work less, earn more & book your dream clients with ease in this 6 month 1:1 mentorship with elley mae


You aren't like other entrepreneurs.

The vision you have for your business is huge. 

Your motivation & determination levels are out of this world. 

And your passion to become a successful female entrepreneur, scale to $10k months (+ beyond) & start living your dream life is NEXT LEVEL.

You are a leader, a visionary, a CEO.

... And now is your time to rise up!

No more listening to what strangers on the internet think about what you "should" do or what's "the right way" to make sales - it's time to start asking yourself what you want, to start following your intuition & trusting yourself!

No more hustling, burning out or being stuck to your laptop 24/7 - it's time to finally enjoy the freedom you started your business for in the first place!

No more income plateaus, "off months" or lack of clients - it's time to set up your business to work for YOU & magnetise your dream clients, consistently!

Business gets to be both profitable *and* fun.

Whether you're sick of attracting nightmare clients who just don't get you, don't respect you or constantly default on payments...

Or maybe you're attracting dream clients, but there's just absolutely no consistency. One month you're on cloud nine, the next month your bank account is drying out...

Either way, you're sick of it, and rightly so.

But the good new is... business doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to feel like a chore.

You don't have to burn yourself out trying to scale to $10k months or hustling to create your dream lifestyle.

It gets to be easy. It gets to flow. It gets to be fun.

And I'm here to show you how (+ help you create that in your business!)

Get ready to Unleash Your Inner CEO.

Just you, me & 6 months of the most supportive, super high vibe & next-level experience of your life.

Right here, right now, you have an opportunity to make this year your most transformative year in business ever.

Imagine having someone who wants to see you thrive, wants to see you grow & has actually done exactly what you're wanting to do in your business, in your back pocket... every step of the way.

From attracting & booking your dream clients easier than ever, to finally hitting consistent $10k months so you can afford those things on your vision board (think: holidays, team members & more!)...

From overcoming imposter syndrome & self-doubt around showing up online & how worth you are, to building out simple sales funnels, systems & strategies that FEEL AMAZING and bring in consistent clients without you burning out...

From becoming a leader in your niche & being a visibility QUEEN to having booked out programs & services all year long, so you never have to worry about income dips or plateaus again...

Unleash Your Inner CEO is here to help you stop working yourself into the ground & start making more money from working with your *dream clients* so you can start living your dream life... NOW!

And maybe you know that you are capable of achieving the fully-booked dream client roster, the $10k months & the business that lights your soul on fire...

But you aren't executing like you know you should be. You aren't doing the work that scares the crap outta you. You haven't taken that big leap into the unknown... yet.

You know you need the guidance & accountability from a mentor just gets you.

And you know that in order for you to reach that next level & achieve your biggest goals in your business (+ life!), you have to take next level action... right here, right now.



manifestation & mindset coach

"Learning from Elley was like learning from 50 experts in the one person. And honestly, my business has tripled.  I am honestly so grateful for everything she has taught me.

Elley is the most amazing coach & she could not do more for you if she tried.  I am so grateful that I came across her & I would not be where I am without her."

Since working with Elley, Nicole has stepped into true alignment with her calling, launched courses & had multiple $10k+ months and has made 6-figures in the first 6 months of 2020 already!

Imagine feeling all of this for yourself...


virtual assistant & productivity mentor

"My business has grown so much since working with Elley - I've been able to launch a course that sold way more than I thought it would, get fully booked out with clients that I absolutely love and reduce my overwhelm.

I now feel more confident, my business is more visible & I've been able to bring on 3 team members since working with Elley. My life and my business are truly so much better because of Elley."

Since working with Elley, Hannah has hired 3 team members, had multiple $10k months, fully booked out her services for months on end & is on track for 6-figures this year!

What you get in Unleash Your Inner CEO, my 6 month 1:1 mentorship...

  • 1 x 90-MIN 1:1 COACHING CALL
    Your first coaching call is where we deep dive into your business & your goals, planning out the most epic 6-12 months of your life!

