What are Instagram Pods & Why You Should Join Them

What Are Instagram Pods & Should You Join One? | Boost Instagram Engagement | Gain Instagram Followers Fast | SkyRocket Your Instagram | Grow your Instagram following by joining Instagram comment pods. It'll help to boost your engagement & see your posts land on the explore page more often that not. Beat the Instagram algorithm & kick ass on Instagram! | Learn more at ElleyMae.com

Ever since Instagram made its huge change to the algorithm, removing the chronological feed feature, Instagrammers have found it more difficult than ever to gain engagement on their posts. You see, instead of their followers viewing their latest posts in chronological order, posts from days ago (sometimes even weeks) are displaying in an order of what […]

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Waking My Skin Up With Elucent Skincare

Ever since I fought my battle with acne as a young teenager, I’ve struggled with dull & dehydrated skin. And after all these years of being a dedicated beauty junkie & trying out product after product, I came across Elucent Skincare by Ego Pharmaceuticals. Dermatologically tested on all skin types, Elucent’s products are targeted for anyone […]

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13 Things Bloggers Are Sick Of Hearing

13 Things Bloggers Are Sick of Hearing | Growing your Instagram following, making money blogging & creating killer content are the only things bloggers do on an average day. Bloggers are constantly asked somewhat "intelligent" questions & have to handle the comeback from it. Have a little giggle with me at 13 things that blogger's are just sick of hearing. Trust me, you'll get a good laugh! | ElleyMae.com

Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ love being a blogger & social media influencer. Connecting with gorgeous gals from all over the world is incredible. Having that instant connection & building relationships through my Instagram & blog is something that I never thought I’d be doing. I never knew just how appreciated I would feel, […]

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