I’m an absolute ball of excitement because, in today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you 5 money rituals to take your income to the next level!

Honestly, these rituals are so simple, fun to do and so profound in the effects that they have on your business, on your income and how you feel about money.

So many people go about their lives not realising that below the surface in their unconscious mind, they have so many fears around money. I want to help you smash through those limiting beliefs and not only make money your friend but also get you in the habit of being excited about it.

Today we will walk through the steps of making money your focus through your money mindset, tracking your finances, expressing gratitude for every.single.cent and knowing what your money goals are.

I hope that you love the episode as much as I loved recording it!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to take your income to the next level
  • Why your negative thoughts around money are stunting your income growth
  • How you too can become a money magnet
  • The 5 money rituals that helped me to scale my business to 6-figures and continually smash my money goals


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The Episode Breakdown:

I woke up the day of recording this episode and I felt so inspired to share with you all the 5 money rituals to take your income to the next level.

FYI – You’re basically getting a free coaching lesson today as these are the rituals that I help my clients with and I tell them from the get-go that if they want to work with me then they’ve got to do these five things that I’m about to share with you.

Let me start this off by saying that money is totally one of those things that if you’ve never done any money mindset work before and if you’ve never looked at what you feel, think and believe about money then sometimes it can be confronting to start talking openly about your money. I have a whole other podcast episode on Money Mindset and how it can truly affect your business. Make sure that you go check that out!

I do want to say that in order to really pull yourself into every single one of these money rituals then you do want to be doing some kind of mindset work on the side. Mindset work such as working through your limiting beliefs and making sure that there are no underlying fears around money. If I had told myself like a couple of years ago before I did any money mindset work to go ahead and do this, I would have been shitting bricks. I would have been so scared.

So many people go about their lives not realising that below the surface in their unconscious mind, they have so many fears around money. Fears around spending it, making it, how worthy they are, and how hard they have to work for it. It is really important that whilst you do these rituals that you also do the mindset work that goes alongside them.

The money rituals that I’m about to give you are super fun so let’s dive into the five rituals to really take your income to the next level.



You can’t grow what you don’t measure. If you’re wanting to grow your income, if you’re wanting to scale how much money you make or if you want to bring in more dollars in the bank then you’ve got to be looking at your money daily and checking your bank accounts to see how much money came in and how much money went out. If that scares you *newsflash* I don’t care. You need to push through the fear and do it anyway. Why do we need to check our bank accounts every day? Well, because it’s going to help your income grow. Where focus goes energy flows. The more that you focus on your money and the more that it is on your mind then the more that you’re attracting it to you. But also, the more that you look at your money, the more you get comfortable with looking at your money, right?



This money ritual is more about looking at how much you’re making and how much you have coming in. For me, I use an app where some people use a spreadsheet or you could even just literally use a note in your phone. As an example, you’d write down, on the 5th of September I made this much and on the 6th of September I made this much. Even if the number is zero, that is totally okay if you want to write that down. If you only want to write down the days that you did make money then again, that’s totally fine. You need to be tracking every single piece of income that comes in and doing this from a place of gratitude (which we’re going to talk about in a little bit).



Oh my god, this is so simple yet so many people forget about it. You must know what your money goal is whether you’re setting it monthly, yearly or quarterly, you need to have clarity on it and don’t swing back and forth. If you have a goal of $10k per month – stick with it. If you think to yourself that this goal is taking too freaking long to get to and you’re sick of working towards it so you drop your goal down to $6k instead and you do this over and over again, do you know how confusing that is not only for yourself because you have not idea what you want but how unclear that is for the universe too? You need to be clear on what you are manifesting and putting out there. Stick with the goal right until you hit it!

It’s the same with my goal of hitting six figures in my first year of business. I was like, I’m going to do it. I have no idea how and I have no idea when but I’m going to do it. I left the rest up to the universe. I just worried about me showing up, doing the work and trusting that it was going to happen. Setting a goal and then being like, well, when’s it going to happen? How’s it going to happen? You’re strangling your goal and not trusting enough that it will come into fruition.

The more that you’re focusing on your money, the more it expands and the more you attract.

If you’re looking at your money daily and you know how much money is coming in, you know how much money you’re working towards and what your goal is – my God! Your chances of bringing in more money are so much higher and that’s why I say these rituals are going to take your income to the next level.



Use visualisation. It is super fun and I would totally suggest doing it every day even if it’s just for 20 seconds. Imagine a client paying in full and getting that notification on your phone. Imagine getting an email from someone for an application for your services or for your mastermind. Visualise what you would see, what you would hear, and maybe what you would even taste? You can go so in-depth on these things but really get all of your senses involved in hitting those money goals. It’s going to make it so much more real and it gets you in a really good vibration. Not only does it make you an energetic match for it, which we can talk about in another episode, but it’s also like being on the same wavelength as your desire and goal.



If we’re talking about vibrations, gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can be in. It’s one of the immersions that vibrates at the highest frequency. You really want to be in that state of gratitude for every piece of money. Gratitude is super-duper important if you’re wanting to bring in more money because what we focus on, energy flows. Gratitude is an emotion of such a high vibration that naturally when we’re in gratitude for something then we magnetise more things, more people, more money, or more situations at that level. So be grateful for all the money you’ve had in the past, all of the money you currently have and all of the money you have coming in. Every single cent.


I hope that you guys loved this episode and the 5 money rituals that truly are going to take your income to the next level. Thanks so much for tuning in and I will see you in the next episode!

Have any questions after listening, head over to Instagram, and ask away!


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048. 5 Money Rituals to Take Your Income to The Next Level  048. 5 Money Rituals to Take Your Income to The Next Level