Hey gorgeous, I'm Elley!

I help women in business to create consistent 5-figure months without hustling or burning out.

My journey hasn't always been sunshine & rainbows...

There was a time where I was going about it all wrong.

I took on clients who weren't the perfect fit, resulting in me getting anxiety checking client messages & dealing with icky situations when boundaries were pushed.

I was overbooking my calendar & saying yes to things that didn't light me up, just because I thought that's what I had to do to hit $10k months & be "successful".

Sure, I booked clients.

Sure, I made money.

Sure, I was still my own boss...

But it didn't feel good. It didn't feel how I wanted it to feel.

I had allowed myself to get into a situation where I felt like my business was running me & I just wasn't in control.

So... I dove in the deep end, re-evaluating my business, my clients, my calendar, my energy - the entire thing! 

And most importantly, I found what truly felt the best (& worked the best!) for me.

I went on to become a 6-figure female entrepreneur in my first full year of business & at just 24 years of age.

Nowadays, business is a whole lot more expansive, abundant & FUN than it was back then.

(Because I made it that way)

I'm talking...

  • Clients who *know* that I'm the perfect coach for them, without a doubt in their mind

  • Cutting my calendar in half & working only 4 days a week & seeing more growth than ever before

  • Seeing my income grow every single month, hitting 5-figure months time & time again

And if I can do it my love, then you can too.

Scroll down to grab The Daily To-Do List of a Female CEO!

(it's literally my personal to-do list that helped me get to where I am... and be continously growing!)

Ready to work less, earn more & become a female CEO?!

Steal the exact daily habits & tasks I do in my business to be fully booked with dream clients, become a 6-figure entrepreneur & have consistent $10k+ months whilst working 20 hours or less in my business.

"I have made more progress in my life, my business and my mindset in the last 3 months of working with Elley than I'd made in a year or more of trying to push forward on my own."


The Podcast

The Empowered CEO Show is the podcast for female entrepreneurs. With inspirational guest speakers & brand new episodes dropping weekly, this motivating podcast has it all!

1:1 Mentorship

Unleash Your Inner CEO is my 6 month private 1:1 mentorship for female entrepreneurs who are ready to create consistent 5-figure months in their business without hustling or burning out!


The Elevate Mastermind is a 4 month, intimate group experience for early stage entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their impact & income in their businesses and lives!