I am so excited about today’s episode because, obviously, as you would have seen from the title, I’m going to be talking to you about how you can attract clients who love to pay you.

After having a conversation with the ladies in my membership, I decided to record this episode. One member had some hesitations around offering coaching sessions because she didn’t think younger clients would want to pay her a high rate.

So, this is what I want to go into today!

Let’s talk about how to get clients who love to pay you!


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So, this client in the membership told me how she not only wanted to get into coaching and become a coach herself, but her audience had even asked her to get into coaching because they wanted to work with her. She wanted to be a coach and her audience even asked her, “how can I pay you? Where do I sign up? How can I work with you for some coaching?”

She said, “they’re begging me like that, basically saying, ‘please, how can I pay you for this?'” Which is really cool, right? And so she went on to tell me that she wanted to get into coaching. And her audience wanted her to get into coaching, but then she shared her hesitation…

And the reason why she didn’t think it was going to work, and why she potentially wasn’t going to be able to get any clients if she did launch it, even though she had no idea she could get clients or not, (but this is what the brain does, right?) so her hesitation, despite her audience wanting the coaching despite her wanting to get into coaching, her hesitation, was because she said they’re in their early 20’s and they wouldn’t be able to afford it.

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A Common Belief In Side-Hustlers & Early Stage Entrepreneurs

I want to talk about this lady, you know, she came in, she’s like “my audience is in their early 20’s. They can’t afford my coaching even though they’ve said that they want it!”

And one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to talk about this with you today is because I know that this kind of thinking is pretty common. It’s actually really common in side-hustlers and early-stage entrepreneurs. I mean, even I used to have beliefs like this, that just because someone is in a certain demographic, or earns a certain amount per year, or is a certain type of person that it means that they can’t afford something.

So, for example, let’s take my audience. My audience consists primarily of side-hustlers who are very new to full-time business. They are right in the beginning stages of business, whether they’re full time yet or not. I am sure that right now there are people out there saying, “Oh my God, why does Elley charge $10,000 to have private one-on-one coaching? Or $3,000 to $4,000 for her group coaching? Your audience consists of side-hustlers. Why are you charging that much?”

You Don’t Know Your Audience’s Money Situation

The thing is, I don’t base my prices on my audience’s demographics. Because to me, money is everywhere. Money is a renewable resource. Money is just energy. Money is just a tool. It is literally an infinite resource. There is never going to be an end of money. Money is always generating.

And by saying something like all your audience consists of side-hustlers, or in my client’s case that just because your audience is primarily made up of people in their early 20’s does not mean that they don’t necessarily have money. How do you know that they don’t have $5,000 sitting in their savings account right now with no purpose? How do you know that they don’t have $15,000 from their grandma’s inheritance that she told them to spend on their future? How do you know that they don’t earn $80,000 a year from their day job and that they might have a really good paycheck coming in? How do you know whether their parents help them? Maybe their parents help them and they’ve said we’ll help you pay for the coaching that will help you grow your business, we’re happy to do that. How do you know that your audience doesn’t work in a day job where they make massive commissions, so the more they sell, the more they make, right?

Your Beliefs Get In the Way

Here’s the thing when you have these beliefs like when you believe that your audience can’t afford it, it’s you that’s affecting it. It’s actually your beliefs that are getting in the way of you being able to attract clients that do want to pay you. I’m going to say that, again. It’s your beliefs that are getting in the way of being able to attract clients that do want to pay you, it’s you that is affecting it.

I want to share my response to this beautiful girl in my membership because I’m sure you’ve already had this thought that people can’t afford to pay me. Or you may have had the thought, I can’t charge that because I want to be affordable, right? If you haven’t already had that thought, then you will at some stage, I promise you, anytime you go to raise your rates, you’d be like, oh, maybe no, sorry. I can’t because it’s not affordable.

What You Believe to Be True Will Always Be True

So, this is what I told my client. I said “Don’t forget, whatever you believe to be true about your audience will always prove to be true. So, if you have a limiting belief, that’s simply because of age (which I hate ages, age is just a number. Nothing more, right?) If you believe that that age is somehow meaning that they can afford coaching then that is what’s going to prove to be true for you.

Whether you’re a coach, a social media manager, a web designer, a graphic designer, a virtual assistant, or any type of service-based entrepreneur if you believe that my audience is young, or my audience is old, or maybe that they’re side-hustlers, or they’re single moms or their startups, and therefore, that they can’t afford to pay what I want to charge, then it will be true. So, this is where you have to change the story around it, right? This is where it’s a mindset shift because attracting clients who want to pay and attract clients who don’t love to pay, it’s not a strategy.

