Grow Your Blog With Instagram Stories

With the world of social media forever expanding, more & more bloggers nowadays are turning to Instagram to grow their blogs. From sharing their inside tips to promoting their latest & greatest content – Instagram is the ultimate platform for bloggers to connect with their audience on another level.

But promoting your latest blog post isn’t all that you’re capable of achieving through Instagram babe!

You can connect with your audience on a deeper level, show what goes on behind the scenes & entice more and more people to join you over on that gorgeous blog of yours. I mean, there are literally over 800 million users on Insta every month! Yassssssss.

So, what on earth am I carrying on about?!

I’m talking about Instagram stories of course!

Grow your blog with Instagram stories


I’m talking about taking time away from the grid & creating killer content for your Instagram stories!

Now, if you love Snapchat & currently use this for your blog then that’s totally fine chick! You can implement similar strategies on your Snapchat to what you can on Instagram stories.

However, I’ve noticed that using just the one platform seems to be the way to go. If you want to grab your audience’s undivided attention, stick to one “story” platform or the other (not both).

In my totally honest opinion, the people who are hanging around Snapchat are less likely to be looking for new content to check out compared to those on Instagram. I, myself, have actually turned away from using Snapchat for my blog & now focus primarily on promoting my blog through my Instagram stories.

But, like I said babe, the choice is totally yours!


So, when you’re ready to really start to grow your blog with Instagram stories, scroll on down babe. We’ve got a lot to cover ✔


8 Creative Ways To Grow Your Blog With Instagram Stories

1. Share a behind-the-scenes snippet

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what your favourite bloggers get up to behind closed doors? How they really create killer content & grow their blogs?

Well, the thing is chick, people are snoops. Think about it – we all love to see what other people are getting up to when the cameras are switched off, right?! So, why not switch them on?

Share a sneak peek of an upcoming blog post or your at-home studio. Give your audience a taste of what they wouldn’t normally see from visiting your blog directly. Make them excited to learn more about you & your blog.

Who knows, you may just entice them to head over & check out the real deal!


2. Link to your latest blog post

Despite this being the most obvious way to grow your blog with Instagram stories, it’s 100% still worth mentioning. Whether you realise it or not, linking your Instagram stories to your latest blog posts is the best way to send traffic DIRECTLY to your site.

Rather than users having to click to your profile & then click the link in your bio, if you have your Instagram set up as a business account and have over 10k followers then you should most definitely be using Instagram stories to promote your new blog content.

Having that quick option of just swiping one finger (compared to clicking twice) is what people want.

Now, I know that sounds soooooo lazy, but when it comes down to it, you’ve got to remember that people are lazy 🙈 People want simple steps to achieve an outcome so keep it as simple as possible, always!


3. Tell your audience about a new Insta-post

With the ongoing algorithm updates, your new posts aren’t always bound to show up in your followers feeds. It sucks, I know. But having the opportunity to make sure that they’re seeing your new posts is as simple as a quick Instagram story to promote it.

Keep it short & simple and entice them with a hint of mystery. Maybe don’t give away exactly what your post is but give them hints. Tell them what it’s about or give them a call-to-action (don’t know what that is? Click here!). Make your audience to WANT to see more.

Using Instagram stories to promote your new Instagram posts won’t just get your existing followers to check out your new content. In fact, you’ll bring in new followers, increase your engagement & even grow your email list! Just make sure you’re taking advantage of those beautiful CTA’s on both your static posts and Instagram stories.

Grow Your Blog With Instagram Stories


4. Share a freebie

If you’re running a successful blog, which I know you are, then you’re bound to have some killer freebies on your blog. Whether it’s a new style guide, actionable worksheet or list of 100 beauty related Pinterest group boards – promote your [relevant] freebie on your Instagram story!

Promoting your freebies through Instagram stories is one of THE best ways to increase your email list subscribers. Entice your audience to “grab the free download NOW!” and again, take advantage of the swipe up feature here and link straight to your site.

In fact, it’s actually so much better to send users straight to your landing page for your freebie rather than sending them to your blog’s homepage, where they will get lost in everything that is happening.

Point your audience straight in the direction of your freebie. Keep it simple & you’ll get more sign-ups, fact.


