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I went live on Instagram a few weeks ago talking about this particular topic. And the feedback from that live was absolutely insane. So many of you messaged me saying how incredible it was, how much it helped, how much it changed the way that you thought about selling, and about sales.

So, I just knew that I had to record this podcast episode. Because obviously Instagram lives do disappear, and podcast episodes, don’t. So, I want to make sure that this episode is here for you, whether you’re currently struggling with increasing your income and booking more clients, or maybe down the track because, as you know, at every new level there is a new devil.

Income Plateaus

You’ll probably hit an income plateau once, twice, 10 times, 20 times, or 40 times over your time as an entrepreneur because this is a lifelong game.

This episode is here for you forever. If you are ready to change the way you feel about selling, and also how many sales you make, if you want to increase your sales for good, not a one-off thing, not a band-aid solution, but for good, real long-lasting change, then keep on listening, because this episode is so so perfect for you.

Why Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Selling As Many Offers As They Want

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why most entrepreneurs aren’t selling as many of their offers as they want. And then specifically, what we’re going to be doing in this episode is talking about the money side of things, when it comes to selling the money side of things, and maybe this is you, right?

Maybe you aren’t booking as many clients as you would like to right now, or maybe you aren’t booking any clients at all right now. Maybe you’re just here because you’re trying to know how to start selling better. And just not feel icky about it. You know, that that icky feeling about selling?

Maybe you want to start to enjoy selling, you want to enjoy selling, you want to start showing up in a more magnetic kind of way, magnetic is the perfect word that is when you’re magnetizing those clients that are the perfect fit that are ready to invest, but either way, no matter why you’re here, there are two main reasons why I believe you may not be selling as many of your offers as you want to.

And they are:

1)You’re out of alignment with your prices.

2)  You’re focusing on what your offer inclusions more than anything else.

So, we’re going to dive into both of these in this episode. And I encourage you to listen all the way to the end. Because honestly, the lessons are so simple, yet so profound. The Instagram Live that I talked about before, so many women messaged me and said that they were like, “Whoa, this is stuff I haven’t heard before, not in this way. I actually get it now.”

Not being aligned with your prices

Not being aligned with your prices is a pretty broad statement. I want to break this down for you so that you can understand it a lot easier. So, when I’m saying you aren’t aligned with your prices or you’re out of alignment with your prices, I mean that you just aren’t fully on board with your prices, right?

  • Maybe you believe them wholeheartedly, like, you believe that they’ll sell for that much, that people will pay that much, etc. But you don’t believe in them, you aren’t fully on board with them.
  • Or maybe you do doubt that people will pay that much.
  • OR maybe you’re questioning if it’s the right price and if you should charge more? Should you charge less?

And this can most commonly be caused by one or two things. This misalignment typically comes from doing one of two things and that’s by either undercharging or overcharging.

Undercharging Is Where You’re Playing Small

Let’s talk about these. So, undercharging is where you’re playing small, right? Where you tell yourself that people can’t afford to pay you more. It’s where you believe that people have small budgets, that your audience typically doesn’t make as much money. You tell yourself that you can’t charge more yet because you’re still new to this particular offer. Since you’ve never offered it before, you can’t ask for more. Or maybe you’re still new to coaching or this or that, right?

Never Raising Your Prices

Even though you’ve got amazing results for your clients, some beta testers, or that you went through it yourself and you are now your biggest testimonial. Even though you’ve got all these amazing results in the past, you tell yourself, “I can’t charge more yet, because I can still turn you to everything, blah, blah, blah.”

Or maybe you set your prices for your offer in the past and then you never changed them. So many women who come to me in my coaching programs are at this point where they raise their prices once and then that’s it. They’ve just left their price there. And they’ve been there for way too long. They’re not consistently increasing them. You should be consistently increasing them because you’re consistently learning, getting better results, improving, experimenting, all of that stuff.

So, maybe you’re just leaving your prices at the same old price that they’ve always been when you know that you should be charging more. And maybe you even want to charge more, but something, most likely limiting beliefs, is stopping you from doing it. It’s something inside of you is like no, I know I want to do it, but there’s a part of me that says no, no, I shouldn’t do it or I can’t do it or etc, etc.

