So, you guys know that I love talking about clients, right? I love talking about how to attract them. I love talking about how to woo them with your content, how to nurture them, how to keep them, how to convert them, all of the above. So, what I wanted to do in today’s episode was I wanted to share with you a really quick tip that honestly can have the biggest impact on your ability to attract your absolute dream clients. It can have the biggest impact if you implement it.

If you just listen to this episode of don’t implement it, obviously, it’s not gonna work. But if you listen, and you actually implement this in your business, I promise you it will work.

So, if you want to attract more dream clients, listen in.

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Beyond Demographics

When I talk about dream clients, I’m not talking about dream clients from the sense of their specific gender, age bracket, industry, etc. These are all the normal things that you typically think of when someone says who’s your dream client. But I’m actually talking about the below the surface-level stuff, right? So, if you take away their demographics, you know where they’re from, how old they are, what hobbies they have, what they do on the weekends, how much money they make, all of that kind of stuff. When you take all of that away, I’m talking about the type of person that they are, which includes the values that they have, the unique personality traits that they have, their biggest desires, right? What are those big goals? What are their biggest struggles? Where are they right now? What are they struggling with? What are their biggest pain points, etc.? Because to me, that’s what a dream client is.

And understanding what a dream client is, is understanding more than their age, gender, location, income, hobbies, etc. It’s understanding who they are as a person, what they desire, and what they truly need help with. Because you guys, if I’m being really honest, and giving you some huge advice that I normally only go in-depth with my private one-on-one clients and sometimes only with my high-level group programs, it is that the surface stuff that matters isn’t the only stuff that matters. That’s surface-level stuff. It matters, but not half as much as the deeper stuff when it comes to defining who your dream client actually is.

What Do You Need to Know About Your Dream Clients?

You need to know their struggles, where they’re at right now. You need to know what they’re struggling with, their pain points, their goals, where they want to be, why they want to be there. You need to know their vision, what their life looks like, their body, their house, the type of income they want, their business, their characteristics, etc. So, yeah, that’s a little sneak peek of what I go through with my private one-on-one clients.

You take it or leave it, it’s totally up to you.

Let’s move on. I want to talk about actually signing your dream clients, okay? Because there’s so much in that process of signing a client, right? It’s not a matter of posting on Instagram Stories and booking a client. Yes, sometimes that does happen. I’ve had that happen many times, actually. But it’s not always the case.

There’s the content to attract your clients. There’s the content to nurture. Then there’s the content to convert. And even the content to build the relationship, because you’ve got to build that rapport, you’ve got to build trust, all of that stuff. Then, of course, when you go to sign them, there’s the onboarding contracts, payment plans, blah, blah, blah, okay?

But today, I don’t actually want to talk to you about any of that, which is pretty funny. I don’t want to talk about any of that. We can talk about that stuff in another episode. In fact, there’s already plenty of episodes on the podcast that talk about those things.

Today, we’re not talking about sales, we’re not talking about marketing, and we’re not even talking about content strategies. Today, what I want to do is I want to talk with you or share with you something that you can do as a human being with your mind and the physical actions that you take to attract and sign your dream clients.

The One Thing You Must Do to Attract Your Dream Clients

And it’s this profound philosophical quote that honestly can change the entire game for you, and it is this “To book dream clients, you have to be a dream client.” Okay? To attract dream clients, you have to be a dream client. To sign dream clients, you have to be a dream client, right?

And here’s what I mean, when I take my private one-on-one clients through this process of defining who their dream client is, we look at those things that I mentioned before, right? The goals, the struggles, the characteristics, but most importantly, what I want to talk about today are the characteristics you want your dream client to have. For example, what type of person they are, what values they have, all of those things.

How the Process Looks 

So, normally in this process, we look at if they are the type of person to shop around, or if they look through all the social media managers, all the business coaches, all the virtual assistants on the Internet before they decide who to hire. Or do they just know that you’re the right coach, that you’re the right social media manager, or virtual assistant for them? Do they just know that you’re the perfect fit?

We also look at if your dream clients pay on time or if they always default on payments? Do they really slack with their payments to the outs for extensions, over time, or do they have the money in there the day before, ready to go?

Another thing we look at is, you know, are they punctual? Do they show up on time? Are they always late? Do they take ownership for their results? Are they always making excuses? These are the type of things that really define a dream client right now some people be like, no, it doesn’t, that’s not going to help me attract them. Blah, blah, blah. That’s not gonna help me in my marketing. That’s not gonna help me with my mindset.

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Do This ONE THING To Attract Dream Clients   Do This ONE THING To Attract Dream Clients