Visioning and planning are my JAM. So of course I am so excited for today’s episode, where I am taking you behind the scenes for a look at my 2021 goals and plans! 

Goal-setting doesn’t have to be daunting. Today, we talk all about how to set goals with a super chill vibe, and why this can be so much more helpful than strict plans that stress us out. Your goals should feel fun! 

If you can’t tell, I am just busting to share with you guys how I’m planning for 2021. So grab a notebook and let’s dive in!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to set goals that are fun, flowy and aligned
  • Why your life goals are so damn important
  • A super exciting sneak peek at my 2021 offers
  • Now that you’ve set your goals – how to make them stick!


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The Episode Breakdown:

I’m so excited for today’s episode, I LOVE talking about visioning and planning. I’ve literally been talking to all my clients about planning for 2021, getting in the vibes of it, getting excited and setting goals. 

So I thought, why not take you guys behind the scenes and share with you how I’m planning for 2021 in life, business, income and more! 

My planning methods are super low key compared to what they used to be – I was a strict planner and if things didn’t happen then I felt like all of my planning was a waste. Well, that’s not the vibe of today’s episode! We’re looking for simple, fun, flowy, aligned goals that don’t feel like pressure. 

I like to set goals from a very chill vibe – what would be fun, and what would I like? Simple as that. So that’s the energy we’re bringing to this. 

Grab a notebook and jot down anything that comes to mind through this episode. If I’m talking about goals and you get an intuitive nudge, I want you to write it down! That’s a sign that that’s your true goal and desire. 


First up… LIFE GOALS

I always think about my life and my personal goals first, because I’m the biggest believer that we shouldn’t live to work, we should be working to live. Anytime I set any goal, whether it be a launch, client, income or business goal, I’m still thinking about what kind of life I want to lead, and what life I want to live before I set the goal. Choosing my life goals before I choose my business goals is a really important step because my life is why I do my business. 

Obviously, I’m in business to work with my clients and help them have that transformation to a better life with more time and financial freedom, just like what I’ve created for myself. But I’m also in business because I really want to live my best life. 


We’re in business to fund our lives, to fuel our lives, and to feel fulfilled. 


I’ll let you in on some of my life goals. If you weren’t already aware, my partner Jye and I have been together for 11 years, since January 2012. Earlier this year, we finally got engaged! So now we are saving for and planning a wedding in 2022. I’ve got to buy a dress, organise catering, start getting all the decor together… all of the wedding organisation! That’s a big goal for me next year. 

We bought our first home in early 2020 and we’re planning to have the wedding here (if you watch my Instagram stories, you know what the garden looks like because I’m forever in the rose garden living my best life and loving it). We want to get the house looking stunning before the wedding, so there’s lots of work to do in the garden, landscaping and painting. So another big focus for me next year is the house renovations. 

I’m also focusing on health and fitness, which is something that I’ve neglected for so long! My 2021 life goals in this area are centered around focusing on exercise programs that I’m wanting to take, with an idea of how I’d like to feel and what I’d like to look like. 

Those are my three main life goals – the wedding, house renos, and then health and fitness. 



I’ve chosen a yearly goal for my income next year. You can go yearly, monthly or quarterly – up to you! My yearly income goal is based on my life goals. That’s why I said in the very beginning that I like to think about what life I want to live, and then base my income goals, client goals and all my other business goals around that. 

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to set income goals, as long as you are setting them up from an empowered place.

This means approaching goals with an attitude of “Of course I’ll hit this goal. But if I don’t hit it, that doesn’t mean anything about me and my worth”. It’s that all-in energy, but also being detached from the outcome. That’s the energy you need when you’re setting goals, especially income goals. 

In fact, I talk all about setting achievable goals and being in the right energy in episode 28. Now is a great time to go back and listen to that episode and get in the right mindset for goal-setting, even if you’ve heard it before! 

The way that I set myself up to achieve an income goal is to make sure that I keep it simple and have 1-3 main offers that will allow me to reach my goal. If your prices, clients, time and energy all add up to your income goal, you’re far more likely to hit it. By focusing on those core offers, I know exactly how I’m going to achieve my income goal once I set it. 

In 2021, I’ve chosen to have three main offers that I’ll be focusing on for the year. 


Private Coaching

This is my 1:1 coaching where I work with a maximum of 4-5 women at a time (a max of 8-10 a year) to help these ladies to scale to consistent 5-figure months with true alignment and ease in a 6-month container. If you have been thinking about working with me one-on-one in 2021, now’s your time to apply! Save your spot before they’re gone. 


