An exclusive 3 month group mastermind for the female entrepreneur ready to ditch the overwhelm, execute strategy backed with a confident mindset & become the CEO in her life and business.


This sounds exactly like you, right?!

You wake up most mornings filled with dread of having to look at your to-do list, knowing that there is no way humanly possible that you'll get it all done.

You're forever putting others before yourself & quite frankly, you're sick of it; trying to make time for family, maintain a social life, build and business and try & fit in some "me time" whenever you get a spare 5 minutes, which is... Never.

Plus, your creativity is plateauing because you're not executing in your life & business like a CEO, therefore surrounded by not-so-dreamy clients.

But that isn't why you started your business, is it?

You started your business for the freedom to put yourself first.

To work when you want to work.

To work with who you want to work with.

To work how you want to work.

Stop for a second & imagine this...

Surpassing (by a mile!) your previous day job income & actually doubling your revenue in the span of just 3 months!

Signing your *dream* clients & hearing them rave about you all over the internet.

Launching programs & services and seeing them be fully booked out within days!

Working on your money mindset & breaking through the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential.

And feeling like your most confident, most high-vibe, most abundant & most empowered self, EVER.

The coolest part?! These are my clients results.

And they're about to be yours too.

Introducing The Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind

My signature group coaching program for female entrepreneurs ready to ditch the overwhelm, get confident both mindset and strategy & become the CEO in their businesses.

Through our 3 months together, we'll uncover & work through what's holding you back from stepping into the version of who is most alive, most aligned & most successful & then turn that around to make your dreams a reality.

Because although I could give you the exact strategies I used to build my business to 5-figure months, you wouldn't get the same results WITHOUT the mindset work too.

During the mastermind, we'll be busting through all of the limiting beliefs, money blocks & stories you've been telling yourself about why you can't step up, rise & become a leader in your industry...

And then create you a set of new, EMPOWERING beliefs about why you CAN!

Join a group of high-vibe ladies who, just like you, are ready to shed the bullsh*t & become the brightest, bravest & boldest female entrepreneurs we've ever seen.

"Elley is without a doubt one of the best coaches around.

She has this really amazing blend of mindset & strategy that helps you to feel comfortable yet terrified at the same time, which is exactly what you need."

- Hannah Goodfellow

Before working with Elley I was feeling overwhelmed, craving someone to cheer me on, help me focus & give me accountability to put action to the goals I'd been dreaming of doing. 

While working with Elley I became fully booked out, grew in visibility and increased in confidence.

Whether it was reading through our call notes, soaking in her wisdom on coaching calls or reading her responses to my emails, she is amazing at what she does.

I adore having Elley as a coach, my business is better because of her support.

If anyone was considering working with Elley, I would tell them to 100% go for it!

Hannah, Virtual Assistant for Photographers

Everything you need to know about the mastermind


  • 1 x 90-minute 1:1 call with Elley to kick off the program & get clear on your goals for the next 6-12 months, plus work through anything that needs urgent attention in your business (value $550)

  • 1 x 45-minute 1:1 call with Elley, following up from your first private call & touching on any areas that need personalised strategy, further into the program. (value $300)

  • 6 x video masterclasses/modules, each with a different topic designed to help you work through your limiting beliefs, step into the most abundant version of you & build the business that allows you to be seen as an expert in your niche (value $2,000)

  • 6 x live group coaching calls where you can ask your burning questions, ask Elley absolutely ANYTHING about business & jump in the "hot seat" where Elley will provide 1:1 advice for you (value $3,000)

  • A private Facebook community for you to connect & collaborate with the other mastermind ladies and get constant support & feedback from Elley. Plus, you'll get extra value from the free spontaneous live trainings I'll be running in here too! (value $1000)

  • Workbooks, swipe files & resources to help you set up solid systems & workflows in your business, get more done in a smaller amount of time & more (value $425)

  • 3 x months access to The Becoming Boss Society, Elley's signature membership for aspiring female entrepreneurs ready to go full-time in business & enjoy every minute of it! (value $125)

VALUED AT $7,400

Join now for the early bird special with 60% off!

Pay In Full - Discount!

