• 5 Ways to Purposefully Stand Out On Instagram | Are you ready to finally start making a difference on Instagram? Well girl, this post is for you. Learn how to infuse personality into all you do online & become a stand out influence on Instagram in no time at all. Learn more at ElleyMae.com | Instagram Tips, Instagram Ideas, Instagram Captions, Instagram Themes, Grow Your Instagram #InstagramInfluencer #InstagramTips #InstagramIdeas #LiveWithPassion

    5 Ways To Stand Out On Instagram Using Passion & Purpose

    So you’re ready to finally stand out on Instagram, hey? Make a bold move & become an influence in your niche, yeah?! Well, luckily for you girl, you’re in the right place. You have been led here for a reason (aka, you’re ready to kick ass & become an authority on Instagram) and girl, I’m […]


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    The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Free Product Offers

    If there is one thing I wish I knew when I first started my career as an Instagram influencer, it’s this.. You should never feel pressured to post about a free product, let alone say yes to a free product offer in the first place. Now, you may have seen my previous blog post where […]


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    Stuck In A Blogging Rut? These 3 Steps Will Pull You Out!

    If you’ve ever been in a blogging rut, you’ll know how damn depressing it can be. You’re busting to create new ideas but just can’t catch them. You’re dying to evolve your blog but you can’t see past the so-called “negatives”. Not long ago I was speaking with a work colleague of mine, talking about […]


  • How To Look Like A Pro Blogger When You’re A Total Newbie

    If you’ve ever thought about creating your own blog and setting it all up from scratch you may have become a little overwhelmed. I mean, having to learn all those tech skills, design a beautiful website, come up with creative drool-worthy ideas, and not to mention keep it constantly updated. Oh and then, of course, […]


  • The #1 Thing Holding You Back From Becoming An Influence Online

    This post contains affiliate links. I will only ever promote something if I genuinely believe in the product and believe it’s valuable to my audience. For more information, please see my disclaimer*. For me, becoming an influence online wasn’t as easy as just having a post go viral and becoming an overnight sensation. In fact, […]


  • 5 Mistakes on Pinterest You Need To Avoid (& How to Fix Them)

    Prepare to be blown away by Krista from Blog Beautifully & her insane knowledge on Pinterest.     So you heard that Pinterest is an amazing tool you can use to funnel visitors back to your website (and for free, to boot!) Super excited, you set up your Pinterest account, created a few boards, and started […]


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    How To Find Your Audience on Instagram (& Why It Matters)

    There’s no denying that Instagram can get a little crowded sometimes. I mean, being one of the top social media networks, every man & their dog is on there, right?! So despite the fact that I really feel like googling cute puppies right now, I’ve got Instagram insider secrets to give you. Because my gorgeous […]


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    8 Creative Ways To Grow Your Blog With Instagram Stories

    With the world of social media forever expanding, more & more bloggers nowadays are turning to Instagram to grow their blogs. From sharing their inside tips to promoting their latest & greatest content – Instagram is the ultimate platform for bloggers to connect with their audience on another level. But promoting your latest blog post […]


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    3 Major Lessons I’ve Learned From Being an Instagram Influencer

    There are many lessons that I have learnt over the years from being an Instagram influencer that have helped shape me into the person I am today, on and off the ‘gram. You see, being an influencer certainly keeps me busy; From creating fresh new content for my Instagram feed, replying to emails from brands […]