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  • How to Attract Clients Who LOVE To Pay You

    024. How to Attract Clients Who LOVE To Pay You

    I am so excited about today’s episode because, obviously, as you would have seen from the title, I’m going to be talking to you about how you can attract clients who love to pay you. After having a conversation with the ladies in my membership, I decided to record this episode. One member had some […]


  • Are You REALLY Ready to Quit Your 9-5_

    020. How to Know If You’re Ready to Quit Your 9-5

    Today I’m going to be sharing with you how to know if you’re ready to actually quit your nine-to-five and go full time in business. So let me just start off this whole conversation by saying that I understand how stressful and how kind of scary it can be when you’re trying to work out […]


  • Are You Over Complicating Business?

    018. Are You Overcomplicating Business?

    Business doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but many people tend to overcomplicate things in the beginning. It’s easy to think that if you’re on all the social media platforms that you’ll grow quicker, or if you are creating content everywhere that it will really amp up your revenue. But the truth is that […]


  • How to Simplify Your Business Plan - 1

    016. Simplifying Your Business Plan With These 2 Things

    Happy 2020, my friend! This is the first episode of the new year and the new decade. And I’m sure that with each new year, you probably take the time to think and plan out what you hope to achieve in your business. It can quickly become overwhelming if you aren’t quite sure what to […]


  • How to Get More Clients Easily

    010. 3 Simple Steps to Get More Clients

    If there’s one question that I get asked all the time, it’s “Elley, how do I get more clients?” Today I wanted to break it down and tell you how you can get more clients in just 3 simple steps. It’s not that hard if you put it into perspective. So, if you’re struggling to […]


  • 003. The BIGGEST Shift to Attract Dream Clients

    One of the biggest questions that I get asked as a business coach is how do you find your dream clients. You may be currently wondering this and if that’s the case this podcast episode is for you. Listen in and start attracting your dream clients straight away.   In this episode, you’ll learn: What […]