30 Simple Ways To Practise Self-Care

I remember when I first heard the words “self-care”. All I could think was “yeah, shaving your legs once a month and visiting the dentist every 8 years? I already do that..” When in actual fact, self-care doesn’t refer to grooming my overgrown leg hairs or avoiding the dentist like the plague. It refers to staying on top of our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Practising self-care is an important task too many of us put on the back burner. We work our butts off, live our lives full of worry & stress and overthink things when really, we should be relaxing, indulging and embracing our lives while we live them. Self-care, my friends, is truly such a wonderful thing. Especially for those of us struggling with anxiety & depression.

Take the time out to appreciate the little things. Enjoy life’s special moments while you are blessed enough to experience them. Indulge in what you love most and don’t feel bad about it! You are literally given one shot at life, why bother wasting it worrying about what others think?! Do what makes you happy and tell those negative nancy’s where to shove put it. It’s your life, live it how you want and forget the rest.

So, with your negative thoughts pushed far, far away, let’s talk self-care. It’s really very simple, just take a look at the 30 examples I’ve listed below.

30 Simple Ways to Practise Self-Care

1. Read a new book

2. Create a piece of art

3. Pamper yourself

4. Have a hot bath

5. Drive with your windows down

6. Listen to calming music

7. Soak your feet in warm water

8. Diffuse essential oils

9. Lay on the grass in the sunshine

10. Paint something

11. Watch a movie from your childhood

12. Write down what you’re thankful for

13. Burn a candle

14. Indulge in your favourite dessert

15. Walk through your local park

16. Do a face mask

17. Write a letter to your lover

18. Look through old photos

19. Call someone you love

20. Give yourself a manicure

21. Bake something

22. Do some gardening

23. Spend time with your pet(s)

24. Have a cup of tea

25. Visit your favourite shop

26. Change your bed linen

27. Put on fresh pyjamas

28. Practise mindfullness

29. Compliment someone else

30. Love yourself

30 Simple Ways to Practise Self-Care