You guys know I love talking about selling and bringing in aligned clients. Well today, it’s a match made in heaven because we are talking about both!

In this episode, I’m going to be sharing 4 sales mistakes that you might be making, that may be why you aren’t making as many sales or signing as many clients as you’d like to – and you may not even realise it! 

These simple shifts in your sales strategies can change EVERYTHING for you. Avoiding these mistakes is going to help you to not only bring in more sales, but to feel damn good about selling too. 

Get ready to dive in and learn how simple, easy and aligned selling can be!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why specificity sells
  • How consistency can make or break your sales
  • That maybe you aren’t actually ASKING your clients for the sale
  • How your mindset and energy shape your approach to selling


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today is my lucky day, because we’re talking about two things I love – selling and bringing in aligned clients.

Today, we’re going to be talking about 4 sales mistakes that you might be making – even if you don’t realise it! These are 4 reasons why you might not be making as many sales as you’d like to, and that you want to avoid so you can bring in your dream clients faster. 

If selling doesn’t really feel good to you, then newsflash – it can. 

Today, I want to help you start to sell in a way that not only feels really good, fun, playful and easy, but also WORKS.

These simple shifts have taken me from inconsistent sales to consistently bringing in sales from aligned, soulmate dream clients. I’ve gone from hoping and praying that people would join my programs to KNOWING that every time I launch a new offer, everyone wants it. 

These simple shifts in your sales strategies can change EVERYTHING for you. 

Trust me – they work. It’s not about tricking people or any sleazy, icky, unethical sales strategies. It’s about selling to dream clients with more ease, joy and playfulness than ever before. 


1. You’re being too vague when you’re selling 

You need to be clear in EVERYTHING when you talk about your offer. You need to be clear internally so that you can be clear externally. 

The first part of this is to know your offer inside and out. You have to know every single detail and be fully behind it. 

The second part is that once you’re clear on it, you need to be clear when you’re selling it. The biggest mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they’re too wishy-washy and vague when they’re selling. 

Be specific. Specificity sells. Being vague doesn’t. 

Here’s what I mean by being specific when you talk about offer:

  • Who is it for? 
  • Who is it *not* for? 
  • What’s the focus of the offer? 
  • What’s included in the offer?
  • What’s the price? 
  • When do you start? 
  • Why are *you* the person to teach this? 
  • How does your experience help them? 
  • What’s the transformation?

Think about all of those things and get really clear on the answers. 

Of course, you don’t need to share all of that every time you post or sell. The two most important points that you have to be clear on when you’re selling are who it’s for and what it’s going to help them achieve. 

  • Who is it for?

It’s important that people know EXACTLY who it’s for.

Saying “It’s for business owners” is too vague. In fact, even saying “It’s for online business owners” is also too vague. You need to get really specific about this. 

When I think about my 1:1 private coaching, where my clients get unlimited access to me and everything I have, I know that is not for everyone. My 1:1 is for the woman who’s at $5k months and is so ready to jump to consistent $15-20k months, doing what feels aligned, light, fun, easy and flowy for her. No hustling, no burning out, no nightmare clients. She just wants to jump from $5k to $15-20k doing what feels really good for her and working with soulmate dream clients. *That’s* who my 1:1 is for. 

It’s not for just business owners, it’s not for anyone who’s a coach or runs a service-based business. It’s for that specific person. She knows who she is, and when she hears me say that, she knows I’m talking about her because I’m specific. 

  • What is it going to help them achieve? 

Let’s see if you noticed this – when I said who it’s for, I said it’s for the woman who’s at $5k months and ready for $15-20k months doing what’s aligned for her, no hustling or burning out, just soulful clients and easy selling. I’m describing what it’s going to help them achieve as well. 

Be really specific on those two key things. You can mix the other details in, but those people don’t need to be told those extra details every time. 

Be specific and make sure that people know what you’re actually offering them.


2. Consistency

Anyone who’s anyone in the online or business world has probably told you to be consistent before – but there’s a reason why. 

If you aren’t being consistent enough, then the sales aren’t going to be as consistent as you would like. 

When we talk about consistency, it’s not just about being consistent in selling – it’s also about being consistent in showing up, creating content and nurturing your audience when you’re *not* selling. Sometimes you’ll make sales even when you’re not selling and that’s when you know you’ve mastered the art of aligned sales and magnetising your dream clients. 

