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  • 148. Bold AF Boundaries & Self-Love with Gianna Rackham

    In this episode I speak with Gianna Rackham who is a relationship coach with a holistic, spiritual approach to healing codependency, cultivating self worth and manifesting healthy epic love. We talk about healthy boundaries, not looking to others for validation, creating more self-love & feeling safe to express yourself freely as a business owner (and […]


  • 144. The Truth About Perfectionism in Business with Sam Laura Brown

    Perfectionism isn’t just about everything having to be perfect. It’s productive procrastination, lack of boundaries, people pleasing, burn out & more and unfortunately for a lot of entrepreneurs, can easily get in the way of business. In this episode I speak with Sam Laura Brown who is a perfectionism coach, host of the top-rated podcast […]


  • 139. From $100k Months to $100k Days with Rebeccah Statham

    Rebeccah Statham is a business mentor who helps entrepreneurs to build a life & business of their wildest dreams by activating & igniting their spark. She’s gone from $100k years to $100k months & just recently… $100k DAYS! In this episode Rebeccah shares her story of owning a fashion label to becoming a business mentor, […]


  • 122. Q&A! Private 11 Clients, Content Tips, Journalling

    122. Q&A! Private 1:1 Clients, Content Tips, Journalling

    Get excited, because today I have the freakin’ juiciest Q&A episode for you.  Money mindset, journalling, content, getting more views on your Instagram Stories, signing your dream 1:1 clients, knowing when to follow up with potential clients – we are talking about it ALL.  The questions you guys have asked are SO. Damn. Good. I […]


  • 120. How to LOVE Your Business More

    120. How to LOVE Your Business More

    I just KNOW that this episode is going to be meant for one of you out there listening. It’s about LOVING your business more and having so much freaking fun doing it.  Whether you’ve fallen a bit out of love with your business or just want to love it even more, today’s episode is going […]


  • 115. I GOT MARRIED!! (2022 Life Update)

    115. I GOT MARRIED!! (2022 Life Update)

    I am SO freakin’ excited to be back after a month off!  Today is the first solo episode of 2022 and I can’t wait to share with you where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and the amazing ride that has been my life these past couple of months.  I have a few pretty […]