It’s A Mindset

Here’s what I said to the girl in the membership. I said, find examples of people who are in their early 20’s that can afford to pay what you want to charge for your coaching. And then I went on to say that I can give you a ton of examples of ladies in their early 20’s, who’ve worked with me for $3,000 to $10,000 for coaching and they’re side-hustlers and in their early 20’s. So some would say that’s two things against them, two things holding them back from being able to afford your coaching.

But I’ve had side hustlers not just pay the $3,000 or the $10,000, but they paid in full, right? They’ve paid $10,000 for my private one-on-one coaching and thousands of dollars for my group program, or the mastermind. Despite the fact that they were side-hustlers, despite the fact that they were in their early 20’s. Like I said, age is just a number. But that’s an argument for another day.

Don’t Launch Something That’s Not Aligned Just Because It’s Cheaper

One thing I wanted to note is that if your audience is telling you that they want something from you give it to them. In this case, my client was saying that her audience was basically begging for coaching, right? They really wanted to work with her, but because she had this belief that their age had something to do with their ability to pay for the coaching and to afford the coaching that she shouldn’t do it. And that’s what her question was, should I do it? Should I not? Maybe I should just launch this other thing? Maybe I should just launch this thing that I’m not really passionate about, but I know it’d be cheaper. No, no, no, no. Don’t launch something that doesn’t feel in alignment with you.

If your audience is telling you that they want something from you, and of course, if it’s something you actually want to do. (You don’t have to create things just because your audience wants them. You need to make sure that you want to be able to do it that you want to.) Do the course, or the program, or the service, or whatever it is, in this case, coaching, then do it if they want it and if you want to do it.

So, you might be thinking, if we look at the mindset side of things, this doesn’t make sense. Just because I think that my audience won’t be able to afford my services or my coaching or whatever it is, that doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to happen like will there be people who can afford it right now?

Confirmation Bias

If you follow me on Instagram or have been listening to the podcast for while you will know that I’ve talked about this before. I’ve talked about something called a confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a part of your unconscious mind that we all have, every single person in the entire planet has one. Now, the confirmation bias has one job. And that one job is to look for examples or reasons why you are right. Your confirmation bias is literally a part of your unconscious mind that is out to prove you right in every situation. This can be positive, or it can be negative, right? So, here’s a really great example, if you believe that your audience can’t afford what you’re offering, then your confirmation bias will prove that to be true. It’s going to bring up all of the reasons and examples of why this is true. Because it’s one job is to prove you right and say, “Yes, that’s correct.”

So, your confirmation bias say, “Here’s examples of that. Here’s all the reasons why you’re correct in saying that people can afford what you’re offering.” That’s when you notice that the leads you get in your inbox or in your Instagram DMs aren’t really serious about joining your program. That’s when you notice that every discovery call you get on, the person just wanted to try and get some free coaching out of you and not actually pay you. You will only attract people who don’t want to pay you what you want to charge for that service or that product or that program, right? Because your confirmation bias will always prove what you believe to be true. It’s always there to prove you right. So, as I said before you can use this positively or negatively. And this is a negative way.

You Have to Change the Story

If you believe something negative, it’s going to prove that negative belief. Whereas if we flip it and change the story, it will work out how you want it to work out. So, when you believe that despite your audience being in their 20’s, or being side-hustlers, or being single moms that instead they can afford your services, or that maybe that they’ll work out a way to find the money for it, or that they’ll do whatever it takes to get the money,  that they’ll work extra shifts, that they’ll raise their rates, that they’ll get a few more clients, that they’ll take out a personal loan, that they’ll ask their family. When you believe that, even despite all the things against them, that they’ll work out a way to find the money and pay you, then that is what your confirmation bias will prove to be right, in a positive way, right? This is the positive side of it.

And that is when you will attract the clients who do want to pay. So, when you change the story, and when you change the beliefs, you change the results. If you believe that people can afford to pay you for your services, then your confirmation bias will prove that to be true. And then you will attract people who can afford to pay for your services. When you change the story and you believe that they can afford to pay for your services, or whatever you’re offering, that is when your confirmation bias will, again, prove you to be true. But show you examples and reasons that people can pay for it. Right? So, change the story and you change the beliefs and then you change the results.