$3000 AUD

3 Month Payment Plan

3 x $1100 AUD

6 Month Payment Plan

6 x $550 AUD

We'll be kicking off the mastermind from start of September!

Applications will close once spaces are filled.

Got a question you'd like answered first?

Tell me this... Would you start decorating & furnishing your brand new home on unstable, shaky foundations?

Just like when building a home, the same principles apply to business..

 Before we start fussing over the cushions & curtains (aka making 6-figures & becoming an expert), we have to first build strong foundations, working from the inside out.

Hey beauty, I'm Elley!

Business & Mindset Coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs ready to become empowered CEO's in their businesses!

But let's not sugarcoat it shall we...

Allow me to be frank >> I haven't always had my sh*t together.

Just a few years ago I was working my ass off for employers who expected 110% effort from me yet paid me 50% of what I deserved.

And the truth is... I was extremely unhappy in most areas of my life.

I cried before work, I cried at work & I cried after work, and eventually, after being made redundant, my anxiety & depression went into overdrive.

So, just like you, I decided that working my ass off for someone else for the rest of my life just wasn't good enough. 

I decided that no longer would I put my health at risk & my dream of being my own boss on the backburner...

And then at the age of 23, I quit my day job, left the corporate world & become a full-time entrepreneur.

Since then, my entrepreneurial journey has been all kinds of exciting, testing, stressful & empowering, all at the same time.

I've dealt with sh*tty clients, overbooking my calendar & saying yes to the things that didn't light me up, despite being my own boss.

And you know what... Although those ^ situations made me want to rip my eyeballs out, I've learn a lot from each & every one, and now is my chance to coach, mentor & guide you through it ALL.

I'm here to show you that no matter what life throws at you, you can OWN your life & business, and:

  • Be wealthier than you could ever imagine
  • Have unshakeable faith that everything will always work out in your favour
  • Show up online like a #BOSS & have others wondering how you do it
  • Work with clients who not only love what you do, but pay you AMAZINGLY for it
  • Ooze confidence in absolutely everything you do in biz & life
  • Manifest a reality wilder than your wildest, craziest dreams
  • And SO. MUCH. MORE!

It's time to stop the hustle & prioritise the most important thing in your entire business - you.

I’m overjoyed to have finally found someone to learn from that speaks my language.

Because of Elley I’ve got renewed inspiration, direction and a clear cut plan for where I’m headed with my business.

Elley, you’re truly one in a million. Thank you!

Hannah, Confidence Coach

Marielle, Brand Strategist & Designer

Elley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to having a successful business.

Her courses are always jam packed full of great tips that are easy to understand, and are geared towards results.

I have been able to tackle perfectionism head-on in my business in order to get sh*t done, saved heaps of time and made some great new connections in her membership.

Thanks so much Elley!

Create your dream business with these core masterclasses.

1. Stepping Into Your Next-Level, CEO You

First things first, we'll be identifying the fierce CEO & woman you know is hiding deep down inside you, DYING to come out! You know, the version of you who has everything she's ever wanted...

And then of course, you'll be actually stepping into that your next-level self & embodying your inner CEO! Plus, HIGH VIBES ALL ROUND.

2. Becoming The "Go-To Gal" In Your Niche

Feel like a lost sheep & not as "out there" as you'd like to be in your niche? This masterclass is going to turn that around, in a heartbeat!

By the end of this training, you'll know exactly how to position yourself as a leader through messaging, marketing & more.

3. Money Mindset 101

No idea why you can't seem to make any more money (or any at all?!) Girl, you have money blocks. We all have them. More on what money blocks are in the masterclass.

By the end of this super high-vibe training you'll be LOVING money like a CEO & will know how attract MORE of it into your life, minus the hustle!

4. Crafting Your Signature Services & Products

Whether you're already killin' it with your products & services or brand new to it all, this masterclass will blow yo' mind.

Before you know it, you'll have mapped out the perfect products and services that will not only impress your audience, but you'll be smiling ear to ear knowing you're making a difference.

5. Scaling With Social Media

If you've been holding back from truly showing up on social media in fear of judgement, get ready to be pushed outside your comfort zone to make BIG shifts in both your business and mindset.

