• Sick and tired of people putting your business down? Learn my top 4 tips for handling negative feedback

    What To Do When No One Understands Your Business

    Are you sick of people asking you how “your little business” is going? Are you fed up with the patronising, sometimes really hurtful comments from friends, family or just the general public? Running a business isn’t all sunshine & rainbows, but you know that already, don’t you? You understand that not everyone “gets” what you […]


  • Do you try to perfect everything in your business? Overthink everything? Struggle with perfectionism? Check out today's post for a heart-to-heart on why you need to get over perfectionism, ASAP! | Business Tips, Entrepreneur Tips, Female Entrepreneur, Business Tips and Tricks, Grow Your Business, Side-Hustle, Side Hustle | ElleyMae.com

    Why Perfectionism is Killing Your Business

    Whether you’re a side-hustler or full-time business owner, if you’ve been in the game for any longer than a few months, you’ll know just how testing it can be at times. There’s the fun times & there’s the not-so-fun times. There’s the times when you want to scream from the rooftops with your joy for […]


  • Why you shouldn't hate your day job when you're growing your business. And how to get back into the right headspace if you do.

    Why You Shouldn’t Hate Your Day Job

    Whether you’re planning on taking your side-hustle full time within the next month, year or decade, you should never hate your day job. Yes, it’s tough, testing and tiring. Yes, it’s frustrating having to work for someone else when all you want to do is work on your passion project. Yes, your boss can make […]


  • You’ve come so far with your entrepreneurial, side-hustling journey & now it’s officially time to take the leap. Are you ready to quit your job? | Side-Hustler, Side Hustle, Quit Your 9-5, Quit Your Job, Quit Your Day Job, Full-Time Business, Full-Time Entrepreneur

    How to Know if You’re Ready to Quit Your 9-5

    You’ve come so far with your entrepreneurial, side-hustling journey & now it’s officially time to #taketheleap! But wait… 🛑🛑🛑 Before you go handing in your resignation letter, yelling “sayonara suckers!” around the office & popping the bubbly, we need to get down to business. And yes, I know, I’m a party pooper, but I do […]


  • How to Remain Positive Whilst Growing Your Side-Hustle | How often do you find yourself in a never-ending cycle of negativity, hating your day job for stopping you from becoming a full-time entrepreneur? Inside this post, I'm giving 3 of *the best* tips for side-hustlers to shift their mindset & create their dream business sooner | Side-Hustle, Side Hustle, Side-Hustler, Side Hustler, Full-Time Entrepreneur, Full-Time Blogger, Quit Your 9-5, Quit Your Day Job, Work From Home | ElleyMae.com

    How to Remain Positive Whilst Growing Your Side-Hustle

    When you’re growing your business – and in this case, growing your side-hustle – you go through a world of emotions, on the daily. You’re fussing over branding, stressing about getting your messaging clear enough, worrying that you aren’t making enough money (and the rest of it!) and it’s weighing you down. You constantly find […]


  • 5 Genius Productivity Tips for Side-Hustlers | Are you too busy working your day job right now that your side-hustle is on the backburner? Try out these 5 genius productivity tips to help you be more productive and more profitable | #SideHustle #SideHustler #WorkFromHome | Side-hustling, Side-hustler, Work From Home, Quit Your Day Job, Quit Your 9-5, Full-Time Blogger, Full-Time Entrepreneur, Productivity Tips, Productivity Hacks, Grow Your Business, Grow Your Side-Hustle | ElleyMae.com

    5 Genius Productivity Tips for Side-Hustlers

    Growing your side-hustle to a full-time status with very limited time in the day is tough, I get it. You’re not only trying to build your profitable, dream business, but manage to juggle #allthethings such as cooking & cleaning, making time for family, getting in some self-care whenever you can, trying to keep your social life […]


  • Are you sick & tired of waiting to turn your side-hustle into a full-time business, not knowing where you are going wrong? In this post, you're going to realise the #1 reason you've been self-sabotaging your chances at quitting your 9-5 for so long | Side-Hustle, Side-Hustler, Full-Time Blogger, Full-Time Entrepreneur, Work From Home, Work At Home, Be Your Own Boss, Step Into Boss Mode, Entrepreneurship #sidehustle #fulltimeentrepreneur #fulltimeblogger | ElleyMae.com

    The #1 Thing Holding You Back From Quitting Your 9-5

    Have you been growing your side-hustle for what feels like CENTURIES now? Let me guess… You’ve grown your Instagram following to a good point, you’re pretty active in Facebook groups, you make sales here & there and you’ve got the odd client coming your way. But that dream of you going full-time & quitting your […]


  • Do you struggle to make big decisions in your business? Girl, I hear you! Find the perfect framework is CRUCIAL for entrepreneurs wanting to nail it when it comes to making business decisions. From pricing your services and products to finding clients, getting customers & developing new products! If you've been struggling with making business decisions for far too long, then what are you waiting for? Take a read! | #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #sidehustle #blogger | ElleyMae.com

    How to Become a Pro at Making Business Decisions

    This guest post is written by the amazing Paula from PaulaBorowska.com Being a web designer, I often talk with my clients about their business strategies. Being a business owner myself and being very active among the entrepreneurial community, I’ve also noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs have a significantly easier time in their journey as entrepreneurs […]