The Flow Mastermind

My 6-month Mastermind where I’ll be intimately working with a very small group of women to help them create total financial and time freedom with ease and – you guessed it – flow! In my masterminds, I do like to work super closely with my clients, so I always keep them really small and tight-knit.

Here’s my BRAND NEW offer for my Flow Mastermind – anyone who joins the February 2021 intake before 18 December this year will also get a bonus 45-minute one-on-one call to use anytime during the Mastermind, or even in January! Click here if you want to save your spot and get that bonus call to spend 6 months with me and an incredible group of women. 


*Drumroll*… An online course!

I’ve been wanting to bring you, ladies, a course for so long now. I’ll be turning the six modules from my previous group program, The Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind, into a new signature course. That program was the foundation and backbone of how I built my 6-figure business at 24 years of age, without hustling. It’s getting a brand new name, a complete upgrade, it’s so incredible and I’m SO excited. 


By keeping it to these main core offers for 2021, I know that from there I will not only hit my income goal but also still have space, time and energy to be able to work on other offers throughout the year if I want to and if that feels aligned. Because if 2020 has taught us anything, you just never know what’s around the corner, right? 

Another really big focus for me in deciding my three main offers is that I wanted to make sure that I could give my clients the best experience possible. This way, I’m able to serve my clients in a better capacity, because I’m not trying to stretch myself so thin. When I keep things simple, I know I can stick to it. And I know that my clients are going to love it and appreciate it when I’m there for them every step of the way with full energy and full support. 


Now it’s time for my BUSINESS GOALS

Now that my income and offer goals are set, I took some time to think about my other miscellaneous business goals. 

Audience growth was one goal that I set – how big I want to grow my audience, and in what ways. I set goals around my content, and showing up and being visible. That includes my consistency around this, as well as how I want to show up and how I want to be seen in the industry, and what I want to be known for. I also set goals around how visible I’d like to be outside of my own community – for example, media features in magazines, online articles, podcast interviews, and speaking at summits. 

Your goals in this area can be around your client experience, or raising your rates over the year, anything that you would like to make a main focus for your 2021! I chose audience growth and visibility as my big focus goals, but I do think we should always be continuously working on client experience and money mindset. 


Last on the list… HABITS AND RITUALS

I always make sure that I check in with my habits and rituals, and I have set some intentions for 2021. A really big habit in the health and fitness area is making sure that I exercise at least four days a week, consistently throughout the year. Of course, I’m not going to hate myself if I don’t do it. I’m just going to do it four days a week consistently. Cheer me on, this one’s a big one for me! 

I set the intention to take care of myself by eating more nutritious food and taking my vitamins every day. Skincare is another priority for me and has been for years ever since I was a beauty blogger back in the day. 

On the mindset side of things, I’d like to keep being consistent with my ritual of journaling, whether it’s every day or every second day. Journaling is just so goddamn powerful. I have a whole episode on my favourite journaling techniques, check out episode 46 here. Another mindset ritual is to start doing meditation or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, to clear my mind and emotions, and get my mindset right every single day. 

You can tailor your habits and rituals to whatever your life and business goals are for the year! They don’t have to be personal habits, they could even be business habits. For example, making sure that you engage with your community every day, or even just looking at your money every single day. In episode 48, I drummed that into you guys – you’ve got to check your money daily! So maybe that’s a habit that you set. 


Whatever you need to do in order for you to hit your goals and live your best life, add it in. Make it a habit, make it a ritual.

And – that is it! 

That is my very simple, very easy, and totally aligned 2021 plan. No doubt things will change along the way, and they should! We change, we grow, we evolve as human beings, as women, and as business owners, so naturally, your plan will change throughout the year. Don’t hold on to it too tightly, don’t strangle it, don’t put pressure on it. 

I’m going into 2021 from the mindset of ease and flow, and that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Because 2020 has really taught us that big, beautiful lesson of just surrender, and trust that whatever is meant to happen will happen, even if we can’t see it in the short term. 

I hope that this episode has inspired you to start thinking about your 2021 goals, and to feel motivated and excited! I wanted to really show you guys that goal setting doesn’t have to be this really scary, daunting exercise. 

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to create your 2021 goals, take a screenshot of this episode, share it on your Instagram stories and tag me. It honestly means the world to me. 

I am so excited to see your 2021’s be twice as amazing as 2020!




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060. How I'm Planning for 2021 (My Actual Goals & Plans)   060. How I'm Planning for 2021 (My Actual Goals & Plans)