Are Your Instagram Captions Killing Your Engagement?

Are your Instagram captions killing your engagement? I have bad news for you #bossbabe, the chances are, you're doing it all wrong with your Instagram captions. Uh oh! Let's fix it! With my 3-step-formula, you can getting better Instagram engagement, gain followers FAST & grow a loyal tribe! How does that sound? Crazy amazing huh?! Let's dive in | Learn More at

With social media being such a huge, talent-filled industry nowadays, the rise of influencers is upon us. Dun dun duuunnnnn… Food bloggers, fitness junkies, beauty babes, models, mummy bloggers. And the list goes on. With the influx of influencers, comes a want to be bigger, to be better than everyone else. (Or at least to be […]

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36 Of The Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers

36 Of The Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers | Grow your blog by joining other like-minded creative entrepreneurs, social media influencers & bloggers in these 36 Facebook groups for bloggers. Promote your blog posts, learn new tricks & build relationships with others and take advantage of being an active member in these Facebook groups for bloggers. Your blog will thank you later! | Learn more at

There’s no denying that running a blog can sometimes get lonely. All those hours spent on your lonesome can be tough. You’re so busy researching new social media marketing techniques, redesigning your media kit & all the other tasks that come with being a blogger, that you forget about one thing. You forget to be social. I […]

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9 Of The Most Beautiful Feminine WordPress Themes

9 Of The Most Beautiful Feminine Wordpress Themes | There's nothing like a beautiful, well designed theme to spruce up your blog. Branding your blog is one of the most important things you can do to boost your online presence, gain followers, increase sales & skyrocket your growth! Check out these 9 beautiful feminine wordpress themes today! | Learn more about blog design at

I love browsing through feminine WordPress themes. Looking at the design, the simplicity of them, the photography. Then you’ve got the gorgeous fonts, the customisable layouts…  There’s just something so mesmerising about a great WordPress theme, well at least for a tech geek like me. Kind of makes me want to change my theme every […]

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