allow me to introduce myself...

Hey lovely, I'm Elley!

I’m a business mentor for coaches ready to scale their to businesses 6-figure years & attract dreamy AF clients in 15 hours a week (or less!)

20 On The Rise

I remember feeling like I was so close to my next level in business.

But I knew that the way I’d been running my business in the past just wasn’t aligned with me anymore.

The doubting, the worrying, the shame I’d been holding around “not being there yet” when it came to my business (ie income goals etc) just had to go.

None of it was serving me.

And deep down, I knew that I was made for more.

In that moment, I remember decided that no longer would I run my business from a place of doubt, shame or worry, where I gave my power away to anyone anymore.

I remember deciding that no longer would I do the things that I hated doing – like spending hours on sales calls every week, handling money objections or conviving people why they needed me etc.

And I remember deciding that no longer would I hold back from sharing my truth, allowing myself to be truly seen or let my potential pass me by for another second.

I decided that I was going to my next level in my business, my life & my finances, one way or another. And the right time to do it was now.

So I let go of the unaligned clients who weren’t the right fit.

I stopped overbooking my calendar with the things I hated doing.

And I created a new way of running my business that felt so easy, so effortless & so aligned, that all of a sudden, I’d achieved one of my greatest desires where work didn’t feel like “work” anymore.

What happened next blew my mind...

I began having consistent $10k cash months, then $12k, then $17k, then $38k cash months.

The money was flowing faster & better than ever before.

I started receiving applications for my 5-figure programs from my soul aligned dream clients who knew, without a doubt in their minds, that I was 100% the coach for them.

The clients were flowing faster & better than ever before.

And I started loving every single part of my business more than I could even put into words – from creating content, to showing up, to supporting my clients & more.

It became clear to me during that time that everything I desired in my business was finally here.

The soul aligned dream clients, the $15k-20k cash months & time freedom was finally here.

And I had reached my next level in business.


I have the honour of coaching, mentoring & guiding business women (like you!) through it all as you align your business to 6-figures & attract NEXT LEVEL clients in 15 hours a week (or less!), right here, right now.

Ready to create 6-figures in your business in 2022?

Learn how to have easy & effortless 5-figure months whilst working 3-4 days a week or less, using these daily high-vibe habits, routines & rituals.

“I have made more progress in my life, my business and my mindset in the last 3 months of working with Elley than I’d made in a year or more of trying to push forward on my own.”

Laura, Website Designer & Copywriter


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Magnetise Your Dream Clients

Learn how to master your sales mindset, sell with soul & attract high-ticket, soulmate dream clients in this high-vibe, high-touch group coaching program.


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