Limiting Beliefs

But here’s the thing, pretty much when you undervalue the value of your offer, you automatically put yourself out of alignment with that price. And when you’re out of alignment with the price of one of your offers, it won’t sell or at least if it does sell, it will be more difficult to sell. You know, it won’t flow as you want it to. It won’t be as easy or as simple as what sales can be. Because sales can be simple, simple, and trust me, I know that from myself & from the women I’ve worked with. You can go from a place of struggling to make sales and feeling sleazy and stuff to feel really in alignment with your prices and to making sales so easy and so simple.

But another negative of undercharging is that you actually start to resent that offer. And the worst part is, if you start to resent that offer, it’s very likely that you start to resent anyone who does purchase that offer.

So, here’s the thing, maybe you do book a client at that rate, or you sell a product at that rate, but because you know that you could have charged more, but you didn’t, you begin to resent working with that client or making sales for that product. You love the client; they’re a nice person you enjoy working with them, etc, etc, etc. It’s nothing to do with them. But you start to resent working with them because you chose to undercharge that offer.

And here’s the thing, when you undercharge your offers and charge a lower rate because of your limiting beliefs and your lack of confidence, if you have a lack of confidence in your offer, then you will attract clients who are a direct reflection of that. So, when you’re not confident in what you’re doing, you attract clients who aren’t confident in what you’re doing, either. And that’s the exact opposite of what you want, right? And then they also won’t get the results that you want them to get because they won’t fully commit. And honestly, trust me when I say this, I’ve had this happen in the past, and it is not fun attracting clients who don’t do the work or who don’t fully commit, because you’ve undercharged yourself.

What this podcast is here to tell you that undercharging is definitely going to give you a lack of confidence. And it’s definitely going to attract clients that have a lack of confidence, which is the opposite of what you want to do. And here’s the thing, I get that charging more and increasing your prices and raising your rates and all of that stuff, that it can seem daunting. Because there is going to be limiting beliefs that will come up about why you shouldn’t raise your prices, about why you can’t raise your prices, about why someone else is charging less than you. Maybe they’re charging less than you already are, but you deep down what really want to raise your prices but then you think they’re charging less so you have to charge less too.

You can totally raise your prices regardless of what other people are charging. All of these beliefs and feelings are totally normal. It’s totally normal for those limiting beliefs to come up.

Undercharging Serves No One

But what’s really important here is that you don’t give in to the limiting beliefs. You have to work through those limiting beliefs so that you can raise your rates. Because undercharging no one, right? Not you or the client.

Overcharging & Alignment

Now, on the other hand, I wanted to talk about overcharging. So, when I say overcharging, I’m actually talking about a situation where you know that you have to raise your rates. The results that you get for your clients are at the next level, and you just know that you have to raise your rates. So, you push yourself to raise your rates and you put the price up, etc, etc. But because you’re not confident in the new price and your mindset isn’t fully aligned with that new higher rate, deep down you feel like an imposter with your pricing. This is super common in entrepreneurs who feel they need to raise their rates, but because they haven’t done the mindset work and changed their beliefs, they can’t sell their offer. They can’t because their mindset is not on board, their confidence is not on board, their beliefs are not on board, right? It has the exact same effect as undercharging because you’re out of alignment with the price.

So, whichever side of the spectrum you go, whether it’s undercharging or overcharging, if you aren’t aligned with your prices then selling and attracting perfect fit clients is going to be so much harder to do. Going from $3-4k per month mark to that $10k mark, maybe within six months or within the next two years, it’s going to make it a lot harder to get there.

So, before we move on to the second part of this episode, where I do want to share with you why focusing on the what of your offer is stopping you from making sales, I do want to talk to you about something. If you have listened to this episode and you are out of alignment with your prices, either you’re undercharging or you’re overcharging and you don’t feel good about the price. Maybe you’re even hiding your prices on your website, or you’re getting on,\ sales calls or discovery calls with a lot of people who just aren’t really ready to invest. Or maybe they’re just not the right fit. If that is you, and you are ready to start feeling really good about your pricing, like being in alignment with your pricing, being confident telling people that price, not hiding your prices and just being really upfront, plus attracting clients who are actually ready to invest.

