One of the biggest questions that I get asked as a business coach is how do you find your dream clients. You may be currently wondering this and if that’s the case this podcast episode is for you. Listen in and start attracting your dream clients straight away.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the answer is NOT (hint: it’s not your strategy),
  • The biggest shift you need to take to magnetize your dream clients to you,
  • What it means to show up as the completely unedited you.


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One of the biggest questions that I get asked as a business coach is “Elley, how can I attract my dream clients? How can I attract them? Where do I find them? How do I know who they are?”

How Can I Attract My Dream Clients? 

You may have thought this before or you may be wondering how to do this now. If that’s the case, you’ve clicked on the right episode. But I wanted to say, how you attract dream clients is not in your strategy. I’m not here to give you 50 strategies of how to attract dream clients. If that’s what you’re after, I would suggest clicking off because I’m not going to give you that. 

I’m going to give you the biggest shift. 

This shift that you can make in yourself and in your business to attract your dream clients. 

Here’s where you won’t find the biggest shift:

  • It’s not in your sales funnels
  • It’s not in your discovery calls
  • It’s not in your sales page
  • And it’s not in how you handle your objections

The answer to how you can attract your dream clients, the answer is in you

In order for you to attract your dream clients, you need to show up as yourself, be the completely unedited-you. The “outside of business” you. You need to show up as yourself fully, completely 110% you. 

What Happens When You Don’t Show Up As Yourself In Business

When you show up as someone with a bit of a mask on, or as what you thought you should show up as in order for you to attract clients, then you attract people who aren’t your ideal clients. This happens when you show up as this professional, really perfectly put together version of you. Or maybe you show up as a little bit of you, sometimes, but then also a little bit of not you. What happens when you don’t show up as the completely unedited, completely outside of business and unapologetic you, is you actually attract people to that person, not the true you. 

So, if you’re showing up as someone who is perfectly professional, who never stumbles on her words, never says “um,” and is perfect in every single way, you’re going to attract people that like that type of person. 

And then, guess what’s going to happen, you’re going to start working with that type of person, and it’s not going to work. It’s not going to be great, you’re not going to enjoy it. Neither of you will enjoy it. 

Because they’ve come into this, either coaching or they’ve come into hiring you as a service provider, thinking that that’s the type of person you are, but if you’re this perfect person who never studies or stumbles over her words, and then all of a sudden, you’re having a conversation with them, and they’re like, “Whoa, this isn’t the person that I signed up to work with. This is someone else, right?”

When you show up as someone who you’re not, as a version of you, that is not actually you, you’re going to attract people to that person.

When You Show Up As Your True Self

On the flip side, when you show up as your true self, you’ll attract your dream clients. I’m talking about your true self who tells ridiculous jokes. Who has a ridiculous, hilarious laugh. Maybe you have a wacky personality and little, quirky traits, that make you who you are. When you show up as that woman, that’s when you attract the clients that you want to have in your life. 

When you show up 110% as yourself, regardless of the fact that you may start or stumble on your words. Or make mistakes or do things that you probably shouldn’t do, it doesn’t matter. 

We’re all human, okay? When you show up as your true self and let people see that version of you, to see the real you, the unmasked, unedited you, that’s when you attract dream clients.

Attracting Dream Your Clients

Dream clients who are obsessed with you, obsessed with your messaging, obsessed with your mission, and your personality. Clients who when you get on a call with them and you’re laughing with them ask, “Whoa, have I met you before? This is crazy. I feel like I’ve met you. I feel like we’ve been friends for years. I feel like this is our 10th call, not our first.” 

That’s what you want a dream client to say. 

That’s when you attract dream clients who actually do the work, who are empowered. Clients who you don’t have to ask them five times to fill out a questionnaire or to sign a contract. They do it the second you send it to them. They’re empowered. They’re ready to take action. 

When you show up as the real you, you attract dream clients who even have the same sense of humor, the same values, or the same personality traits as you. Sometimes you can find that the more you’re yourself, the more you let people who are just like you to come into your life, the more you magnetize them to you

You also start to attract dream clients who respect your boundaries. Clients who understand that it’s not cool to call you eight times in a row on a Sunday morning when you’re at one of your son’s soccer matches, or hung-over from going out the night before and having too many tequilas. Whatever life looks like for you, you have dream clients who respect your boundaries and understand that these are my hours, this is how you can contact me, these are the questions you can ask, and these are the questions that are probably off-limits. 

So, when you show up as you, you’re going to attract those dream clients that are actually busting to work with you. Dream clients who are on your waitlist, and who are willing and ready to hand over their money to work with you. Because the thought of working with you excites the shit out of them. They’re busting to work with you in any capacity and at any opportunity they get. They are dream clients and you’re only going to attract those into your life if you start showing up as yourself

I know that those dream clients are out there. 

And I know that you know that they’re out there, you just have to start showing up 110% as yourself, as the unedited and completely unapologetic you.

That’s how you magnetize dream clients. 

So, choose in this moment to start showing up as the true, unedited you. I promise, the clients will come.


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