You’ve had part one, now it’s time for part two. 

Today, we are diving into the next round of questions from our money Q&A (and if you haven’t listened to part one, stop right there, go back an episode and listen to it, because it is so freakin’ juicy!). 

In this part, we are breaking down more questions that you have asked me about overcoming money fears, tapping into your entrepreneurial resourcefulness, and how to build a sustainable business of wealth and abundance in exactly the way YOU want. 

There’s some tough love in this episode, but trust me when I say these are the lessons that you NEED to hear to get the growth and perspective shifts I know you crave as an entrepreneur.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That you can ALWAYS invest in yourself – you just have to get resourceful
  • The secret sauce to hitting your income goals again and again
  • How to overcome your fears about debt and credit cards
  • What it means (or *doesn’t* mean) if you make no sales on a new offer


Tune in to the episode here:

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104. The Money Q&A - Part TWO   104. The Money Q&A - Part TWO