Learn social media strategy & scaling with this in-depth, no bars held masterclass.

6. Selling Like A #BOSS

Get ready to be the most confident, alive & aligned biz lady going 'round with this masterclass!

We'll be going over sales strategies that don't make you cringe & feel sleazy, instead they'll make you feel like you're serving a bigger purpose, making a difference & of course, selling like a #BOSS!

Plus, each masterclass comes with a workbook & actionable steps for you to get the most impact and results possible!

Pay In Full - Discount!

$3000 AUD

3 Month Payment Plan

3 x $1100 AUD

6 Month Payment Plan

6 x $550 AUD

Got a question you'd like answered first?

That niggling feeling in your stomach? That is your answer.

The mastermind is for you if...

You're ready to give up the 24/7 hustle & make long-lasting change that you've never seen before.

If you've been hustling & grinding, burning the candle at both ends & are fed up with it, the mastermind is the solution. We'll be uncovering what's been holding you back, ripping it apart & helping you step into your next-level, CEO self who has all the financial, creative & time freedom you deserve.

You thrive when you're surrounded by a high-vibe community, cheering you on & lifting you up.

Regardless of whether you're introverted, extroverted or an ambivert (like me!), you know that there is great power in connecting with like-minded business women. Inside the mastermind you'll make friends for life, possibly even land some collaborations & have the supportive cheer squad you've been craving, deep down for far too long.

You aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty & putting in both the physical and mental action to achieve your goals, hopes & dreams.

And that's what I love about you. You understand that the surface level work only takes up a small portion of what it takes to be (+ feel!) successful as a business owner. You're prepared to work through ALL the sh*t holding you back & take aligned, inspired action to become the BEST version of you the world has ever seen.

The mastermind is not for you if...

You'd prefer to self-study, read books and watch another 50 free webinars, working yourself into the ground.

If you're not looking to support other ladies in business, have a strong connection with a coach or invest in the future of your business, then the mastermind is not going to work for you. This is a high-touch, high-value, high-level group program designed to build confidence & connection.

You don't believe there's anything "deep" for you to work on & that you really just need the "right strategy" to fix everything.

Honestly, if you're just after another get rich quick scheme to work your way 'to the top', then I'd click away from this page now. Inside this program we'll be diving deep into the limiting beliefs & stories that have got you to where you are today, and then following up with strategic, inspired action to turn it around.

You're totally okay with working 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week and sacrificing your social & family life for the sake of your business.

I don't believe in the "hustle & grind" - working your ass off just to get by, to pay the bills or still complain about your lack of income isn't cool. At least, not in my books. However, if this has been you in the past but you'd love to explore ways to ditch the hustle & run a business with ease, then the mastermind is for you. It is about transformation after all...

Sheila, Purpose Coach

Elley has the blueprint AND kick in the butt attitude you need to become the full-time girl boss you want to be.

Plus, her energy will make you feel so empowered & motivated to crush your goals quicker than you ever imagined!

The way I see it, you have two choices...

You can continue hustling & working your ass off, burning the candle at both ends and remain frustrated, wondering why you can't seem to get your business to grow any further.

You can make one of the best decisions you've ever made for yourself & for your business - going deep, working through your sh*t and uplevelling with a group of like-minded #BOSS ladies!

You've got questions, I've got answers.​​​​

Can't I just find all of this stuff online for free?

How do I know if the mastermind will suit my kind of business?

What kind of support can I expect from *you* or will you just show up on calls & that's it?

How long do I get access to everything for?

I'm already in your membership The Becoming Boss Society, how will I get it for free then?

What if the mastermind doesn't end up being what I hoped for?

Katie, Money Management Coach

I have Elley to thank for being a constant source of inspiration just by being who she is and putting that out there day after day!

Elley is doing such amazing things with her business since going full-time, and following her journey is an inspiration in itself.

She is the sweetest person, and her joy and love for life are so contagious.

Do you really want to be stuck in the same place in 12 months time?!

​Because nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Pay In Full - Discount!

$3000 AUD

3 Month Payment Plan

3 x $1100 AUD

6 Month Payment Plan

6 x $550 AUD

Got a question you'd like answered first?