master your sales mindset, sell with soul & attract aligned high-ticket clients

ready to attract your soulmate dream clients without the icky sales strategies or second guessing?

you're in the right place.

Sound like you?

You learned to cold pitch in the DM’s & only give your prices to people if they get on a call with you.

You learned to do free sessions or “coffee chats” & then try and sell people into your 4-figure or 5-figure programs.

You were told to handle their money objections, coach them through their limiting beliefs & tell them why they should invest in themselves and work with you now.

And maybe, because of all of this, you’ve even been attracting clients who aren’t exactly what you would call “dream clients”…

They’re asking for discounts, pushing your boundaries, expecting you to be accessible 24/7, or maybe they’re even not making their payments to you or completely dropping off the radar (sometimes before you even begin!)

And despite knowing how life-changing & badass your programs are, the thought of having to deal with another panic attack before a sales call, having to coach someone through another money objection or limiting belief, or deal with another flopped launch or not-so-dreamy client makes your heart race a million miles an hour.

Look.. I get it. I can relate to every single part of this ^

I used to be the QUEEN of feeling icky & out-of-alignment when it came to selling.

Because despite the industry norm being all of these things ^ I just listed…

I hated hiding my prices. I hated getting on sales calls. I hated handling money objections. I hated convincing people why they needed a coach, why they needed me, or why they should invest in themselves.

It felt so gross, so out of integrity & so against who I am as a human being.

And because I gave my power away to that coach & ignored my intuition…

I attracted clients who reflected all of those icky feelings back to me.

Some clients wouldn’t show up for their coaching calls.

Some clients would expect me to fix their problems for them.

Some clients started to default on payments, month after month.

Some clients would push my boundaries a little too far.

And others just plain-and-simple didn’t do the work (but complained when the results didn’t come).

But something inside of me just knew, deep down, that this surely couldn’t be the only way.

There had to be a better, easier & less icky way of selling that actually brought in the right kinds of people I was so excited and so ready to work with…

that is when I finally discovered...

There is a way you can attract your soulmate dream clients who love to pay you, work with you & get started, regardless of if you're actually selling or not (that doesn't require icky, out-of-alignment strategies either!)

And it’s so much simpler than you’ve ever imagined.

In fact, after I decided to take back my power & I stopped using those icky sales strategies that I’d learned in the past, my entire business changed for the better.

I went from wasting hours on sales calls with people who weren’t the right fit or didn’t have the money, to signing high-ticket clients in the DM’s who were ready to invest and get started right away, with a quick voice message back & forth.

I went from making people get on calls with me to know my prices (so I could handle their money objections), to actually just displaying my prices confidently on my website & social media, knowing with absolute certainty that people could afford it.

I stopped attracting disempowered, co-dependent clients who questioned everything before joining & started receiving applications in my inbox from the most incredible, empowered & talented women who knew, without a doubt, that I was absolutely the coach for them.

And nowadays, a large majority of the women that join my high-level programs, at up to a $24,000 investment, enjoy being in my energy & being supported by me so much that they re-sign over & over again.

The best part about all of this? 

It’s all available to you too 🙂

It's time to master your sales mindset, sell with soul & attract aligned high-ticket clients.


What's included:

  • 3 High-Level Training Modules for you to learn and embody the mindset, energy & simple strategies you need to magnetise your dream clients with ease & flow ($2400 value)
  • Workbooks & Journal Prompts to accompany each training module and get you taking action on calling in aligned, high-ticket clients right away! ($333 value)
  • Private Facebook Community to be in the vibe, get feedback, ask for support, celebrate your wins and connect with Elley & the other women!
  • Bonus Magnetism Meditation for you to become a match for your soulmate dream client & magnetise them with ease
  • Lifetime Access to All Future LIVE Rounds of the Program including any updates or upgrades to the program and all live group coaching calls on Zoom included in these future rounds too (priceless!)

Pay in Full (discount!)

$1,497 USD in full

Payment Plan No. 1

$555 x 3 months

Payment Plan No. 2

$297 x 6 months

This isn't just another "sign your dream clients" course...

This is an all-inclusive, all-in-one program designed to transform the way you feel about selling & signing high-ticket, ALIGNED clients, forever...

Module 1

uplevelling your sales mindset

Shift your mindset around sales & money to release any resistance you have to selling & signing clients

Deciding what you are & aren’t available for in your soul aligned dream clients (& how to call them in)

Understanding how to be a match for your dream clients who are ready to invest in working with you, NOW

Module 2

attracting clients who are ready now

My simple, 3 step “know it” process to consistently attract clients without the icky, unaligned sales strategies

The number one thing you need to shift in your strategy to start signing clients who are ready (& have the money!) NOW

How to handle money objections without feeling icky, pushing people or attracting disempowered clients

Module 3

magnetic content & simple sales strategies

The simplest tweaks you can make in your sales content to go from crickets to cash & clients

My aligned, authentic & all-time favourite sales strategies that don’t feel gross (or take loads of time!)

The 3 C’s to content that calls in your soulmate dream clients, regardless of if you’re actually selling or not

Magnetise Your Dream Clients is the place where you will...

And have a constant stream of ideal clients who love you, respect you & cannot wait to pay you and get started, flowing to you .... Regardless of if you're selling or not 😍

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! This program is perfect for all entrepreneurs in the coaching or service-based industries. For example, this will be perfect for you if you are a life coach, manifestation coach, graphic designer, website designer, virtual assistant, photographer, course creator, social media manager, copywriter, brand designer, social media coach etc.

Whether you’re just starting your business, side-hustling or already way into your business, if you desire to magnetise your dream clients in a way that feels easy, flowy & natural, then this is the program for you. In saying that, to get the most out of this program, you must have a clear direction for your business & a clear understanding of who you’d like to work with (aka your dream clients).

Here’s what I’m NOT going to teach you… Hiding your prices, telling people to get on sales calls if they want the price, handling money objections, convincing people why they need you, setting up complicated sales funnels, following up with people a million times, giving discounts just to “close sales” etc. This is a program about attracting your soulmate dream clients who are all in, f*ck yes, “SIGN ME UP” kinds of people.

There are no 1:1 calls included in this program, however I check in with the Facebook group once or twice a week (so you can always ask questions, share your wins & utilise our group for support!) 

We also occasionally have live group coaching calls (held on Zoom) that are a mastermind/hot seat style coaching call where you will have the opportunity to be coached 1:1 by me on anything you desire.

You have lifetime access to this program. That included the course content, workbooks, bonus meditation, the Facebook group community & all existing live group call replays.

You also get access to all future LIVE rounds of this program including any updates, upgrades & bonus live group Q&A calls that I offer.

This is a self-paced program. You get instant access to all of the course content (it’s all ready for you to dive into inside the group!) & there will be live group coaching calls on Zoom in future live rounds of the program (which you get FREE, lifetime access to!)

It's time to master your sales mindset, sell with soul & attract aligned high-ticket clients.