Today’s episode is one that I have been wanting to record for such a long time, so I am so freaking excited to share with you 11 of my favourite high-vibe money rituals for manifesting more money, more wealth and more abundance. 

Money mindset is such a huge part of business and there is so much work that we can do around it. From limiting beliefs to letting go of what we’ve been taught in the past, there’s plenty to work through when it comes to money. But it doesn’t have to be the “unsexy” work that we may think of it as. In this episode, I want to show you how money rituals can be fun, high-vibe and effortless – but with huge impact. 

If you want to work on your money mindset but have a bit of fun with it at the same time, then this is an episode you’ll want to keep coming back to.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How bringing awareness to your money can open the door to more abundance
  • Techniques to shift your money mindset – even unconsciously
  • Why you have to be fully behind your money goals and rituals
  • Embodying your next level of wealth NOW!


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today, I am so freaking excited to share 11 of my favourite high-vibe money rituals for manifesting more money, more wealth and more abundance. 

There’s so much money mindset work out there that is so necessary and so needed in order to let go of the past and what we’ve been taught by family, friends and society, so I want to take you through some of the things I love to do to just have more fun with money.


1. Track every single dollar you receive

This one is so simple but so much fun! I track every single dollar I receive in an app called the Lucky Bitch Money Tracker by Denise Duffield Thomas (who, by the way, is an amazing woman and an incredible author – the first money mindset book I ever read was her book Get Rich Lucky Bitch). 

Every time you receive money, you enter it into this app and it makes the most incredible “cha-ching!” sound. Whether it’s $1, $1,000 or $10,000, enter every dollar you receive into this app. 

I’ve been using it since the very beginning of my business and it’s pretty incredible to look back at the money I used to make in my business and see it grow over time. 

It’s one of my favourite ways to track my money and it’s the easiest, simplest thing you can do. 


2. Abundance check-ins

Back in the day I used to find this really daunting, but nowadays it is so much fun – and the only reason is because I did it when it *was* daunting and I kept doing it over and over again until it actually felt really exciting. 

So what are abundance check-ins? Well, it’s my way of saying that I look at my bank accounts and my money tracking spreadsheets.

You’ve probably heard the saying that where focus goes, energy flows. If you aren’t looking at your money, a.k.a focusing on it, then you can’t expect energy to flow towards it. 

If you want to make more money, then you need to look at the money you’ve already got, no matter the amount. If you’re not already looking at your existing money to acknowledge it, have gratitude for it and appreciate it, then it’s going to be harder for you to receive more money. Think of it like a conversation between you and the universe – if you’re telling the universe that you don’t even want what you already have, then don’t expect it to give you any more! 

Every day I look at my bank account, how much money I’ve made, how much money I’ve spent and all the ways that money is flowing to me. Sometimes, I even just open my bank account to look at it for 10-20 seconds to say thank you and more please. 

I also look at my money tracking spreadsheet, where I track all of my clients and their payments. If you don’t have one of these, put one together – it’s so simple and a great way to look at your money from a bird’s eye view perspective to see what’s coming in for the next few months. 

Doing these abundance check-ins by looking at your bank account and tracking spreadsheets is a great way to get a really good overview of your money situation, both now and into the future. 


3. Listen to a playlist of money songs

I have a Spotify playlist that is called Rich B*tch Money Playlist. It’s full of songs about money that really amp me up. 

You can check out my playlist or create your own. Fill it with all the songs you love that make you feel abundant or are about money or being worthy. Whatever your vibe is, make a playlist that makes you feel wealthy, rich and exciting. 

Every time someone joined one of my programs, I would go to my playlist and play a money song. If you’re familiar with NLP, you’ll know of a technique called anchoring. A great way to anchor an excited emotion into you is to do a certain action or hear a certain sound over and over – that’s what I do with my money playlist. Now when I play certain songs, I immediately feel abundant because every time I’ve received money, I’ve played that song. 

Create a money playlist that makes you feel like a rich, wealthy bitch and play it every time you receive money. It’s the best way to anchor that emotion and then you get to live in a state of abundance all day long, regardless of whether money is coming in or not. And P.S – when you feel abundant you attract abundance, which is manifestation 101.


4. Play abundance subliminal tracks

A subliminal audio track is music with affirmations played at a certain frequency. Consciously, all you hear is music, but unconsciously, the affirmations are being played at a frequency that only your subconscious mind can hear. 

