How To Score Brownie Points This Mothers Day | The Best Gift Ideas For Mum |
Mums are special. They cook, they clean, they give us a shoulder to cry on & they support us, no matter what. Mums are superheroes and they deserve to be spoiled.

So, this Mothers Day, treat your mum extra special & remind her of just how loved she is.

Whether it’s a handwritten card, a hamper full of her favourite beauty products or just the two of you, spending the day together. Show her just what she means to you. Shower her with love.

My Mum & I have such a strong bond, it’s unbreakable. Sure, we have our moments (actually, quite a few) but most of the time, we’re besties. She is truly my inspiration. Coffee & cake on a Saturday afternoon, never-ending chats on Facebook and honest, heartfelt conversations are just a few of the past times we share. Oh & of course when Mum calls over for a “cuppa tea” & ends up raiding my makeup stash… Coincidence? I think not.

“Everything I am, you helped me to be”

I love my mum & I’d give her the world if I could. Somehow I just don’t think I’d fit it in a Target gift bag though..

Not to fear, I got my butt into gear this year & put together a list of fabulous ideas for mum. So, if you love spoiling the special lady in your life, let’s get into it. Let’s make this Mothers Day stand out above the rest. Let’s give our mums the love they deserve.

Now let’s get on to the good part, the pressies!

Download your free Mother’s Day card from my Resource Library

How To Score Brownie Points This Mothers Day | The Best Gift Ideas For Mum |

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Pampering Products
Some of my all-time favourite pampering products come from Lush. My mum first introduced me to their infamous Bath Milk when I was in my early teens. Safe to say I’ve been obsessed with the brand since. Bath bombs, bubble bars, shower creams, soap bars, lip scrubs & more. Lush is your one-stop shop for bath time essentials. They currently have the cutest limited edition Mother’s Day Range* too! I mean, look at the photo above – Yummy Mummy Shower Cream*?! How adorable! Check out the full collection here.

But pampering isn’t just about hot baths, it’s a lot more than that. Treat mum with a new skincare range, manicure set or a hamper filled with different face masks! Now that’s something I’d love to get if I were a mum... If you’re looking for a local, Australian brand, I recommend Belle Botanicals. Husband & wife team Matt and Jacinta absolutely kick ass with their skin care! My holy grail mask from Belle Botanicals – The Green Clay Mask. It pops up on my Instagram story all the time. If you’re after some luxury, high-end skincare, here’s a few favs of mine below.

Candles, candles, candles. Ahhh… I just love candles. And so does my mum. In fact, I think most mum’s love candles.

Perfect for relaxing, unwinding or even freshening up the house. A good candle can brighten any mumma’s day (or mine). Of course my all time favourite candles are from Glasshouse. They’re soft, feminine, long-lasting & are just down right incredible.

Plus, they have the cutest Mother’s Day edition sets “The Perfect Pair*” in a few different scents.

Let’s be real for a second here – what mum doesn’t love perfume? Whether your mum loves soft, feminine fragrances or is more a fruity, juicy kinda gal. A good quality perfume will make her Mothers Day. Plus, pick one that you like too & you just might get a few spritzes of it yourself. Guilty of this – sorry Mum. 

I have so many fond memories of being a little girl, sneaking into mum’s bedroom & smothering myself in her perfumes. I’m sure she didn’t mind..

So what type of perfumes are we talking here? Well, stick to the good stuff. Something that’s going to make her smell strong, fierce and loveable too. Ditch the tacky $30 Britney Spears Fantasy (oh the memories), and treat your mumma to something divine. We’re talking YSL, Gucci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf etc.

If you’re worried about the price tag, don’t stress. Just head to Chemist Warehouse & snap yourself up a bargain. They forever have amazing sales – especially come Mothers Day!

