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Elley is a 6-figure business coach from Australia who helps coaches to loads more free time on their calendar & way more money in the bank, whilst working with more aligned and empowered clients & LOVING their business more than ever before!

After quitting the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship full-time, Elley went on to create a successful 6-figure business at just 24 years of age.

Elley is passionate about taking the path of least resistance (in her business & life) and helps women globally to stop hustling & start enjoying the massive financial and time freedom they started their businesses for in the first place.


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1. How I Work 20 Hours p/week & Earn 6-figures in My Business

2. 3 Things You Must Do To Save Time & Reduce Overwhelm in Your Business

3. Attracting Your Dream Clients Through Magnetic Content & Marketing

4. The 3 Keys to Becoming a CEO in Your Business & Life

5. How to Raise Your Rates & Make More Sales in Your Business

6. The Mindset Shifts You Need to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

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All The Vibes – In Conversation About Money, Happiness & Boundaries

The Aligned and Abundant Show – Manifestation, Money & Mindset

Start Up SHE-E-O – Attracting Ideal Clients (Don’t Chase Them, Let Them Come To You)

The Ikigai Empowerment Podcast – Working Less Than 20h Weeks & Making 6 Figures Working From Home

Fully Free Podcast – 6 Figure Years Working 20 Hour Weeks

Miss Mindset Podcast – Becoming The CEO of Your Life

In Close Company – How to Make More Money & Freedom in Your Business

Game Changers Podcast – Become The CEO Of Your Life & Business

Taking Action Podcast – What it Really Means to Have a CEO Mindset

Miracle Mindset Podcast – Work Less and Earn More with Elley Mae

Millenial Business Podcast – How to Go Full-Time in Business & Hit 6-Figures ASAP

The Six-Figure Freelancer Podcast – From Side-Hustles to BOSS Mode

Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast – From Out of The Job to Full-Time Business Owner

The Real Her Project Podcast – Go From Side-Hustle to Full Time in Your Passion

Rhythm & Words Podcast – Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

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