    Held bi-weekly on Zoom, with recordings & action steps so you know exactly what to implement in your business (or mindset!)

    Between our calls, you can voice or text message me any time to have unlimited guidance & support throughout your entire mentorship!

    Need me to look over your sales pages, email sequences, website or anything else in your business? I got you.

  • ACCESS TO ALL MY DIGITAL PRODUCTS  - valued at $1,050+
    Grab all my swipe files, tripwires & digital products for free during the mentorship! Plus you'll also get lifetime access to The Becoming Boss Society Bundle & any new products I launch during our time together.

    Modules include: Stepping Into Your Next Level, CEO You, Becoming a Visibility Queen & Leader, Money Mindset & Habits for 6-Figures, Creating Your Sell-Out Services & Offers, Scaling With Social Media and Sales & Selling Like A #BOSS)

  • NEW BONUS: THE FLOW MASTERMIND - valued at $6,497
    Get access to my intimate & high-level 4 month mastermind. Bi-weekly group calls, bonus monthly 1:1 calls, & a group WhatsApp chat for community, collaboration, support, accountability & next level vibes from your mastermind sisters!)

Your Investment

Pay in Full: $18,000 AUD

Payment Plan: $3200 x 6 Monthly Payments

*12 Months Available Upon Request
Prices in Australian Dollars


website designer

"Elley is an amazing coach & holds me to a high standard. She gives me both the mindset and business tools I need to achieve my goals in the most loving way ever!

She creates such a supporting & nurturing environment and really encourages you to trust your[self] whilst still arming you with a whole lot of knowledge!”

Since working with Elley, Lillian has gone from $0-$10k months, no longer worries about money, is working with her soulmate clients & is on track for 6-figures this year!

My journey hasn't always been sunshine & rainbows..

There was a time where I was going about it all wrong.

I took on clients who weren't the perfect fit, resulting in me getting anxiety checking client messages & dealing with icky situations when boundaries were pushed.

I was overbooking my calendar & saying yes to things that didn't light me up, just because I thought that's what I had to do to hit $10k months & be "successful".

Sure, I booked clients.

Sure, I made money.

Sure, I was still my own boss...

But it didn't feel good. It didn't feel how I wanted it to feel.

I had allowed myself to get into a situation where I felt like my business was running me & I just wasn't in control.

So... I dove in the deep end, re-evaluating my business, my clients, my calendar, my energy - the entire thing! 

And most importantly, I found what truly felt the best (& worked the best!) for me.

I went on to become a 6-figure female entrepreneur in my first full year of business & at just 24 years of age.

Nowadays, business is a whole lot more expansive, abundant & FUN than it was back then.

(Because I made it that way)

I'm talking...

  • Clients who *know* that I'm the perfect coach for them, without a doubt in their mind

  • Cutting my calendar in half & working only 4 days a week & seeing more growth than ever before

  • Seeing my income grow every single month, hitting 5-figure months time & time again

And if I can do it my love, then you can too.

Ready to make it happen? Scroll down.


self-love coach

"After I started working with Elley, I realised it was the best investment & best decision that I had ever made for my business. 

I launched my group coaching program, which completely filled in no time at all, I launched digital products which were an absolute success & I also worked, healed & forgave a lot of the money mindset issues that I had and abundance started to flow into my life.

Elley was always there with support & what seemed like a guiding light whenever I was feeling scared or unsure about what I should be doing."

Since working with Elley, Hannah has stepped into alignment with her business, started making passive income, sold out her group coaching program multiple times & is connected more than ever with her soulmate clients. 

The transformation you're going to have working with me 1:1...