You don’t have to sell every time you post. There is no perfect number of times to sell on your platforms, there is no cookie-cutter approach to selling. You will have to practice selling in your own way and decide what feels right for you. 

Here’s the thing about consistency. If you’re only selling once a week, you’re only giving a small minority of your audience one chance to buy from you. Not everyone sees your content all the time. 

The more that you sell, the more opportunities and invitations you give people to work with you. 

That’s all it is when you’re selling – you’re giving people opportunities and invitations to join you. 

The other side to this is that you also need to make sure that you’re being consistent in creating content that *doesn’t* sell, even if that’s just simple posts, educational emails, motivational posts or just Instagram Stories of your everyday life. 

Whether you’re selling or not, staying connected with your audience allows you to maintain a relationship with them, so that when you *are* selling, it feels natural for both of you. If you’re only showing up on social media when you’ve got something to sell but fall off the bandwagon for days or weeks in between, then it makes it harder for your audience to have that strong connection with you. 

Find your flow with your content and selling, and be consistent when you sell – give people plenty of opportunities to buy from you, but also show up and be consistent with other content that doesn’t sell. 

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3. You’re not actually asking for the sale

Don’t just assume that people know what the next step is. You need to tell them. 

There are two parts to this:

  • Don’t pussyfoot around

If you create an amazing post but then don’t put a clear call to action, a.k.a. telling them how to join, then you’re wasting your time. 

Imagine if a supermarket didn’t have a register when you went to buy the items that you wanted. Imagine standing there, knowing what you want to buy and what the price is, but not knowing how to actually buy it. Maybe it seems like a silly example – but that’s what it’s like when you tell people about your amazing offer but you don’t give them a call to action. 

Own your sh*t. You are a businesswoman. That means you have to make sales, and the only way to make sales is if you tell people how they can actually buy from you. 

If you don’t want to be too direct or straight to the point – then bad luck! That’s a part of selling. You need to ask for the sale. 

  • Make sure your call to action is crystal clear

When you talk about your offer, make sure you have a clear call to action that specifically says *how* they can join – not just “I can’t wait to have you!”

Don’t put all that energy, effort and passion into creating a piece of content that’s so powerful and potent, only to not put a call to action in it. 

Tell them exactly what you want them to do – click the link in my bio, DM me, apply here, go to this link, whatever you need them to do. 

Leave no room for questioning and ask for the sale.


4. Work on your mindset

When it comes to selling, your mindset or energy may make you think that selling is icky, sleazy, greedy or wrong in some way, and that can stop you from making sales. 

You’re a businesswoman – it’s part of your business to sell. This is your bread and butter and your livelihood. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard amazing, powerful, talented, badass women with years of experience slip back into this mindset of worrying about selling – whether it be selling too much, their audience getting sick of them selling, coming across as desperate or needy. 

Get out of that mindset of questioning yourself when you’re selling. 

Selling is just a part of business. You’re simply offering people opportunities and invitations to join whatever it is that you’re selling. It’s up to them to decide if they join or not. 

The only way people are going to think of you as a desperate, needy salesperson is if *you* think that. You always mirror your internal thoughts. So if you show up with the mindset that you have a badass offer that people will want – that’s a whole different energy. 

Get your mindset and energy aligned with the people you want to call in. You need to make sure that what’s going on internally aligns with the results that you want externally. Work on your mindset around selling and money, and start selling in your power. 

Confidence breeds confidence. Lack of confidence also breeds lack of confidence. 

If you want people who are investing in you from a place of empowerment and confidence, then you need to have that high level of confidence first to mirror it back to you. 

Be your own best empowered client. Do the work you want your clients to do and show up in the way that you want people to show up when they invest in working with you. If you’re questioning the price, think selling is sleazy and aren’t confident that your offer is amazing and is going to change people’s lives – then you can’t expect the sales to come through. 

You have to be internally and externally in alignment. I promise you that working on your mindset together with the other simple tweaks we’ve talked about are all you need to do to shift and bring in those incredible, soul aligned, dream clients who are ready to work with you now. 


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081. The 4 Sales Mistakes to Avoid to Call In Your Dream Clients   081. The 4 Sales Mistakes to Avoid to Call In Your Dream Clients