What To Do When No One Understands Your Business

Sick and tired of people putting your business down? Learn my top 4 tips for handling negative feedback

Are you sick of people asking you how “your little business” is going? Are you fed up with the patronising, sometimes really hurtful comments from friends, family or just the general public? Running a business isn’t all sunshine & rainbows, but you know that already, don’t you? You understand that not everyone “gets” what you […]

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Why Perfectionism is Killing Your Business

Do you try to perfect everything in your business? Overthink everything? Struggle with perfectionism? Check out today's post for a heart-to-heart on why you need to get over perfectionism, ASAP! | Business Tips, Entrepreneur Tips, Female Entrepreneur, Business Tips and Tricks, Grow Your Business, Side-Hustle, Side Hustle | ElleyMae.com

Whether you’re a side-hustler or full-time business owner, if you’ve been in the game for any longer than a few months, you’ll know just how testing it can be at times. There’s the fun times & there’s the not-so-fun times. There’s the times when you want to scream from the rooftops with your joy for […]

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