Imagine in 6 months time that this is your new reality:

  • You're attracting & magnetising your dream clients to you on the regular
  • PayPal & Stripe notifications are a normality on your phone now (yay!)
  • You're having *consistent* $10k months & your money mindset is on point
  • People see you as a leader in your niche & your visibility is at an all-time high
  • Your services are booked out for months on end (you even have a waitlist now!)
  • You are using sales strategies & systems that work for your business & your goals
  • Content creation comes so easily for you now - the words just flow so naturally
  • Your sales funnels are actually working AND you finally feel so good about them
  • You delegate the tasks you hate doing & love hiring aligned team members
  • Confidence is your middle name - you're showing up as the *real* you, finally
  • Productivity levels are up by 1000% & you now manage your time like a pro
  • Your audience feels a strong connection to you & they're always wanting MORE of it
  • You know what motivates you as a person & are using that to BLOW UP your biz
  • Financial freedom, time freedom & creative freedom are all your new reality

And... you've finally stopped hustling (like an employee) & stepped up as the CEO in your business, having more flexibility, more freedom & more fun than you've EVER had before.


brand photographer

"Elley is literally the definition of a *high-vibe coach* - her energy is contagious! She cares so much about her clients and truly wants to help them and watch them succeed.

During our time together I developed more confidence and self-trust in myself as a CEO, doubled my monthly income, and quit my 9-5 to accept an amazingly aligned part-time job that allows me to have more time to work on my business.

Elley was the kick in the butt I signed up for that helped me ditch overthinking and take action towards my goals!"

Since working with Elley, Sheila has been able to detach her personal feelings from her CEO decision making, raised her rates, paid off one of her credit cards & worked with dream clients all across the world!

The mentorship is right for you if:

You have already begun building a strong connection with your audience & understand the importance of giving value through free content.

You're self-sufficient & will always do your best to solve any circumstances that arrive before you reach out to your coach for support. You don't need hand-holding.

You have a passion & drive to help others, but need help actually putting that passion into your services, programs & products that feel aligned. 

You are in this for the long-haul, ready to put in the ground work & see your business thrive (+ profit!) for years to come - even if that growth does take time.

You are strong-willed & will do whatever it takes, even if it scares you.

You are ready to take full responsibility for yourself, your actions & the results you get in both your business and your life.

You are *certain* that Elley is the perfect coach for you & your business.

The mentorship is not right for you if:

You are brand new to business & want help creating your first services, getting started on social media and just getting started.

You haven't started growing your business or building your audience yet, but you're expecting to hit $10k months straight away, regardless.

You don't believe in creating free & valuable content via a blog, podcast or YouTube channel & would rather just post on social media.

You go straight to your coach for the answer, never trying to work it for yourself first. You want your coach to be your counsellor & someone you can vent to.

You want a coach with a business model that you can recreate/mimic/copy & to basically have them design your business for you.

You're not ready to put yourself outside of your comfort zone & are hoping to have more success and make more money without trying anything new.

You blame other people & external factors for your circumstances and when things aren't going your way in business, or life.

You don't feel strongly connected to Elley as a coach & just want any coach who will help you make more money and grow your business.


digital marketing strategist

"Before hiring Elley I was very much not confident in my decision making & I really lacked the confidence and the mindset to move onto the next stage of my business. I also didn't have enough value in myself then.

I now have so much more confidence & conviction in the decisions I make and every month working with Elley my income steadily increased & I am continuing to see that into the future.

Elley is just always so uplifting & excited to work with you across your business (which makes you excited about your business too!)"

Since working with Elley, Jodie has raised her pricing on all of her services, become confident in herself & her business and more than 3 x her monthly income!

Apply to work 1:1 with Elley below


If you wish to talk with Elley about the mentorship before applying, please reach out to her directly on Instagram. She is not currently booking sales calls.

To apply to work with Elley, please fill out the application form below.

Elley will personally review your application and, if you are the right fit, will be in touch within 48 hours with your next steps.


mindset coach

"Elley is such a beautiful soul who has this effortless way of coaching which combines giving you the hard truths that you need to hear but in a really gentle friendly way.

She is attentive and compassionate and always ALWAYS has time to listen to you no matter what you have to say. 

I NEVER felt like I was being "coached" as much as guided by a friend, and having a friend like Elley, who is generally lovely and caring, was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I am so thankful and blessed for my time spent with Elley!"

Since working with Elley, Katie has grown her resilience & self-confidence, became consistent with her content creation & launched her brand new website, her podcast & her 1:1 coaching program!