Today, I have a brand new guest interview for you ladies and it is with Cassie Mendoza-Jones. Now, if you haven’t heard of Cassie before, she is the best selling author of three incredible books. Honestly, they are all life-changing. At least they have been for me. She has a book called You Are Enough. And then of course Aligned & Unstoppable, which we actually talk about quite a bit in today’s interview.

Cassie is a Kinesiologist, a business alignment coach, a Naturopath, writer, and a speaker. And let’s not forget she’s also a mum, which is pretty incredible. And Cassie works with women entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, and creatives who are driven and devoted to honoring their dreams and who just want to become more powerfully aligned to their bigger vision, clearing away perfectionism, procrastination, and overwhelm so that you can actually create your own version of a beautiful and aligned business and life.


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Elley: Well, ladies, as you just heard, I have one of the most incredible women with me today. Cassie, welcome to the podcast. I’m very excited to have you.

Cassie: Thank you so much for having me. I am so excited to be here.

Elley: So, obviously, I am obsessed with your work. As the ladies would have just heard in the introduction, one of your books, Aligned & Unstoppable, came to me at an amazing time in my business. So, I know a bit about your journey. But for the ladies listening who might not know you as well yet, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you actually do in business?

Cassie: Yes. So, I am a Business Alignment Coach and a Kinesiologist. I did start out my business as a Nutritionist and a Naturopath. I still love herbal medicine. So, I love to use that when I need it. And I’m an author, I’ve written three books. And I also run online courses and workshops. And I just had a baby last year, so I’m doing less one-on-one work, and more workshops and group courses. So, that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

Elley: Yay. Amazing. So, when you first started your business, you mentioned that you were a Naturopath. Is that right? Could you tell us, is that what got you into business or how did that actually come about?

Cassie: So, I actually started out my entrepreneurial journey after high school. I started studying makeup artistry. Well, I started at university and I didn’t know what I wanted. I was 18 and I just knew that I loved writing and the idea of where that could take me.

So, I actually enrolled in a Bachelor of Communications (Media and Communications), and I was going to get into journalism. And as much as I love writing, and as much as I loved my last year of high school (which a lot of people get very stressed out about but I loved it), I absolutely hated university.

And there used to be two car parks on the street outside and then a whole garage but I would make it to the university and if I didn’t get one of the two spots outside, I said I’m going home. And sometimes I would just drive into the city not find a spot and then drive home. But amazingly I often got one of those two spots, anyway. I needed something else in my mind and I was just so bored and it was making me feel quite depressed. So, I enrolled in a makeup artistry course.

The course was nights and weekends. I ended up falling in love with it. I’ve always loved being creative. I’ve always loved painting and drawing. My family is really artistic and creative. And I really just saw it as the thing that would just help me keep going through university.

So, I actually deferred from university after the first year, knowing I would never go back. But I think it made me feel better to know that I could if I wanted to. And I did a one-year makeup course in Sydney. Then I lived in Toronto, Canada for six months, and I did the diploma of makeup there. And that was awesome. I came back and worked so hard to get an agency, assisting the top hair and makeup artists in Sydney, and I got an agent after 14 months, which was amazing. Everyone in the industry said you’ll work for free for five years and then you’ll get an agency.

I did that for a while and then again I felt like I need something more. Something different. I loved doing makeup, but I hated sitting on the set all day, you know, doing makeup at seven or eight in the morning and then sitting there all day, and maybe touching up lipgloss. There’s so much more involved in that, but just for me, I needed something else.

And nutrition and food and health and well-being, I’d always talked to the models about those things, you know. You just get into chats when you’re eating, and what’s your exercise like, or what’s your lifestyle like, and I started to realize that nutrition and naturopathy could be something that I would really love to do, and I felt really passionate about.

So, there were three big signs in one week that this was the next step for me. The first was a shoot on like a Monday (I’m making this up but I’m going to say it was a Monday). So, on the Monday, I did a shoot on a model who was a student at that school, the college that I was looking to study nutrition. On the second day, I did another shoot on a different model who was also a student at that point. And on the third day, I did a shoot at a hair salon that was to two locations down from the nutrition college. It was literally a week or two after I’ve been looking online at that college and looking at the courses.

So, I enrolled in the nutrition and naturopathy courses. And I’ve had my business for nine years. Four days ago, it was nine years since I saw my very first clients in my clinic. I actually graduated first as a nutritionist and that was not on purpose. The college changed something in the courses and I ended up studying as a nutritionist. And then for the first nine months of my business, I was also graduating as a naturopath, so that’s when I could add herbal medicine into that. And that was one of my biggest passions. And then again, I wanted to do something more. I thought that there’s something else, something I have to add to this because as I say to my clients, what to do one thousand times that sometimes there’s just blocks getting in the way. And even if the client is aware of the blocks, they can’t always clear them. And I had also always loved Kinesiology and the idea of kind of separate this. But similar the idea but digging within yourself to find what you need to do to feel better, or to clear something or to release something or to move forward. And I started studying kinesiology two years after starting my business. And I also at that time, started studying a Master’s of Human Nutrition.

I also got married that year, and we bought a puppy. It was a really big deal. So yeah, the kinesiology really changed my business. I ended up not finishing the Masters. I thought I’m not doing this for the right reasons. I’m doing this because I think I need the certificate on the wall. Versus, and I talked about it in London on something but it’s not. It wasn’t something that I deeply needed to do for the evolution and growth of myself. Yeah, so I took early exit, which was The best thing I did, I graduated with it. Step Four was it was a graduate certificate in human nutrition. But this is such a big lesson that sometimes the thing you think you need to do you really don’t need to do it.


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035. Being Aligned & Unstoppable in Business with Cassie Mendoza-Jones    035. Being Aligned & Unstoppable in Business with Cassie Mendoza-Jones