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Ride or Die Makeup Tag

Ride or Die Tag

After seeing Jaclyn Hill’s new tag “Ride or Die Makeup” and discovering the beauty products she simply could not live without, I thought (like a lot of other beauty bloggers), what a great challenge! And a challenge it was.. Now as the tag goes, you’re meant to narrow down your favourites from each category (primer, […]

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Must-Have Highlighters For Pale Skin

Best Highlighters for Pale Skin

With the makeup game forever changing, it can be hard for us pale people to keep! Even more so when a lot of companies focus their products on people with what’s considered to be “normal” skin tones. One of the biggest trends for 2016 has got to be highlighting (or strobing) and luckily enough, a few of my favourite […]

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Sol Marr Tanning Mousse – Sensitive Skin Review

Sol Marr Tanning Mousse - Sensitive Skin Review

Struggling with eczema all my life, it has always been extremely difficult to find a tanning product that doesn’t stick to my eczema, accentuate how bad it looks or irritate it, making the problem worst. Over the last few years my eczema has improved so much that I cringe when I look back at photos from my late teens at […]

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