I’m all about the simple, aligned business. The kind of business where you’re doing things that not only light you up, but also make you money and move your business forward. 

Today, I want to break down for you exactly how I do that. 

In this episode, I’m giving you the business structure to build a business with more ease and flow than you could ever imagine. I’m here to show you just how simple business gets to be by breaking it down into just 6 things that you MUST have in your business foundations to have the freedom and flow that you desire. 

If you’re ready to level up your business whilst working less, bringing in aligned clients, and living and loving your life so much more, then have your notebook handy because these are 6 things you’ll want to remember!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to bring in income with no stress, no hustle (and without you even having to do anything!)
  • Why you should ALWAYS be nurturing your audience
  • Tapping into the power of people to build a network of support
  • The 6 things you MUST have to build your business structure for freedom and flow


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The Episode Breakdown:

If you’ve been here before, then you know I’m all about the simple, aligned business where you’re doing things that not only light you up, but also make you money and move your business forward. 

Today, I’m going to break down the structure of how to build a business that allows you to do exactly that and to have way more ease and flow than you could ever imagine. 

We’re keeping this really simple and breaking it down into the 6 key parts of your business structure that you need to have in order to have more ease and flow – and the last one is honestly so freaking important, I could record an entire podcast episode on just that! 


1. Diversify your offer suite

If you want to have more ease and flow in your business, then first things first, you need to have a diverse offer suite. 

What that means is that you have multiple different ways for people to work with you. Look at the different ways that people can come into your world and work with you at different levels for the different things that they need. 

If you’re a coach, you could experiment with having both private 1:1 coaching and a group element like a mastermind, group program, courses or workshops. Make sure that there’s something for everyone, from your highest ticket private 1:1 coaching clients who want access to everything to the people who just want a little bit of your support and are happy to consume and implement the information in their own time and in their own way. 

When creating your diverse offer suite, make sure that you’re offering people the opportunity to work with you in those different ways, but also that you’re giving yourself the space to have more ease and flow in the way that you set up those offers. 

Here’s where passive income vs active income comes in. 

Active income means that you have to actively show up and do something. For example, everything I just mentioned like private coaching, masterminds, group programs, courses, etc. is active income. 

Passive income comes from something that you create once and then can put out there to sell. It’s the different ways that people can work with you or buy something from you without you needing to actively show up for that person to have the transformation. It’s a less hands-on way of delivering that experience for people. 

Think about how you can allow people to come into your offers when they’re at different levels of your audience, different levels of income and different levels of investing, but also think about how you can diversify those offers so that you still have sales coming in without having to always be doing something and supporting people in that really close, hands-on way. 

Diversify your offer suite, because it’s one thing to grow a business with ease and flow, but it’s another thing to also hit your income goals and make money. That’s the goal in business. 


2. Stack your payments

This is when you have payments that come in over time. Payment stacking is one of the greatest ways to get to a point where you have a fixed amount of money guaranteed per month. 

This could be clients on payment plans or retainer clients that are continuously working with you. For example, let’s say you have a 1:1 coaching container that’s $2k per month and you have 3 clients on that container. In that case, you have $6k stacking from payments from those existing clients already guaranteed to be coming in every month. From there, let’s say your goal is $10k months. Well, you’ve only got $4k per month left to make! 

This is where you can look at diversifying your offers to bring in that remaining income in different ways, like we just talked about. It could be a group program, a mastermind, a self-paced course. There are so many different ways to make money in your business, so think about what’s going to work for you. 

A lot of people would prefer for their clients to pay in full. I love my clients who pay in full, but I also love my clients who go on payment plans, because it’s so damn nice to look at your money tracking spreadsheet and see that you already have money coming in on the first day of the month! 

When you stack your payments, you aren’t starting from zero every month. It’s going to give you ease and flow because you can look ahead and know that you have payments coming in every month. 

The best part is when you get to the point where your payments from different offers have stacked so much that all of a sudden, you’ve hit your annual income goal before the year has even finished. Anything else that you sell is now a bonus on top of that! 


3. Be consistent in delivering value to your audience

Make your audience growth and nurturing your audience a priority. 

Sometimes when people get to a certain point with their income and business, they think they can slack off with content but still sign more clients and make more money. 

No matter what stage of business you’re at, you aren’t exempt from showing up and delivering value. You aren’t exempt from connecting and building trust with your people. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re earning $1k a month or having 7-figure years, you still need to build your audience, deliver value and build connection. Audience growth should always be a priority no matter what stage of business you’re at. 

If you aren’t focusing on audience growth, you aren’t bringing new people into your audience. What happens then is that you’ll get to a point where your income and audience growth is capped out. If you don’t have new people coming in, then you don’t have new people buying from you. If you want your income to grow, you’ll need to amp up your audience growth – so why not just make it a priority from the beginning and consistently work on it? 

Consistency looks different for everyone. It depends on where you’re at, your schedule, your priorities, your energy, the way that you operate, your personality and all those things. Whatever consistency means for you, show up consistently and deliver really valuable content to your audience in whatever way that you show up. 

For me, I show up on my Instagram Stories, Instagram feed, a weekly podcast and emails. That’s it. There is no pressure from me. There is no feeling like I should be showing up more. That’s all I do to show up, and that is enough for me to grow my audience and be consistent in delivering value. 

Don’t overcomplicate it. Stop thinking that you have to be on all the things, because that is not ease and flow. Find your places that feel good for you, show up and go all in on them. You are far better to pick 1 or 2 places that you know you can show up consistently on and create valuable content than to put half-assed content on 10 different places. 


