6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Aren’t Working

6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Aren't Working | Sick of seeing crappy results on your Instagram? Can't work out why you can't gain followers? Truth bomb! It could be your hashtags! Grab your Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Library now to get access to over 470 Instagram hashtags now for travel bloggers, food bloggers, beauty bloggers & more! | Instagram Influencer, Influencer Marketing, Instagram Hashtags | Learn more at ElleyMae.com

It’s time for another post full of hard-to-swallow Insta truths. Well, not really. But it’s time for A LOT of truths to be unveiled on the #1 thing that majority of Instagrammers are failing at mastering… Hashtags! Interestingly enough, when asking my fabulous & utterly-freaking-amazing clients what they struggle with most on Instagram, at least […]

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5 Ways To Stand Out On Instagram Using Passion & Purpose

5 Ways to Purposefully Stand Out On Instagram | Are you ready to finally start making a difference on Instagram? Well girl, this post is for you. Learn how to infuse personality into all you do online & become a stand out influence on Instagram in no time at all. Learn more at ElleyMae.com | Instagram Tips, Instagram Ideas, Instagram Captions, Instagram Themes, Grow Your Instagram #InstagramInfluencer #InstagramTips #InstagramIdeas #LiveWithPassion

So you’re ready to finally stand out on Instagram, hey? Make a bold move & become an influence in your niche, yeah?! Well, luckily for you girl, you’re in the right place. You have been led here for a reason (aka, you’re ready to kick ass & become an authority on Instagram) and girl, I’m […]

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The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Free Product Offers

Everyone loves getting free stuff right?! Well, when it comes to being an Instagram Influencer, free product offers are a normal part of the day-to-day. But, should we be accepting every free product offer? Learn when & why you should actually be saying no to brands & why | Learn more at ElleyMae.com | #instagraminfluencer #freeproducts #workwithbrands

If there is one thing I wish I knew when I first started my career as an Instagram influencer, it’s this.. You should never feel pressured to post about a free product, let alone say yes to a free product offer in the first place. Now, you may have seen my previous blog post where […]

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