5. Use the highlights feature

You may have seen some of the cool new features Instagram released late ‘17/early ‘18, one of which includes the “highlights” feature. The highlights feature is actually a freakin’ fabulous idea in my opinion & I am definitely going to be taking advantage of this tool (once I get my life sorted!) 😅

The highlights feature allows you to keep any of your Instagram stories on your profile for longer than the standard 24 hours! That’s right – it won’t disappear until you manually remove it! Wicked huh?!

Here are just a few ways you can use the highlights feature:

  • Have different “highlights” for your blog categories (ie cruelty-free makeup, skincare solutions, hair care maintenance etc)
  • Use different “highlights” for all areas of your blog (ie behind the scenes, content creation, where you work)

There are so many ways that you can use the new highlights feature to create a wicked Instagram profile. Plus, any Instagram stories that included the swipe up feature with direct links will also stay too!



6. Make use of the polls feature

Another one of the fab new features released not all that long ago on Instagram stories is the polls feature. The polls feature allows Instagrammer’s to ask their audience questions. It could be as simple as checking in on their day, asking if they’re A) Loving life & inspired or B) Tired & ready for the weekend. 

Or, if you’re super smart & eager to give your audience more of what they want, then you could use your stories to find out exactly just what they do want by asking them.

Create a series of Instagram stories to help grow your blog & grow your Instagram by finding out more about your audience. Make your questions short & simple to understand – Instagrammer’s love that shiz 👌🏼

Here’s an example for you! Just recently I ran a few polls through my Instagram story where I asked my audience a few questions. I asked 5 discovery questions to help me create more of the content that my audience loves. And guess what, they responded!

Ooh & if my audience couldn’t choose an option they loved, they could always opt to send me a message & tell me exactly what they wanted (which A LOT of them did). It’s a win win in my books!

Grow your blog with Instagram stories

7. Give away sneak-peeks of new content

Whether you give away a sneak peek about an upcoming blog post series, a guest post you’re working on or that eCourse you’re about to launch, build anticipation on your Instagram stories.

You can create sneak-peeks by simply hiding the main parts of your content or taking images that leave parts to the mind’s imagination. Don’t give away the whole story, just snippets. This keeps people wanting more – which equals more likely chances that they’ll come back.

You can get creative with your sneak-peeks by changing the way that you style your stories. For example, you can hide parts of your image behind emojis or give away just your title but nothing else etc.


8. Get in front of the camera

Now, this one may scare the absolute bajeebas out of you, but, before you go getting all anxious and closing this tab, hear me out sister.

Getting in front of the camera is a great way for your audience to get to know you better! Just another you can grow your blog with Instagram stories – it’s called “relatability” girl.

No, I’m not talking about telling your audience your life story or anything like that, I’m simply talking about actually showing your face, showing what you look like & allowing your audience to build a relationship with you. Yes, although you can’t see them, they can see you.

And you know what babe, people love being able to see people’s faces and hear their voices once in a while!

Make sure to let your audience in and build that trust, rapport & relationship with them. You’re bound to grow a stronger relationship with them on both Instagram and your blog.



So, now that you’re a professional in the Instagram stories field, go out & grow your blog already girl! Ooh & don’t forget to hashtag your stories using #KickAssCreatives so I can check them out too! 📲

Have you got a tip for growing your blog with Instagram stories that you can’t see here? Share it with me down below 👇


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Want to learn how to grow your blog with Instagram stories? Well chick, you've come to the right place. In this post is a collection of 8 of the best ways to use Instagram stories to grow your blog - fun, fabulous & freakin' exciting! (Oh & they ACTUALLY WORK!) Learn more at | #instagram #instagrammarketing #growyourblog #instagramstory #instagramstories | Grow Your Blog | Instagram Marketing | Instagram Stories | Instagram Influencer    Want to learn how to grow your blog with Instagram stories? Well chick, you've come to the right place. In this post is a collection of 8 of the best ways to use Instagram stories to grow your blog - fun, fabulous & freakin' exciting! (Oh & they ACTUALLY WORK!) Learn more at | #instagram #instagrammarketing #growyourblog #instagramstory #instagramstories | Grow Your Blog | Instagram Marketing | Instagram Stories | Instagram Influencer