Today, I have a brand new guest interview for you guys and oh my God, you are going to love it. In this episode, I’m speaking with Brittany from It’s Brittany Biatch (that’s literally her brand name. I’m not even joking). She is a badass, and you guys I mean this she is all about helping women to embody their goddess. To embody that confident, abundant version of themselves.

She has the most amazing sassy vibes but also she’s really down to earth, authentic, and light-hearted. She is just amazing. So, in this episode, we talk all about money. We talk about embodying your goddess, we talk about feminine energy. Honestly, it is such a powerful episode, you won’t want to miss out.


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Elley: As you ladies just heard, I have one of the most incredible women I have honestly ever met, not just in business, but also in life. Welcome, Brittany to the podcast I am so excited to have you today.

Brittney: Stop it, keep going.

Elley: I love it, I love it. Modest but like give me some more.

Brittney: Exactly. Thank you for having me. I’m so, so, so excited to be here.

Elley: Yeah, I was literally saying to Britt before I hit record how excited I am to have her on. This episode is the first guest interview that we’re having since switching things up a little bit. The conversation today is going to be very juicy, as Brittney put it when she was talking to me yesterday.

So, let’s start off from the very beginning for the ladies listening that don’t know you. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, you know, the usual podcast interview kind of thing? Tell us about you what you do and all that good stuff.

Brittney: Okay, well, basically I’m a goddess. And this is actually really exciting because this is the first time I’ve been on a podcast where I get to say my new brand name. Basically, I’m Brittany from It’s Brittany Biatch. I am a badass bitch taking you to your most abundant and confident level. And I am an energy healer, I’m a psychic intuitive, I do Tarot, I do coaching, I do all the things. So, the bottom line is I’m a goddess.

So, I really utilize all of that to spread magic and ripple that across everyone else’s life that I come into contact with.

Elley: Oh my God. I have had a couple of sessions with Brittney in the past and oh my lord. Honestly, she knows her shit. If you are into any of the stuff she just mentioned, you need to go check her out, which by the way, obviously at the end, we will go through all the links.

You’ll want to follow Brittney on Instagram because, I mean, your Instagram Stories just give me life. Every time I go on Instagram, I think this is what I’m on this platform for is to watch these kinds of Instagram Stories.

So, let’s take it back to the very beginning of your business because obviously, this is a podcast for women in business, whether they are side-hustlers or full-time. I would love to know, with your background in being a psychic and being a tarot reader and everything, what actually made you want to start a business?

Brittney: It is a big question because it’s such an intricate story. Basically, six years ago, I started my first business and I was 22 years old.

Well, actually, I had many businesses before that, but we’re going to go with this one. I started my massage business when I was 22. So, it was in April 2014 that I started my massage business. And I just loved, loved, loved helping people.


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Tapping Into Your Feminine Energy in Business with Brittney Vangestel   Tapping Into Your Feminine Energy in Business with Brittney Vangestel