4. Have boundaries that support you

To build a business with ease and flow, you have to have boundaries that support you in having a business that is built from ease and flow. And when I say boundaries, I mean boundaries with others *and* with yourself. 

Now, if this is the first time you’ve ever heard me talk about boundaries, then you definitely need to check out the episodes about boundaries on my blog. I talk about boundaries a lot because they really are an important part of business. 

If you desire to have more ease and flow, then you need to have boundaries. If you are constantly checking in with clients, checking your emails, taking calls at all hours of the day, having conversations with people who don’t light you up, replying to clients all day long and getting nothing done in your business, then that is going to stop you from having ease and flow in your business. 

How many times do you want to check in with your clients?
What time do you want to check in with your clients?
How often are you going to check in with your clients?
How often do you want to have client calls?
How long do you want those calls to be? 

Think about those miniscule details and make sure they support you in having ease and flow. Then you decide on the boundary, you set the boundary and you hold the boundary. 

Having boundaries isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. It supports you allowing yourself to have ease and flow. It supports your clients and keeps them from becoming codependent.

What’s also important are the boundaries that you set with yourself. If you say that you want to build a business of ease and flow but you’re constantly feeling like you have to do more and can’t relax when you want to, then you’re going against your word. You’re not following through with the commitments that you set for yourself. 

Hold yourself accountable to your boundaries. It’s one thing to say that you want to run a business with ease and flow, but if you aren’t running your business that way and are letting your boundaries slip, then none of that is going to support you and allow you to have a business with ease and flow. 


5. Have support

You guys, I cannot stress this to you enough. Having support is everything in business. 

When I talk about support, I’m talking about having support in two different ways. 

The first type of support is to have a team. 

This is about outsourcing and having support from other people that are able to take some of your tasks off your plate and help take some of the pressure off. 

These are the tasks that have to be done and are going to move your business forward and make money, but that you don’t need or want to be doing. If you have something that you’re currently doing in your business but you don’t want to do it and don’t need to do it personally, then outsource it. 

In my business, I hired a bookkeeper from day one. I’ve always had a virtual assistant who helps me with some of those things that don’t have to be done by me. She’s also my podcast manager and does so much for this podcast (shout out to Rachelle from Kollective Playground – if you’re looking for a great podcast manager then check her out, she’s incredible!). I have a web developer who maintains everything to do with my website. I have a Pinterest manager even though I used to be a Pinterest manager. I’m good at Pinterest and know what I’m doing, but I don’t want to spend all my time doing that. 

If I didn’t have all these people in my team, then I wouldn’t be able to run the podcast, bring new people into my audience, or manage my time and money as wisely. So shout out to all my people, I love you guys! 

The second type of support is mentoring and coaching. 

These are the people who can support you through conversations and day-to-day situations that come up. 

I cannot stress enough how much 1:1 coaching has changed my life. Having that high-level mentorship and coaching has had an incredible impact on my confidence, self-worth, the amount of money I make, the level of self-trust I have, the conversations I have, and even just the way that I coach my own clients. It has changed my life, it has changed my business, and it is something I will always value and invest in. 

It’s especially important when *you* are a coach. Let’s be real – when you’re a coach and your job is to support and give to other people, then you need to make sure that you’re also getting that support in return. If you’re constantly giving to others but you aren’t giving back to yourself, it gets really lonely and really hard. Anyone who’s worked with coaches in that intimate way will know what it’s like to have someone who gets you, understands what you’re going through, has been there themselves and can resonate with you. It’s honestly everything to me. 

When I hire coaches and mentors, it’s not because I think they know something that I don’t or that they have a strategy that I need to learn. I want them to support me in a way that lifts me up, lights me up and shows me that it’s possible. 

For me as a coach, I’m showing my clients that I’m only working 15-20 hours a week and still earning 5-figure months, 6-figure years and bringing in aligned clients. It’s proof that it’s possible – how inspiring is that? 

If you desire to have ease and flow then you need to be supported and surrounded by people that are embodying and living that. Have team members that can take a load off your shoulders, but also have those mentors that you can talk to for mindset and strategies to earn more and work less, because that is just so invaluable. 


6. Only work on the things that move your business forward or make money

If you are working on things that aren’t making you money and aren’t moving your business forward, you are wasting your time. 

There are so many people trying to hit their first 6-figure years but are working on things that aren’t going to get them there. 

There are so many people who want to start working half the amount of time, but are busy working on stuff that isn’t moving their business forward, isn’t making money, isn’t bringing in clients and isn’t bringing in sales. They’re wasting their time

If you aren’t working on the right tasks in your business, then it’s going to be a never-ending cycle of hustle, burnout and feeling like you’re doing everything and getting nowhere. 

You’ve got to have this mindset and you’ve also got to make sure that when you are doing things in your business, they are actually things that will move your business forward, make money and help you grow. 

If you need to outsource it, outsource it. 

If you can eliminate it, eliminate it. 

But make sure that whatever you do, you are always moving your business forward and always making money. 


That is it. That’s the business structure to allow more ease and flow. This is literally how I run my business in a way that’s simple, flowy and really aligned. 

I hope that this has shown you just how simple business gets to be, and if you decide to have my support on this, then there are spaces open in my 1:1 private coaching right now. It’s for the woman who knows that she’s ready to work with me 1:1 and knows that she’s ready for that high level of support in going to that next level of income whilst working less and enjoying living and loving life so much more. That is my philosophy and that’s how I believe business should be. 



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098. Your Business Structure For More Freedom & Flow   098. Your Business Structure For More Freedom & Flow