Don’t Assume Your Audience Can’t Pay Because You Can’t Afford Your Own Rates

And something else I really quickly wanted to address here is the fact that just because, let’s say right now, you may not personally be able to afford to pay $3,000 or $10,000, or any of those figures that we talked about before, even if it’s not in full, even if it’s on a payment plan,  that I can’t afford it. This does not mean that your audience won’t, or can’t pay for it. Right? Just because you may not personally be able to afford something right now, that doesn’t mean your audience can’t. Automatically assuming that just because you’re currently not in a position financially to afford something that it somehow means that your audience can’t either? That’s ridiculous. It makes no sense. Right? You can’t assume that about someone.

So, like I said earlier, we can’t know what is going on in our audience’s lives for them to be able to afford something. For example, having the inheritance, having the savings, having the bigger income from their day job, and these are just a few examples. I could give you 1,000 examples of different ways that people can afford to pay for services.

An Example From One of My Clients

A really great example is one of my previous one-on-one coaching clients, Jody. Jody is amazing. She’s actually been on the podcast before. So, Jody actually came to me before she started working with me. She said, “I really want to make more money each month so that I can support my family.” She has two beautiful children and an amazing husband. She said, “I really want to support my family, and I really don’t want to go back to my day job once my maternity leave ends.” But she had some beliefs around her wanting to be quote-unquote affordable and was pretty freaking nervous to raise her prices.

So, whilst working together, I helped her to uncover her limiting beliefs around why she needs to be affordable. You know what affordable actually looked like to her? Because in case you didn’t know this, affordable means something different to every single person. What’s affordable to me, might be expensive to you. Paying $500 for a drink bottle might be affordable for someone. But to me that seems expensive, right? No two people on the entire planet have the exact same idea of what affordable really means, which is why affordable isn’t really a thing.

Anyway, so we worked through her limiting beliefs. We got rid of them and Jody eventually raised her prices. She raised them here and there. And nowadays, she’s working, and making way more money than she ever did. She is absolutely smashing it. And Jody’s helping so many business owners with their digital marketing. Honestly, I think the best part is that she didn’t have to go back to her day job after her maternity leave. She handed her resignation and works full time from home, which is pretty freaking cool.

Funnily enough, when I was coaching this initial lady, you know, the one that we talked about in the beginning in the membership with her audience in their early 20’s, not wanting to do the coaching because it wasn’t affordable. When I was coaching her through this situation, we were talking and Jody jumped in and was like, I’ve got something to say. And she said, “I had so many of these roadblocks and every single time Elley would bring to light the fact that I was thinking that people couldn’t afford my services. I raised my prices by $400, just two weeks ago. And guess what? People are still booking.” And like I said, since then Jody’s gone on to raise her prices multiple times, probably like four or five times since then, which is incredible because the work she does is next level. She is still booking clients left, right and center. In fact, I think she’s like booked out with most of her services like most of the time. I’m even one of her clients now because she’s that freaking good.

When the Magic Happens

It just goes to show you that once you change that story, and once you change your beliefs around why your audience can’t afford something to the reasons why they can, magic happens. That is when you attract clients who can pay. That’s when you start hitting your income goals. That’s when you just get to feel good about making money. Maybe making money right now feels really icky for you. But when you change that story, when you change those beliefs, you attract the clients that can pay. You attract dream clients and you start hitting your income goals. You feel good about making money. You get to work with clients who actually really love paying you, not just they can pay you, but they look forward to paying you. Those people exist, I promise you, so change the story and change the results.

I know that this was very much mindset based and I’m so excited for you guys to experience the mindset shifts that come with this. So, if right now your mind is blown, which it probably is, and if you’re having an aha moment, as people call it, then send me a DM over on Instagram over on Instagram and tell me what you thought of this episode. You know, have you suddenly realized, wow, I’ve been thinking that people can’t afford my services or people won’t be able to afford it if I raise my rates, then I encourage you to message me. And also take it a step further and raise your rates, put your prices up, launch it at a higher rate, whatever it is that you need to do. If it feels right, do it.

Make sure that you do it because that’s the key to going really far in business is doing what Jody did and doing what my client in the membership did. Actually uncovering the limiting beliefs around going to be affordable and all these things and then moving forward and going ahead and raising your rates and doing those things because as Jody proved people will still book with you, I promise.

Of course, don’t forget that if you did want to learn how to consistently attract, book and wow your dream clients then you need to grab your ticket to my free masterclass that is being held on Monday, March the 16th. It is live so you get to be there with me. So go to the link below to sign up. Even if you think you’re not going to be able to make it live. Then you can just get to watch the replay and you don’t have to miss out on all the fun and all the magic.

So make sure that you click here to save your spot for the live masterclass and send me a DM and let me know what your biggest breakthrough was from this podcast episode. I love you so much and remember, beautiful, that you totally can and also deserve to attract dream clients who do love to pay you.

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