Spa Voucher
Spa vouchers are always a hit
with mums (& daughters). Give mum a voucher for her to spend as she pleases. That way, she can have a massage, facial, pedicure – whatever she fancies!You can pick up great deals with local spas around you. A quick search online will bring up loads of Mothers Day specials. And, if you’re really wanting to spoil her, double the voucher and make it a mother/daughter date. Sure, it might cost more but the memories you’ll create spending the day together are priceless.

I remember, back in 2012, when I was completing my last high school year. Mum decided to take me to a local spa to be treated for the day – a mother/daughter date. I’d be going through a hard time at school, was stressed with exams and this was exactly what I needed. A day I’ll never forget.


Fresh Flowers
Need I say more? Fresh flowers can brighten anyone’s day! Pop down to the local florist or market & customise a gorgeous bunch for mum. Simple but meaningful.

How To Score Brownie Points This Mothers Day | The Best Gift Ideas For Mum |

There is something so special about receiving jewellery from the people closest to your heart. Give your mum a beautiful piece of jewellery she can keep forevera keepsake. Whether it’s a stunning new ring, necklace or set of earrings – make sure it’s high quality, gorgeous & fits her style.

If your mum owns a pandora bracelet [or any other charm bracelet], why not buy her accessories for it? Just make sure that if your mumma has any skin irritations/allergies, you buy the right jewellery.

My mum is a rose gold fanatic – absolutely loves the stuff. Some of her favourite pieces are from Nikki Lissoni.

Home Decor
I love giving my mum little trinkets for around the house. Photo frames, jewellery stands, diffusers etc. Although some would say that if it’s for the house, then it’s not really for her is it? But, choose something gorgeous, personalised for mum & she’ll love it.

I mean, just take a look at the beautiful pieces from Cristina Re for example. Teacups, saucers, mugs & fine china – everything is absolutely to die for.

Keepsake Photos
I believe that photos are the most precious gift you can give. Memories captured to last a lifetime, something you can look back for years to come.

There are so many great companies out there nowadays that offer affordable canvases & prints. I often shop on – the quality of their canvases is incredible, especially for the price! Keep an eye out on Groupon for ripper deals too. They often do discount offers, especially come Mothers Day.

If you don’t have a lot of photos of your family, don’t stress, that’s easily fixed. Book the whole tribe in for a photoshoot with a local photographer. Mum will love having updated family photos to hang on the walls.

Have no idea when everyone can get together? Buy a voucher – simple! This is actually something I need to do..


Something Homemade
Remember the days as a child where you’d spend hours on end putting together homemade presents for your mumma. Every year, Mother’s Day, birthdays & Christmas were all handmade gifts, full of love. Handmade cards, finger paintings, pasta necklaces & drawings of your family looking like potatoes… Mum’s love that stuff!

Pinterest is full of inspiration for handmade gifts. Bake a huge batch of cupcakes & decorate them Mothers Day style. Get your art smock on & create a gorgeous painting or artwork for her walls. Unleash your inner scientist & create homemade bath bombs. The opportunities are endless! And, if your handmade creation fails, she’ll love it anyway! It’s the thought that counts right?


Download your free Mother’s Day card from my Resource Library

How To Score Brownie Points This Mothers Day | The Best Gift Ideas For Mum |

Not all gifts have to be physical objects or possessions. Sometimes the most meaningful gift you can give your mum is just your presence. So even just spending the day with your mum this Mothers Day is a gift in itself. You could treat her to breakfast in bed (skip the McDonalds breakfast today), take her out for a picnic lunch or even cook her dinner. Trust me, sometimes these gifts can mean more than a physical object! If you take the time & put in the effort to show your mum just how much you love & care about her, it’ll show.

Remember, your mum has spent your whole life looking after you. Mothers Day is all about her & giving her the love she deserves. This year, make it special. Show her what she means to you & remind her why she is so great.

PS – Mum, coffee & cake this afternoon?

This post contains affiliate links. I will only ever promote something if I genuinely believe in the product and believe it’s valuable to my audience. For more information, please see my disclaimer*.


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How To Score Brownie Points This Mothers Day | The Best Gift Ideas For Mum |