Putting together a bucketlist sounds easy right? You just write down all the things you want to do for the year and that’s it? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle with bucketlists.

You see, I’m a perfectionist. And if there is one thing I know about perfectionists, it’s that nothing is ever good enough.

We constantly strive to be better than we’ve ever been before and to constantly achieve more. BUT, if there is one thing that I am dedicated to achieving this year, it’s to change this. To be proud of all my wins – big and small.

Creating a Bucketlist for Your Best Year Yet

So what does it take to write a good bucketlist? 

Well, here’s the rules: There are none.

Writing a bucketlist is all about you & your ambitions. You might want to achieve something you’ve been trying to achieve for years. Maybe you’re keen on heading overseas (huh-hmm…) or just focusing more on yourself. Whatever it is, write it down. And remember, no “goal” is too big or too small.

Last November I wrote myself a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in 2016. Now, if you’ve read that post already you’d know that my goals were simple. From waking up smiling every day to just featuring myself in more of my photos, I’m proud to say that I got most of these goals achieved. I mean, just look at the photo for this blog post… Me blowing imaginary glitter at my camera in my backyard.. Who knew?

So, grab your pen, grab your paper and let your creative juices flow. Enjoy writing your bucketlist & enjoy ticking them off as you go!

Here’s my bucketlist for 2017:

  • Book an overseas holiday with Jye
  • Move house (and maybe even town)
  • Start going to blogging events
  • Work with high end brands
  • Earn a consistent income through blogging (even if it is small)
  • Create an e-book
  • Double (if not triple) my blog & Instagram stats
  • Complete the $5 challenge
  • Get back into graphic design & creating artwork
  • Create a special date night minimum once per month
  • Finally get my butt into gear and hit my goal weight
  • Have a huge clean out of all my unwanted & unused items – clothing, shoes, makeup etc
  • Visit the snow for the first time
  • Buy a drone & create short films
  • Go on a special mother/daughter holiday
  • Take a class in somethinganything in fact


There’s probably a million more things I would love to accomplish in 2017 but for now, I think my little list is a great start!

Do you have a bucketlist written up for 2017? Share with me below a few things you’d love to achieve this year!

Creating A Bucketlist For Your Best Year Yet