Today, I am beaming and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Why? Because I have *so* many things to celebrate.

If you haven’t already seen the title of this podcast episode, today I’m going to be sharing with you the three things (well, technically four things) that I did during the month of September 2020 to have my biggest income month in business ever! It’s all about trusting your intuition, checking in with yourself daily, money mindset and taking action.

I’m sharing this episode with you in hopes that it will inspire you and give you some ideas on what you can implement in your own business, mindset and lifestyle so that you too can hit your income goals and have your biggest income month.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Following and trusting in your intuition
  • How letting go allows for flow
  • What barriers could be holding you back?
  • The 4 things I did to hit my income goals for September


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The Episode Breakdown:

At the time of recording this epic episode, it’s October 1st and I’m sitting here in my PJ’s recording this episode preparing myself for something super-duper exciting – I’m picking up my brand-new car in a couple of hours! I have been wanting this car for sooooo long and now I finally have it and I am so freaking excited.

Something I’m also super-duper excited about… is sharing this episode with you on how I had my biggest income month in business EVER!

I was journaling this morning reflecting on September, which is something I love to do every month. I think back over the month that’s been and think about what went well, what didn’t, what am I celebrating, what am I grateful for and what lessons did I learn. That’s when I realised, oh my gosh, I’ve just had my biggest income month yet!

So, I want to share with you what I did plus the mindset and strategy behind it. So, get excited as I’ve got three things, well four things that I want to share with you guys today.


Let’s start with number one…


The first one is not really a strategy at all. It’s just trusting my intuition. I trusted my intuition every single step of the way. Not just in business but also in life because I truly do believe that who we are in our everyday life and what we believe in the way we show up, the way we act and treat ourselves and treat others, will always flow across into business. Just like your business will always flow across into your life.

I believe this is one of the biggest things that helped me in having my biggest income month ever and that was to really trust my intuition. Every single step of the way, every single day, in every single way. I trusted that whatever ideas, intuitive downloads, things that I wanted to say, things that I wanted to pursue, or people that I wanted to reach out to, I just trusted it and I followed it.

The thing is, we can never know if something’s going to work. We can never know if someone’s going to reply. We can never know if an offer is going to sell. So, for me, 2020 has really been a big year of following my intuition and really trusting myself that I can make that decision from a really empowered place and I don’t have to have logical reasoning behind everything.

At the end of the day, I ask myself what feels really good, what would feel really fun, really easy, and really flowy because that’s what I base all my decisions on. For me, it was to launch another mastermind. So, I launched the flow mastermind, which is the first mastermind I launched and it’s absolutely epic. The ladies in there are insane. I’m so honoured to be their coach, mentor, mastermind facilitator and all those things. A couple of weeks ago I was getting the intuitive nudge to open another mastermind which is called the Elevate Mastermind and I followed my intuition.

I follow my intuition on everything when it comes to selling. Such as how I want to sell my programs, like, do I want to sell them by email? Or stories? Or do I want to reach out to people that I think would be a good fit such as past clients? I just followed my intuition on absolutely everything and I’m so glad I did because I truly believe that trusting my intuition and following that every single day 1000% led me to have my biggest income month.



This right here is the second step to me hitting my goal. I would ask myself this every single day. This is something that I’ve been leaning into doing a lot this year but I would say September was a really, really great month of me doing it consistently which definitely helped me to hit my biggest income month ever.

For me, the answer is always coming from the sense of work less, earn more, doing it with fun, doing it with ease and doing it with flow.

I ask myself this question all the time but the important thing is that I actually follow through. I didn’t just ask myself what’s the simplest thing I can do to sell out my mastermind and then when I got the idea to maybe reach out to some past clients with a special offer for them, I just went ‘Oh, no, I’m not going to do that.’ – I just did it. I followed the action. I followed the intuitive guidance. I asked myself, what do I want to do? What’s the simplest thing I can do that would be fun, enjoyable and that would actually move me towards my goal? And then I acted on it. And I think it’s important to know that you can wake up and absolutely ask yourself what’s one thing I can do today for my business but you really need to make sure that you are following through because it’s one thing to ask for the guidance and receive it, but then not follow it. So, this one kind of goes hand in hand.

Check-in with yourself every day or at least even once a week on a Monday. This also helps if you’re someone who thinks that you have to do a bajillion things in order for you to hit a goal. Like if your goal is to have five-figure months and you feel like you’ve been working towards it for so long and hustling all day in the office while doing all the things – maybe you need to stop doing so many things and take a chill pill. Do one thing each day. One thing each week. Simplify to amplify.



