Today, I am in the zone, I am in my flow and I am so excited. I’ve been wanting to cover this topic for so long, so it feels so good to bring you today’s episode to help you hit $10k months in the SIMPLEST way possible. 

No hustling. No overcomplicating things. No burnout. We are talking about hitting $10k months from a place of true ease, flow and alignment. 

For my ladies who are ready to have $10k months in the simplest way possible, grab a pen and paper because I’m ready to dive in!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find your $10k month mindset
  • Knowing your offers and your clients
  • How your rates can set you up for success
  • My simple magic formula for hitting your $10k month


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today, we are dropping some truth bombs! Get excited, because these truths are going to help you hit $10k months in the simplest way possible. 

First things first – I want to start off by saying that we’re not here to hit $10k months by hustling. We’re not here to hit $10k months by burning out. We’re not here to hit $10k months by doubting and wondering if it’s even possible. 

NUH-UH. We’re here to have $10k months in the simplest way possible with ease, flow, magic, excitement, joy and all that good stuff. 

No hustling, no burning out. I do not allow that in my space. 

You can hustle your way to $10k months if you truly desire to. If you want to be doing it that way, that’s totally fine, that’s your thing, but this episode just will not be for you. 

This is for my ladies who want to have $10k months (or more!) from a place of true ease, flow and alignment, where you work with clients at a level that is so incredible for the both of you, and you aren’t physically, mentally and emotionally burnt out.


Today, I’m going to give you the simplest strategy to hit $10k months. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider it a strategy because it’s THAT freakin’ easy. 

You guys know that I love making things as simple as possible. For me, the journey from making $0 in my business all the way up to $10k months was really about simplifying and amplifying what I already had. During that time, especially when I started having $5k months, it felt like I hit my first milestone. It felt so freakin’ good! At that point, I just knew I was ready for $10k months. I had no idea how or when it was going to happen, but I didn’t doubt for a second that I was going to make it happen. I knew I wasn’t going to stop until I had $10k months. 

In those initial stages when I was going to $10k months, it was about believing that I can do this. If I can do $5k, of course, I can do $10k. It was something that I embedded in my mind when I went from $10k to $20k months – if I can do $10k in a month, of course, I can do $20k. I’ve already mastered it once, let me just master it twice. So that’s a little belief that you can take on. 



Today I want to talk about the strategy because although I did experiment with different offers in the lead-up to $10k months, I am pretty proud to say that I didn’t overcomplicate it with a bajillion different things. 

 So today’s “strategy”, is: I commit to not overcomplicating my business. 

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write this down

So many people overcomplicate their way to $10k months. But the thing is, you want to have $10k months from a place of ease, joy, flow, fun and magic, where you aren’t burning yourself out and you can actually enjoy your business and life – because you aren’t just living your life to run your business, you’re also living your life. Even though you know it’ll be amazing when you get to $10k months, it also doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your life and wellbeing. 

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to commit to not overcomplicating your business anymore. The easiest, simplest way to make $10k or $20k months happen is to not overcomplicate your business, your offers, and your prices. 

You can literally have a $10k month this month by choosing just 1-2 key offers, setting rates that will allow you to hit $10k months, and just go all-in on those 1-2 offers. 

You don’t need complex sales strategies. You don’t need complex sales funnels. You don’t need ads and all the fancy shiny things that you can add on top. You can literally choose 1-2 key offers and make sure that your rates will actually allow you to hit $10k months, and focus on those offers to make them incredible. 

That’s how you hit $10k months.

If you want to hit $20k months, do the exact same thing. 

Go all-in on those key offers. Know them inside and out. Who are those offers for? Who is your true ideal client? What are their struggles, goals, desires? What are they thinking about every single day? What motivates and inspires them? What are they so done with? What are they so ready for? Know that stuff inside and out, and know your offers inside and out. What’s included? What’s the purpose of it? What’s the transformation? What’s the experience? What’s the price? Know your offers and know your ideal clients inside and out, and make those offers as amazing as you can. 

You can just keep them super simple. But if you know your offers and your ideal client inside and out, and you make those offers as incredible as possible and create an incredible client experience, then you only need 1-2 offers to have $10k months. 

Here’s the thing. I’ve seen people have $10k months with 10 different offers. But how much easier does it feel to know that you could just talk about 1-2 offers that you are so in love with, you know inside and out, and you know are an incredible experience for your clients? How much easier does that feel to know that you can hit $10k months by just doing that? 

Now, when you choose to have 1-2 key offers, you also need to make sure that your prices will actually allow you to hit $10k months. If you have a goal of $10k months but your prices and the amount of clients you want to bring on doesn’t add up to $10k months, there’s a mismatch. 

Here’s what I’m talking about. Let’s say you’re charging $1,000 a month for a 1:1 coaching offer. That means that in order for you to have $10k months, you need to have at least 10 clients at a time. Now, I don’t know about you, but if you’re a coach and you’ve ever worked with a client one-on-one, 10 clients is very overwhelming! It’s a lot of work and you’re stretching yourself thin. That doesn’t help the clients have an incredible experience. 

So let’s just change it a bit. Instead of charging $1,000 a month with 10 clients to hit your $10k month goal, how much easier does it feel to have 5 clients at $2,000 per month in order for you to hit $10k months? That’s half the clients at double the rate and you hit the exact same goal. Less burning out, better client experience. Less hustling, better mental health. Less working yourself to the bone, better happiness, better income, better business, better flow. You’ll be way more magnetic because you’ll be actually enjoying your experience with your clients and your clients will be enjoying it back. 

If you choose just 1-2 key offers and you set rates that are going to allow you to hit your income goals with the amount of clients that you want to work with – that is it. That’s all the strategy you need. 

So choose your 1-2 key offers, check-in with your rates, and make sure they’re actually going to allow you to hit $10k months. In last week’s episode, I talked all about the mindset behind deciding to raise your rates. So if you know that you need to but aren’t sure what to do, check out that episode!

But set your rates, choose your key offers and go all-in on those offers. Know them inside and out, know your ideal client inside and out. Make those offers as incredible as you can and create an amazing client experience. 


Creating an incredible client experience doesn’t have to be complicated either. 

Make it as simple as possible for them to join. Make sure that they understand everything. Make sure that they have clear communication with you. Make sure they always know their next steps and how they can be supported. 

Be there for your clients, deliver your best work, give them the best connection and relationship with you that you possibly can, and honestly, you will be mind-blown at how quickly you’ll start having $10k months!


So to sum it up, the simplest way to start having $10k months is to strip back everything that you think you need to do, strip back all the offers you’ve added in because you thought there needed to be a more affordable offer. Choose a couple of key offers that you truly love, that feel truly aligned and that are truly going to help your clients. Anytime I create a new offer, I ask myself if this is something *I* would be excited to invest in. Be excited to offer them, be excited to set the rates, be excited to work with clients in them, and stop overcomplicating your offers. 

Go have your $10k months, and make it happen as simply and easily as possible. I’m so excited to celebrate you and see you smashing your 5-figure months before you even realise it!

If you found this helpful, if you’re going to raise your rates, if you’re going to simplify your offers, if this helped you in any way, please message me on Instagram and let me know! 




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066. The Simplest Way to Start Having $10k Months in Your Business   066. The Simplest Way to Start Having $10k Months in Your Business