From emailing pr agencies & brands to consistently updating my Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest, I couldn’t live without my phone. Everything about my daily life is on there: my morning alarm, my appointments, my emails, all of my contacts, hundreds of useless screenshots (we’re all guilty). What would we do without that $1,000 brick in our pocket? Cry probably.

You see, I might have a fingerprint lock on my phone at all times, but I have no issue with sharing what’s on it. Logic. 

Have you ever wondered what’s really on someone else’s phone? Well, I know I have. All those super successful bloggers, YouTuber’s and of course celebrities. What is actually on there? And endless list of famous people’s phone numbers? Embarrassing photos they’d never want published?

Although my phone isn’t half as exciting as the above, let’s have a look shall we?

What's In My Phone

COMMBANK: I use the CommBank app to look at all the money I don’t have. Wooo!
PINTEREST: This is one of the many apps I could never live without, like ever.
YOUTUBE: So I can keep up to date with all my favourite beauty bloggers any time, any where.
Umm sooo… Please don’t judge.. This app lets me remotely watch my bunny rabbits in their house through a little wifi camera. Hehe.
Forever dreaming of makeup, forever browsing Beautylish.
Self explanatory. Netflix = life.
This is where I can an eye on all of my spam emails in my personal account – yay!
All the best stuff is on Etsy – handmade crafts, awesome printables from some totally amazing stores.


PROJECT 365: Every day, for the entireity of 2016, I have taken a photo of what I did that day. I honestly can’t believe that I stuck to it and will have 365 photos to reflect the year on!
VSCO: One of my favourite editing apps for Instagram. And it’s free!
I often use this app to create easy graphics for things like giveaways & SFS posts on Instagram.
My favourite app for editing brightness and detail in my Instagram photos.
One of Instagram’s first published photo apps that allows you to fit multiple photos in one post.
Another favourite photo editing app of mine. This one lets you create a double exposure effect.
This has got to be my favourite photo app that Instagram has come out with so far. Making “boomerangs” is so much fun!
The easiest way (other than Photoshop) to add a watermark to your images for Instagram.
If I’m not using Photoshop to create white borders on my photos, I’ll use this app. Super easy & it’s free!

What's In My Phone

WORDPRESS: Editing my blog posts & writing down great post ideas is super easy with the official WordPress app.
BLOGLOVIN: I’m always catching up on my favourite blogs through Bloglovin’. Don’t forget to add me!
UNUM: This is where I plan all of my Instagram photos out so I know that my feed will look fab. It’s one of the best apps for blogging & Instagram!
As straight forward as it sounds – Google Analytics for me to track my blog traffic & stats.
DRIVE: After editing my photos on my Macbook, I upload them to Google Drive. I then just download them as I go on my iPhone. Helps to keep my phone storage free too!
DOCS: This is where I keep all of my documents like resume, brand & pr contact lists, post ideas etc.
INFLUENSTER: Awesome for reviews on all the makeup products I want to buy! Influencers helping influencers (and of course consumers).
TRIBE: An app invented for social media influencers & brands to connect and collaborate. Super easy to use!
ICONOSQUARE: This is where I do all of my Instagram statistic tracking. It’s my favourite app for social media analytics. Read a little more about how it works here.




WISH: A little bit like eBay, Wish is an online international shopping store. You can find basically anything on there.
A branch off Wish, this one is just for pretty things. Of course it’s filled with fake makeup but I steer clear of that.
EBAY: Self explanatory right? Everyone loves eBay.
PAYPAL: Another boring, self explanatory app that I’m sure majority of the world use.
KOGAN: My one stop shop for all of my camera gear & tech stuff. They also stock homewares, beauty, fashion etc now!
ASOS: I looooove a good shopping haul from ASOS. Everything is so pretty & ships so fast!
IHERB: Nothing wrong with a good iHerb haul. This is my go-to site for all things E.L.F & Real Techniques!
CATCH OF THE DAY: A very well known online shopping site that sells, well basically everything.
OZSALE: Just like Catch Of The Day, OzSale has a wide variety of products available. I always keep an eye out for makeup bargains here!

Normally, when I shop online I try to look for coupon codes, there are lots of them online. Las week I came across a macys coupon


STACK: Favourite game of the moment. You basically have to try and “stack” bricks for as long as possible etc etc..
TETRIS BLITZ: A quick, 2 minute spin off of the original Tetris. Lots of fun and perfect for a quick game before bed time.
WORD SEARCH: Ask any one of my family members and they’ll tell you I’m a freak at word searches. It’s actually kind of weird haha.
SUDOKU: I might have a book full of 365 sudoku puzzles but unfortunately that doesn’t come with me everywhere. Hence the app.
MARIO RUN: I was so excited for this game that I “pre-registered” in the App Store. Lol. Anywho, it’s really fun & it’s free!

What's In My Phone

Of course you’ll see above that I have a lot of other apps on my phone not mentioned in the above categories. I’ll quickly cover those now:
SMILING MIND: The perfect app to help you practise mindfulness. Some hate it and some love it. I guess it’s just one you’ll have to try for yourself..
INSTAGRAM: Need I say more? I think if I looked at the hours I spend per year on Instagram I’d cry. Haha
SNAPCHAT: One of the best apps ever invented in my opinion. I live for the hilarious filters.
MESSENGER: You’ll usually find me on here messaging my Mum hilarious GIF’s and stupid stuff all day long. We love it!
SPOTIFY: Couldn’t go a day without my Spotify app. As soon as my phone connects to the car Bluetooth, Spotify goes straight on!


So, there you have it folks. A quick peek at all the boring stuff I keep on my phone.

Although it’s not that exciting, I can’t wait to look back in 10 years and see how far technology has advanced again.

What do you have on your phone?