A Guide to Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Mental Health

On June 12th 2016 I first drafted this post but never published it.  After some revision & a few added paragraphs, I’ve finally decided I’m ready to publish this post. I’m going to suggest you grab your spectacles, a cup of tea & sit down to relax and read this post. I actually think it […]

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20 Beauty Hacks Every Beauty Babe Should Know

20 Beauty Hacks

Have you ever wondered if there’s any easier way to apply your makeup? To wash your makeup brushes? Well ladies & gents, welcome to paradise – 20 beauty hacks I couldn’t live without. Tried & tested, I know that every single one of these hacks works. Of course, some of them seem a little out […]

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The Best Photography Equipment For Blogging

My Photography Equipment

It’s no secret that I love photography. After experimenting for years and years with my equipment, techniques & ideas – it’s hard not to fall in love with it. But when you’re new to photography, it can be overwhelming. Lenses, tripods, lighting equipment – what does it all mean? What does it all do? I […]

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