Subliminal audio tracks are a great way to get in those affirmations and beliefs that you want to embody about money, being successful, wealth and abundance. I love playing these while I work because it just sounds like background music, but what’s really happening is that it’s reprogramming my subconscious mind under the surface with positive beliefs around money. 

You can find these on YouTube or Spotify, and the best part is that you don’t have to consciously listen or do anything – you can just keep working or getting on with your day. 


5. Script out hitting your money goals

I love scripting. I’ve talked about it here on the blog before. It’s one of the forms of journaling that I’ve always loved, it always gets me into the right mindset and energy. 

Scripting is a form of journaling where you script out when you do something, as though you were writing a story. You script in past tense or present tense, as if it’s already happened or is happening now. 

Here’s an example of how I would script out hitting an income goal of a $20k month: 

Oh my gosh, I am so excited. I just hit $20,000.36 for the month of July 2021. This is my biggest month ever, I am over the moon. It’s happened and it’s only the 6th of the month. This is the most money I’ve ever made in a month, let alone in 6 days. I can’t even imagine what the rest of this month is going to bring! Tonight, we’re going out for dinner to my favourite restaurant. I’m going to have a red wine and a 3-course meal and then go see my favourite movie. I’m so excited, I literally cannot believe this.

One thing that you *must* do when you script is to get yourself involved. Think about the things you would see, feel, think or even smell and taste. Make yourself feel like, “Holy sh*t, this is happening.”

The more that your energy and emotions are in the scripting, the more that it works. If they aren’t and you just can’t imagine it being true, then there’s no point in scripting. Get involved in it so that you’re so excited you can’t wait for it to actually happen. 

I share more about scripting in my program, Magnetic Journaling – it’s about all things journaling and and the best part is, it’s always going!


6. Journal on who you need to be in order to achieve that next level of wealth

There are so many ways that you can journal through money mindset. You can journal on limiting beliefs, celebrations, bringing awareness to things, creating new beliefs and more. But for me, one of my favourite ways to work on my money mindset in a really high-vibe, positive and forward-focused way is to journal on who I need to be in order to have that next level of wealth and to hit my next income goal. 

For me, I’ll think about: 

  • What does that version of me believe?
  • What does that version of me think? 
  • What types of conversations is she having? 
  • Who are the types of people that she’s surrounding herself with? 
  • How is she investing in herself? 
  • How much is she taking care of herself? 

Identify what that next level requires of you, journal on it, and then start being that version of you now. It’s one thing to journal on it, but a whole other thing to actually be that person. 


7. EFT tapping

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s the Emotional Freedom Technique. Essentially, it’s tapping on different meridian points on your body to release stuck energy, negative emotions, limiting beliefs or anything that’s unwanted. Anything that you want to let go of and shift – EFT tapping is so freaking good. 

If you have no idea where to start, go and follow Gala Darling on YouTube. She is the tapping queen, it’s literally what she’s known for. They’re really fun and high-vibe videos. One of them is called  ‘Tapping on Being a Bad Bitch’ – if that is not a high-vibe money ritual, I don’t know what is! 

I love tapping on money. If I identify that I have a belief around how worthy I am of making money or I start to think that I have to hustle to make money, I will immediately tap on that. The idea is to really bring to the surface how you’re feeling and shift through the old belief, then tap into the new belief and energy that you want to step into. 


8. Repeating a money mantras audio track

I have a money mantras audio track. It’s similar to the subliminal audio tracks that we talked about earlier in that it has music, but rather than having subliminal affirmations played under the surface that you can’t consciously hear, it has affirmations played above the music. You can hear the music in the background but you can also hear me saying money affirmations, a.k.a my money mantras. 

I give this to my clients but I also use it myself as many days as I can, usually in the morning when I’m getting ready and doing my hair and makeup. 

The track goes through different mantras and affirmations that I’m embodying in my own business and money mindset. What happens is that the track will play a recording of me saying an affirmation and then there’s a gap for me to repeat it back to myself. The best way for your brain to integrate a new belief is to say it or write it and actually get your physical body and emotion involved.

These are so easy to create. You can find a meditation track and record yourself reading out the affirmations that you want to embody, leaving a break in the recording for you to repeat it back. That way, it’s also a customised audio track with your own mantras that click for you. 

The thing about affirmations and mantras is that repeating them is pointless unless you can fully get behind it. When you choose those mantras, make sure that you choose ones that feel good and resonate with you. 


