014. The 3 Biggest Lessons This Year Taught Me

The 3 Biggest Lessons This Year Taught Me

With a new year upon us, I’m sure you’re thinking about your goals and what you want to accomplish in 2020. You might be rearing to go or you might be freaking out a bit. No worries! I’ve got an awesome podcast episode for you today. In this episode, I’m looking back at the past […]

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012. How to Adapt a Growth Mindset in Business

The 5 Steps to Adapting a Growth Mindset

I have definitely said this a few times now but, in my opinion, business is so much more of a personal growth journey than anything else. Some days are great and others are really hard. We’ve all had those days. But if there’s one thing that I can recommend to entrepreneurs out there, and it […]

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