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Entrepreneur Mindset

How I Trained Myself To Be Happy Every Day

Oh god, I get a feeling this is the start of a very long post.  Being positive 24/7 just isn’t realistic. No one can be happy 24/7. Think about it, even the most beautiful, richest people of the world are sometimes negative. It’s a part of being human and there is absolutely nothing we can do […]

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30 Simple Ways to Practise Self-Care as an Entrepreneur

30 Simple Ways To Practise Self-Care

I remember when I first heard the words “self-care”. All I could think was “yeah, shaving your legs once a month and visiting the dentist every 8 years? I already do that..” When in actual fact, self-care doesn’t refer to grooming my overgrown leg hairs or avoiding the dentist like the plague. It refers to staying on […]

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Creating a Bucketlist for Your Best Year Yet

Creating a Bucketlist for Your Best Year Yet

Putting together a bucketlist sounds easy right? You just write down all the things you want to do for the year and that’s it? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle with bucketlists. You see, I’m a perfectionist. And if there is one thing I know about perfectionists, it’s that nothing is ever good […]

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