How To Create & Add A Blog Signature To Your Posts

How To Create & Add A Blog Signature To Your Posts | Adding a blog signature to your posts has never been easier. Create a stunning website & build brand consistency by adding a blog signature to the end of each blog post before you hit publish. Download Wordpress plugins or manually add them yourself - the choice is yours | Learn more at

Creating a blog signature is actually a lot easier than you think. You see, I’m a dedicated Photoshop fanatic – I could spend hours playing around in there. Finding new fonts, creating beautiful blog graphics or just designing business cards. Whatever it is, if it involves Photoshop, I’m there. And when blogging meets design, boy oh […]

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Amp Up Your Flatlay Game With These Photo Backdrops

Want to improve your blog photography & create stunning images to draw in more loyal followers? Of course you do!  Well, let’s look into this a bit further & start with the basics – sourcing backdrops. You see, when it comes to creating gorgeous images, you need to plan your shots. And of course, part […]

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Photoshop 101: How To Edit Raw Photos

How To Edit Raw Photos in Photoshop | There's a reason pro photographers shoot in RAW not Jpeg & today you're going to find out. Shooting in RAW not only allows you to gain more control over your camera, your photo & your settings but you have so much more customisation in Adobe Photoshop editing. Learn more at

I still remember how I felt the first time I discovered the true power of Adobe Photoshop. I was stunned. I’d been using the creative program since my year 10 photography teacher first introduced it to me. I was obsessed with it [and still am]. I loved creating abstract images, playing with typography and retouching […]

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