For me to have my biggest income month ever, I had to let go of the expectation of having things happen a certain way, by a certain day or like a certain amount of people doing a certain amount of programs, blah, blah, blah. I just let go of all of that. I completely detached from the outcome. Instead, I chose to focus on trusting my intuition, acting on what felt really good for the day and leaving the rest up to the universe. I just mixed all these three things together and it was such a great combination.

I just knew that if I was doing my end of the bargain and I was showing up, selling and doing the work then it would happen for me. Anyone who says that you can just sit around and manifest results without doing any work is insane. Don’t listen to them.

A really great example is I honestly had no idea that I was going to launch another mastermind. This time, I really wanted it to be focused at early-stage entrepreneurs such as women who are either side-hustling or maybe off for maternity leave with kids and really wanting to work on their business and get it to that next level. I wasn’t going to be doing that until probably January or February 2021 until I got the idea to do it like two weeks ago. I follow my intuition. I created the sales page in 1.5 hours. I messaged someone who said that they were interested in the Flow Mastermind but didn’t end up joining and so she joined my new mastermind within 24 hours! Another girl who said I’m her dream coach joined and paid in full overnight.

It was this amazing situation where I decided that I wasn’t going to judge myself for wanting to open this now. And look at what happened! Two incredible women joined within 24 hours. Now at the time of recording this, there are only two spaces left. Who knows by the time this goes out, there could be less? But it was just crazy because if I hadn’t followed my intuition and if I hadn’t gone ahead and launched the second mastermind when I did, these two amazing women wouldn’t be in it. Same with the previous mastermind. Like, that’s just the way that it works!

The goal that I hit in September 2020 is a goal that I’ve been wanting to hit for the whole of 2020. I would have loved to have hit this goal in January. Did it happen? No. February? No. March? No. It didn’t happen until September but I don’t let that mean anything. I worked through my limiting beliefs and realised that who cares if it doesn’t happen in September? It might happen in October or November. I just fully let go of it having to happen a certain way and by a certain date.

One thing I really wanted to add in here is how money mindset work is something that is a never-ending thing we must do. It’s a never-ending process and ritual. This limiting belief I had around the more money I made, then the people closest to me like family and friends would treat me differently, look at me differently or will love me less. Like, what a stupid belief, right? I didn’t realise I had this belief until I found out through journaling on a Monday morning.

I sure as hell know that those barriers and those limiting beliefs were definitely stopping me from hitting my goals. But by working through those beliefs and those barriers and trusting and following my intuition every single day, I was able to hit my biggest month in business ever. Like, it all adds up.

So for me, I actually believe that it’s not a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidences) that within 48-hours of me working through a huge limiting belief I had around money, and I mean HUGE limiting belief, that two amazing women sign up to the Elevate Mastermind, one of them paying in full and I purchase my dream car. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

The coolest thing is I worked way less than I ever have before which is crazy. There were some weeks where I worked for like two days. Maybe eight hours maximum for an entire week!


So, let’s recap!

One – I trusted my intuition every step of the way.

Two – I asked myself “What’s one thing I can do today to move me towards my goal with ease, flow and joy”?

Three – I let go of it having to happen a certain way. I detached from the outcome.

Four (bonus) – I worked through a huge limiting belief. Sometimes we can do all the strategy in the world. We can follow our intuition, we can let go of the outcome, we can detach from it, we can do all those things but sometimes there’s just a big old limiting belief on demand that we don’t realise until we just ask ourselves that question.


If you’re interested in the Elevate Mastermind, which is my new mastermind for side-hustlers or more early-stage entrepreneurs. So, women who are working from home, maybe on maternity leave and really wanting to go all-in on their business. Maybe you are new to full-time business and just really want to embody that next level of having 5k, 10k, 20k months. We start the end of this month, October 2020 and there are only a couple of spaces left as I like to keep my masterminds like super-duper intimate. You’ll get lots and lots and lots of 1:1 support and attention from me. If you’re interested and need more info, send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll answer any questions you have!

That is it for today’s podcast episode. I hope you guys loved it and that you’ve gotten some ideas of what you’re going to implement in your own business to have your biggest income month ever, too! Or even if you’re just inspired more than ever to make that happen. I love you guys and I will see you in the next episode!




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052. 3 Things I Did To Have My Biggest Month Yet  052. 3 Things I Did To Have My Biggest Month Yet