My Goals For 2016

I know, you’ve probably read the title and thought “but 2016 is almost over…” Well, I know that. But… sometimes we set ourselves goals to help with motivation, determination and just to feel good when we complete them. Of course, I try not to set myself too many goals or goals that aren’t achievable. This only causes my anxiety to peak, heart to race and feel overwhelmed with that feeling of not being good enough.

This year has been a bit different for me. I guess you could say I’ve gone through a lot. Good memories & bad memories. But with each struggle, with each miraculous & exciting event, I’ve grown. I honestly believe that I have learnt more about myself in 2016 than I have in any other year of my life. I’ve given up on negativity, connected with people from all over the world and successfully built up my blog and Instagram. Oh and I’ve met the most amazing group of “Insta Girls” who appreciate me for me. We bounce ideas off each other, give honest opinions and most of all, we support each other. It’s truly amazing what the internet can do for friendships.

Every morning, I wake up content with my life. Nice house, great boyfriend & a loving family – what more could I want right? But is being content enough for me? Some days – yes, some days – no. I want to be happy, I want to be excited, I want to be myself again every single day of the year. And one day I will be my bubbly, crazy self again. For now, I set myself goals & I strive to achieve them. Whether it’s it’s a small goal like connecting with an old friend again or uploading a selfie to Instagram, it doesn’t matter. Their all wins in my opinion.

My Goals for 2016


  • Wake up smiling every day
  • Connect with old friends
  • Go out for the night at least once
  • Start losing weight & eating healthier
  • Get a part-time job



  • Have at least 3-4 blog posts written up in advance
  • Write at least 500 words per day
  • Launch my Freebies page (Ticked this off yesterday!)
  • Create an Etsy store with Media Kits & Blog Planner Designs
  • Meet some of my new blogging friends



  • Reach 10k followers
  • Clean up my feed & make it more cohesive
  • Feature in more of my photos
  • Make even more amazing new friends
  • Collaborate with some of my favourite brands


Do you have goals you would love to achieve by the end of 2016? Leave me a comment below and share your passions with me!


Setting Achievable Goals


  1. Writing goals is always a great idea!
    My main goals at the moment are to focus more on my blogging, to set a schedule and stick to it!

    • Nov 2016 /

      Those are great goals! I hope you achieve them gorgeous girl!

    • Nov 2016 /

      Well.. I think start with small goals. I’ve taught myself not to set huge goals straight away because they just aren’t achievable and can really bring you down if you don’t reach them.

      I set myself 1 small goal every single day and aim to achieve it and that has really helped me. Rather than focusing on long term, maybe focus on short term and set yourself a goal each day/week!

      Thanks for reading xxxx

  2. Nov 2016 /

    I set myself small achievable goals daily, sometimes they’re mundane cleaning jobs, sometimes something exciting to blog about. It’s just that small accomplishment everyday.

    I hope you achieve everything you want and more.

    • Nov 2016 /

      This is so great to hear! Thank you so much ❤️

  3. Nov 2016 /

    I love this!!!!!!!! Thanks for the extra motivation to close off 2016!

    • Nov 2016 /

      No worries at all Vanessa, I hope you enjoy the rest of your year and achieve all of your goals!

      Elley xx

  4. Nov 2016 /

    I think this is a fantastic idea and something I really should probably do myself. Definitely let myself get to a place again this year I told myself I wouldn’t, but it can only go up from here! But these are such great goals and I wish you all the absolute best with them! You seem like such a lovely girl and I believe you deserve all the happiness life brings 🙂

    • Nov 2016 /

      Honestly Elesha, thank you so much for your comment.
      It means a lot to me that you really enjoyed this post & appreciate it.

      All the best with your goals & dreams and I really hope that you achieve them.
      Thanks for being supportive woman.
      Lots of love xx

  5. Nov 2016 /

    I am so happy I met you. Blogging is such an amazing tool. We connect with soo many people xx

    • Nov 2016 /

      Thank you so much gorgeous girl! It’s an amazing thing being able to connect with beautiful people like you, no matter where I am! ❤️

  6. Nov 2016 /

    Love these goals! I really need to write some goals for myself, I’m always hopeless at writing them…

    • Nov 2016 /

      I think that if you start with smaller goals and work your way up, you will be much happier and feel so much more accomplished too. If we set ourselves goals that are unrealistic and far too high, we will only feel worse when we fail.

      You’re a smart girl Miss Laura and you will work it out. Glad you enjoyed the post xx

  7. Nov 2016 /

    I know you can achieve all of these goals! ☺️ You’re an amazing person Elley!

    • Nov 2016 /

      Awh thank you so much annie! That means the world to me and vide versa. You are amazing ❤️

  8. Nov 2016 /

    I really love your approach to social media and blogging. You are a workhorse!

    This has definitely motivated me to set some goals for myself. I have plenty of goals sorted for my research/work life but none for blogging! This was just the thing I needed to read!

    The Beauty and the Geek AU

    • Nov 2016 /

      Felicia, you are seriously so supportive of me and I cannot thank you enough for your lovely comment!

      It’s true, I’m a workhorse haha. But I love it! Keeping busy and being organised are two of my hobbies. (Wow.. that sounded a lot more sane in my head haha)

      Definitely set goals for yourself and strive to achieve them! But remember that you don’t have to set yourself massive goals, just little ones. Aim to do something you love every single day – this helps with motivation, happiness and overall motivation! I do this and I’ve noticed such a difference in my day to day attitude towards life.

      Thanks again lovely xx

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