9. Visualise money

Before I go into this, I want to say that I understand that not everyone visualises visually. Here’s what I mean – let’s say you’re being asked to close your eyes and visualise yourself on a beach with bright yellow sand, the waves crashing in and a seagull flying over your head. Some people can’t bring that image up in their mind, but they can *feel* the sand, they can *hear* the water and they can *feel* the seagull flying over their head. If you aren’t a visual person, you can still visualise and feel it. 

I like to visualise the numbers increasing in my bank account. As I said earlier, I do my abundance check-ins where I look at my bank account and money tracking spreadsheets every single day. I can visualise exactly what my banking app looks like because I look at it every day, so I visualise the numbers in my bank account increasing. 

Visualise what it looks like, but also what it *feels* like to have that money coming in.

Here’s a protip – you can take a screenshot of your bank account and use Photoshop or Canva to add in extra zeros or numbers in that bank account. Put that somewhere that you can see it all the time and visualise it. 

It doesn’t have to just be bank accounts. Another way to visualise money is to think about people asking you how to work with you and pay you. You can either visualise reading the messages or you can feel it or hear it. You could also visualise having physical, tangible money in your hands. 

However, you like to visualise, visualise it from the perspective of seeing, hearing and feeling. 

And here’s another bonus protip – play your money playlist or abundance subliminal audio tracks while you’re doing this to make it even more amazing. 


10. Declutter

I firmly believe that to welcome in the new, you have to let go of the old. 

When I declutter, I clean out my purse and handbag. I clean out the bobby pins, old hair ties, old receipts, wrappers, things I’ve forgotten about and things that I’m just holding onto for absolutely no good reason. I’ll also declutter my digital files and make sure that my money tracking spreadsheet is up to date. 

You can declutter anything you like – old clothes, your kitchen, your office space. It’s one of the best things you can do. 

You’re probably wondering – okay, but how is that going to bring me more money? 

You have to let go of the old to welcome in the new. 

If you don’t have space to bring in those new, incredibly comfy shoes that you desire to buy at your next level of wealth because you’re holding onto old, scrappy shoes that you can’t let go of, then you aren’t opening up space for those new beautiful shoes to come in. 


11. Upgrade your life

This looks different for everyone, but for me, this means that I will buy things or do things to upgrade my life and to feel abundant in the present moment. 

In order to bring in abundance, we need to feel abundant *now*. 

If you’re in a situation where you have some money in the bank but don’t feel abundant about it, try and get yourself to a point where you do. Be appreciative of that money in the present moment. 

It doesn’t have to be spending money – although if it is, do it. It can also be doing things in your life that make you feel abundant. It could be buying new clothes or it could be having a bubble bath on a Thursday afternoon. It could be going out for dinner and getting a 3-course meal or it could be just getting dessert. It could be giving to charity, buying a new book, booking a holiday or even just taking the afternoon off to watch Netflix that makes you feel abundant. 

There is no right or wrong way. Everyone has their own different ways of feeling abundant.

Anything that makes you feel empowered, anything that feels like an upgrade to you, anything that makes you feel abundant – do it. Do whatever you need to do to upgrade your life day by day and in every moment. 

Make sure that you feel abundant now because that is how you’re going to call in so much more abundance in the future. You’ll feel more abundant, then you’ll practice more abundance, then you’ll bring in more abundance and then you’ll feel more abundant again. It’s an amazing cycle that you can start by upgrading your life and feeling abundant *now*. 


These 11 rituals are going to help you work on your money mindset and manifest more abundance with ease – but it doesn’t have to stop there. 

If you want to work on your money mindset with me and uplevel your offers with my support, then you can book a Power Hour 1:1 Intensive. In this 1-hour session, we will break down everything you need to know, do and be in order to have easy, simple and effortless 5-figure months. You’ll have the plan, the structure, the mindset, the energy and my support, and it will happen so much quicker and more easily than you could have ever imagined. 

These spaces are rarely open, so if you want to work with me 1:1 and plan out your 5-figure months, work on your money mindset or anything to help you feel really high-vibe, empowered and in control of your business – then send me a DM on Instagram for the details. 

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I would love to work with you, so head to my DMs and I will chat to you there!



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089. 11 High-Vibe Money Rituals to Manifest More Abundance   089. 11 High-Vibe Money Rituals to Manifest More Abundance