Now, you know, not think about it and then 10 months come back to maybe you even want to raise your rates right. Either way. Honestly, if you resonate with any of this and you know that that’s something you need to work on and you’re ready to work on it. You are the perfect fit for the empowered entrepreneur mastermind, the mastermind this program. It is my signature group coaching program. It’s an intimate group. It’s a very small group of women of female entrepreneurs. We dive so deep into all things mindset and strategy when it comes to sales clients selling all of that stuff because like we just determined, even if you raise your rates and you do the strategy side of it, if your mindsets not on board, you’re in the exact same position, you still aren’t making sales, sales is still hot, still feels achy, you still aren’t confident, right?

So we go through the mindset and the strategy. It’s a three-month program where, you know, when we spend our three months together, you’ll also stop hustling in your business. You need to stop hustling for clients hustling for sales, hustling for even audience growth, right because you need audience growth to get clients. And I’ll take you through the exact steps that every single woman that has been through this program and myself because I have so much personal experience with this, I’ve been on both sides of the equation. I help you become a confident CEO. We know exactly what you need to be doing to grow your business consistently without feeling like you’re some sleazy sales machine or of course worse burning out and I’ve been there I don’t like doing either of those things.

No one likes a sleazy sales machine and no one likes burning out. So if you do want more information, all right, or if you have already heard me talking about the mastermind you already know it for a moment. You’ve already been thinking about it. Okay, we actually have just a few days now at the time of recording this. You have a few days now to join us. Enrollment closes on Sunday, May 3 at 11:59 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, literally just a couple of days.

I wanted to mention that because if this is you and you are so done with feeling out of alignment with your process of feeling really icky about your sales strategy, You want to learn my non-sleazy super simple sales strategy and mindset? I’d love to have you in the mastermind.

Okay, so let’s talk about the other side of this equation because obviously we’ve talked about being out of alignment with your prices and why it’s really actually super important that you’re in alignment with your prices. I want to now talk about a really common mistake that I see so so so many entrepreneurs making and I’ll be honest, it’s actually a really easy mistake to me. Even I have had to work on this consistently over my time in business, like whether it was back when I was a social media manager, brand, photographer, business coach, etc. Like I’ve had to work on this myself. It is a super common mistake. And that is focusing too much on the what of your offer, right when I say what I mean, the inclusions, what’s in it, the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty, and here’s why this is an issue.

Let me give you a great example or you know, An analogy of what I mean. So let’s say that you know, you’re sick of your current car and you want to go buy a new car, and you go down to the car dealership. And when you get there, there’s another girl who’s also wanting to buy a new car. Okay? you both want a new car, you both have different needs. You know, you have different desires. You both want different cars, the other girl wants to get a brand new car that costs $80,000. Okay, while you’re looking for something under $20,000. Now, the point isn’t the money here, because other than the price tag, I want you to answer this. What do you think the difference is? The difference is between the two cars. What’s the difference? They both have four wheels. They both have a horn, they both have windows, they both have doors, they both have an engine, etc, etc, etc. Okay, what’s the difference? The difference isn’t in the inclusions. The difference is how it makes each of you feel how very specific cars make each Have you feel right? It’s not about oh, I’m gonna buy this $80,000 car because it has four wheels on a horn. No, right maybe that girl who wants to spend $80,000 on a car, maybe she wants to feel a bit bushy. Maybe she wants to feel luxurious. Maybe she likes the way that the leather seats feel on her skin. Right? Maybe she just wants to look like she has a shoe together. I don’t know. Do you know what I mean? Right? You know you want to a $20,000 car because you can picture yourself driving down the beach with your sunroof open the wind in your hair. You know maybe when you go through the McDonald’s drive-thru you want the tinted windows so that people can’t see you and you’re like, you know, gross clothes and wet hair and no makeup. I don’t know that you both want the different cars not because you know the $80,000 car has better wheels or a better horn. They both have wheels on doors, etc. It’s how it makes you feel right. It has nothing to do with the price because They’re both cars, the focus is on the experience, the end result and the transformation. Okay?

