That’s so great to hear that you haven’t experienced any copy cats. It’s very disheartening as I mentioned and just decreases all motivation. But that’s the thing about anything you do online hey. I guess that’s why it’s just so important to remind people that they are valued & appreciated.

      Thank you for being so kind, I appreciate it.
      Can’t wait to put up some new posts for you now!

      Elley xx

  2. Feb 2017 /

    Awww, this is so cute Elley! Thank you for spreading the love kindness and positivity in the world! 🙂 And the beautifulness of your flatlays, hehe 🙂 Xx

    • Feb 2017 /

      Awh thank you so much Ellie.
      Might I say also, you have a fabulous name! So feminine and gorgeous

      And yes, we often forget that other people’s happiness is just as important as our own.

      Thank you again!!

      Elley xx

      • Feb 2017 /

        Aww, that’s ok lovely 🙂 and thank you so much, I just aww’d out loud, hehe 🙂 That is most certainly very true! 🙂 Xx

  3. Feb 2017 /

    I nearly quite blogging on my first month because a girl I knew was copying me, hence why I moved from blogger to wordpress so she won’t find my blog. And I agree with mentioning bloggers who you were inspired by. I recently did that and we both collab ed afterwards. Definately an inspirational post for bloggers and love your blog! You have a new follower xxx

    • Feb 2017 /

      Najida, I am so sorry to hear that! In saying that, WordPress is great so I guess there’s a positive in every negative hey?

      I think that there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other’s work but should you replicate, credit them and at least mention that it was them who inspired you in the first place. It’s just common sense/courtesy.

      Thanks again for reading & see you again soon I hope!
      Elley xx

  4. Feb 2017 /

    Such a beautiful post, thank you for always inspiring me

  5. Feb 2017 /

    I love this post so much! I think people forget how hard is to be confident enough to put a blog post up or even an Instagram photo!

    Thank you for being amazing as per usual xx

  6. Feb 2017 /

    what a great wee post!! a nice little reminder for us to keep spreading the love which i enjoy doing everyday!! thank you xx

  7. Feb 2017 /

    I totally agree with you! You are such an inspiration, I love the way you think, your style and your pics.

  8. Feb 2017 /

    Really great post! It’s sad that people go to such lengths smh. Give credit where it is due – giving credit is free.

    • Feb 2017 /

      Hi Janette, thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. It is really sad that people do go to such extreme lengths without giving credit isn’t it?

      The best thing I guess we can all do is support one another and just appreciate the hard work that goes into blogging.

      Thanks again,
      Elley xx

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