How to Become a Pro at Making Business Decisions

Do you struggle to make big decisions in your business? Girl, I hear you! Find the perfect framework is CRUCIAL for entrepreneurs wanting to nail it when it comes to making business decisions. From pricing your services and products to finding clients, getting customers & developing new products! If you've been struggling with making business decisions for far too long, then what are you waiting for? Take a read! | #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #sidehustle #blogger |

This guest post is written by the amazing Paula from Being a web designer, I often talk with my clients about their business strategies. Being a business owner myself and being very active among the entrepreneurial community, I’ve also noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs have a significantly easier time in their journey as entrepreneurs […]

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5 Ways to Create a Heart-Centered Website

5 Ways to Create a Heart-Centered Website | Are you ready to step into your next-level you, build the website of your dreams & attract your soul clients and dream clients? Then this post is for you! | Heart-Centered, Heart-Centered Blogger, Heart-Centered Business, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Female Entrepreneur, Intentional Web Design, Intentional Branding, Intuitive Web Design, Soulful Entrepreneur, Woo Woo, Spirituality Blogger | #HeartCentered #SoulfulEntrepreneur |

These days, the internet has so many platforms and tools that allow us intentional entrepreneurs to design and craft our very own websites – without needing to enlist the help of a professional designer to build it out for us. But how do we stand out in a digital space where there are probably hundreds, […]

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12 Misconceptions About Being a Full-Time Blogger

12 Misconceptions About Being A Full Time Blogger | Ever wondered what full time bloggers get up to in their day-to-day life? Have a giggle at a few of the funny things I've learnt over my time on the job! | Full Time Blogger, Full Time Entrepreneur, Work From Home, Blogger Misconceptions, How To Become A Full Time Blogger, Make Money Blogging | #FullTimeBlogger #Blogger #Entrepreneur #BloggerLies

Full-time blogger: someone who works primarily from home, coffee shops or bed, writing blog posts all day long & making money from ads, affiliate links & sponsored content. Well I say blogger, shmlogger. I mean, what even is a full-time blogger? And do they really make a full-time income from writing blog posts? Well, technically […]

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