Because here’s the thing you guys, when you focus so much on your offer, including six coaching calls or unlimited support, you know, etc, etc. When you focus so much on what’s in your offer, you’re taking the focus away from the result, right? People don’t buy offers, they buy results, okay? Your audience doesn’t want to buy coaching. They want to buy what the coaching will help them feel what it will help them achieve, okay? Your audience doesn’t want to buy social media management they want to buy how much time that social media management will help them save, or how much more time it will give them with their kids. Right? Do you get it? In fact, actually, you guys I heard a really great quote once I cannot remember for the life of me who said it but I will try and find it was on Instagram. If I find them. I’ll leave them there. show notes, and his quote, it was so brilliant. And it said something like, your audience doesn’t buy the mattress, they buy the good night’s sleep. The same thing is true with your audience. Your audience doesn’t buy the mattress, they buy the good night’s sleep, right? Your audience doesn’t buy the coaching. They buy the results that the coaching is going to help them get or the feeling that the coaching is going to help them get or the issues that it’s going to help them solve, right. So social media management, same with any kind of service-based business, when you’re helping people with things. It’s not the actual service or the actual coaching, consulting, service, etc. that they’re buying. They’re buying the result. Okay? The result, the transformation, the feelings, all of those things. That’s what they’re buying.

So, quick tip, if at the moment you are selling your coaching or your services or maybe even your products, by focusing so much on what’s included. Like the coals, you know, the hashtag research has included the 20, custom brand photos a month, etc, etc. All you have to do is just give it your messaging, the tiniest bit. Why are those coaching calls important? Why are they important? How will your clients feel after they’ve had those calls? Or however, they feel on those calls? Or what are those calls going to help them achieve? Same with the hashtag research? If you’re an Instagram manager, let’s say your marketing manager, why is that hashtag research? Even important? What is that going to help them achieve? Why are the custom brand photos do? Why do they need those? How much time is having a professional photographer do that for them? How much time is that going to save them? Right? Because here’s the thing people need to know the inclusions. Yes, they need to know that they get the hashtag research. They need to know how many coaching calls they get. They need to know how many photos they get every month. All of that is relevant, but it shouldn’t be your main focus, right? So just give it your messaging that slightest bit, I promise you, you’ll start to make more sales when you take the focus away from the actual offer itself and put the focus on what the offer helps your clients or your audience to do. That’s when you will attract clients. That’s when you will book clients, right?

Because attracting clients, but then booking them and actually converting them is a whole other story. And by focusing on the transformation by focusing on the result, showing them examples of how that served possible, how your clients have done it, how you’ve done it for yourself if you maybe don’t have any clients, etc, showing the examples, show them that it is possible, but focus on the transformation, the result, the experience, the feeling that they’ll get the time that they’ll save the money that they’ll make all of those results. That’s what they buy, because what that core does or Instagram said, your audience doesn’t buy the mattress. They bought a good night’s sleep. Okay? And like I said, you guys if you are someone who He’s struggling a bit with selling. Okay, I have been there, you know, maybe you’re struggling in the areas that we’ve talked about today.

Or maybe you’re just like, I just feel like I just need to learn a new way of selling because everything I’m doing feels a little bit off feels a little bit out of alignment, then honestly, you guys, I would love to have you in the mastermind. So we actually have an entire module on selling. I forgot to mention this earlier, we have an entire module on selling where I share with you sales strategies, which is my super simple sales strategy. We talk about sales funnels, talk about sales mindset, automating sales, we talk about launching, you know, small, launching big launching all of those things. Plus, we also have an entire module on clients, so you know, how to attract clients, how to book clients, creating offers that actually sell out when you’re fully booked for like months on end. And of course, everything else that I mentioned earlier too about, you know, stop hustling, stop being that CEO so enrollment does close this Sunday, May 3 at 11:59 AEST.

And at this stage, I’m going to be completely honest, a don’t know if I will be running the mastermind again for 2020. It may not be until next year that I launched this again. So if you do want and if you help me look at the sales page, or you’ve just heard it for the first time this podcast, I encourage you Now is your time, you know, click the link in the show notes, or you can go to lma.com forward slash mastermind, check out all the details. And if you did find this episode helpful, and you’d like to chat more about the mastermind before Sunday before it closes, you are more than welcome to send me a DM on Instagram. I always love hearing from you ladies! So you can send me a DM and we can talk about this episode we can talk about a mastermind I can tell you if I think it’s the right fit for you. You can tell me about your goals and your business and all of that stuff and more than happy to chat with you about it. So send me a DM on Instagram. Otherwise, I love you guys so freaking much. I hope that you love this episode and I will talk to you all very soon.

Have any questions after listening, head over to Instagram, and ask away! And don’t forget that you can join the mastermind here.


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How to Get Aligned With Your Prices & Sell Your Offers   How to Get Aligned With Your Prices & Sell Your Offers