Welcome to another solo episode! If you haven’t heard or looked at the title yet, today we’re talking about why changing your actions isn’t always the answer. Because truth bomb, changing your actions isn’t always going to help when you don’t get the results that you want in business.

Today, we’re going to talk about why that is.

So, first let me ask you a question. Let’s start this podcast episode a little differently today because I want to get your brain ticking. I want to get you thinking, right?

So, anytime that something doesn’t go your way in business or anytime something doesn’t work out the way that you wanted it to, what is the natural thing that you do? What’s the first thing that you jump to?

Think about the first thing you do when things don’t work out the way you wanted.

That’s what this entire episode is about. About what you naturally do and about what you should do instead. Listen to the episode below to find out what I recommend you do when things aren’t going the way you want.


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Take a second to think about it. If a launch flops or a discovery call doesn’t convert, what do you do? If despite all the things that you’re doing to grow your Instagram, it just isn’t growing the first thing you probably do, correct me if I’m wrong, is you look straight to your actions and change your actions, right?

Whilst changing your actions is totally needed, totally required and totally has its place in your business, you definitely need to change your actions, but that’s not the only thing. If you don’t look at your actions, you definitely need to look at that too.

But today I want to talk about your beliefs. I’m going to talk about the emotions, about various things that are deeper than the surface level action stuff. The way that I explain it is if you don’t get the results that you want, the first place that we usually look is one step down the ladder, at our actions, right?

But imagine it’s a ladder and your results are at the top of the ladder. You might think, I didn’t get the result that I wanted at the top of the ladder. So, then you go back a step. You think,  I’ll go back to my actions, change those and then I’ll try again.

But what you don’t realize is that below your actions are your beliefs and your emotions. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Because ultimately, your beliefs and your emotions change everything in your life. They affect everything in your life. And in this case, business. Obviously, as a business podcast, we’re going to talk about this as business-related.

What You Think When Things Go Wrong

I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients, whether in my group program or even with my private clients. Let’s say you plan a launch, and you’re so excited for it. You think I can’t wait to get it out there. You spend ages creating the product or getting the service or program ready, you build up anticipation, you get your audience excited for it.

And they are excited for it!

You set your goals on how many clients you want to book, or how much income you want to make, or whatever your goal is. And then you launch it and it flops.

It doesn’t go how you want it to. So, what’s the first thing that you do when it doesn’t go how you want? As I said before, you go to that step on the ladder, that’s at the action level, right? You only go down one step, but you need to go three steps down, right?

Here’s what I mean. Some thoughts that might be going through your head are, “Oh, I must not have gone live enough. Ah, maybe I should have used Facebook ads. Or maybe I shouldn’t have used Facebook ads. Or it was probably the wrong time of the year to launch. Or it’s probably the way that I wrote my Instagram captions. Or maybe I didn’t email my list enough.”

And don’t get me wrong.

What You Need to Look At When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Some of these things might be true. You may have needed to be more visible, you might have needed a bigger lead up to your launch, or you may have needed more strategies going into it.

But I want to talk about the other side of it. And answer why something didn’t go your way or why the launch didn’t go your way.

Whatever it is, it isn’t always in your actions.

Half the time, the answer to why is because of your beliefs and your emotions.

Let’s break this down, if you’re going into a launch feeling uneasy about the offer, it might be because it’s the actual offer itself, or whether it’s the fact that you’re feeling uneasy about the price, or you’re uneasy about if you can actually hit your goals, or if whether it’s going to help people. And that last one can be a big one that I know some of my audience deals with. You might think, “Oh, why me? Why do people need to learn for me,” right?

But if you go into a launch, feeling uneasy about the offer in any way, shape or form, that is definitely going to affect your results.

I mean, think about it. If you’re showing up on Instagram stories, or going live, or even simply just emailing your list to talk about your new offer, and you aren’t feeling confident about it, your audience will pick up on that more times than not.

If you aren’t confident, people can pick up on that.

And if you are confident, people can pick up on that. People can sense when someone is confident in something, and when they’re not.

We’re humans, right? It’s just something that we can all do, we can tell by someone’s body language, their tone of voice, all of that stuff. We can all pick up on that. Hence why we know when our partners or our kids or our family members are angry or they’re upset, when they are confident or when they’re excited. We can tell all of these emotions and pick up on them without them actually telling.

The same goes for your audience. Think about it, if you’re showing up, not confident in what you’re offering, or what you’re doing because maybe there are some subconscious beliefs going on, or maybe emotions.

If you’re not confident your audience will pick up on that.

So, let’s say that you were talking to two different people about the exact same thing. And let’s say that they were essentially “pitching” or marketing this particular thing to you.

Who are you going to trust more?

Are you gonna pick the person who is standing looking at the ground? Maybe they’re not even making eye contact and slouching their shoulders and speaking under their breath kind of quietly, like, “Oh, I’ve got this thing. Would you like to buy it? No pressure. You know, it’s really not that good.” You probably won’t buy it from that person.

On the other hand, are you gonna buy from the person who is standing tall, speaking clearly, making eye contact with you and saying it like, “Yeah, I’ve got this product! I know it works. I know it’s good. Here it is. Do you want to buy it? Up to you.”

Clearly, you’re gonna trust the second person a lot more. It’s common sense, you know? They’re confident in how they’re holding themselves. And they convicted in what they’re saying, therefore, as a human being, you are way more likely to trust that person who’s confident and convicted in what they’re doing and what they’re offering. And as we know, you need people to trust you to buy from you.

But You Don’t Have to Be Bold, Loud, and Outgoing. You Can Be An Introvert and Still Convey Confidence.

That second person is way more likely to get the sale over the less confident person. The shoulders slouched, the head down, the speaking under their breath, the making it a big thing, kind of person will not get the sale.

Now, I do want to say that I am not putting down people who are shy or introverted. I’m not saying that in order to succeed in business, whether it is launching or growing your Instagram, or whatever, that you have to be loud and bold and super confident and outgoing. In fact, some of my clients have been the most introverted clients ever.

But guess what? You can be an introverted person and still be confident in what you’re selling or doing. You can be a typical “shy” person and still be confident in what you’re selling or doing. And it doesn’t matter what your Human Design Type, or what your star sign, or what your personality type says, you can still be confident in what you’re offering. Like I said, I’ve had clients come into my mastermind who were the shyest, and most reserved and introverted ladies. And to be honest, they probably still are, but they walk now feeling so much more confident in themselves, more confident in their messaging, in their marketing and in their launches, really in everything.

It’s because of the work that I supported them through in the mastermind, working through their beliefs and working through their emotions. We didn’t just change their actions. They went those couple of rungs lower on the ladder and actually worked through their beliefs and their emotions.

That’s when they had the breakthroughs that made them realize that they can be confident, despite being introverted, shy, and not a super social person. Truth bomb. That’s literally the way that it works, right?

The Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind

I quickly wanted to say, whilst we are on the topic of my mastermind that I’m very excited to announce that the doors to the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind have just opened again. Whoo!

This is the third time that I’ve run this program. I’ve run it twice before and I am honestly so freakin’ excited that it is here again. Like I said, this program has helped so many women, both side hustlers and already established full-time entrepreneurs, both sides of the equation. It has helped to do so many incredible things like what we just talked about in growing their confidence in themselves and their self-belief.

They’ve quit their nine-to-five and gone full-time in business! 

Ladies have even hit $5k per month and $10k per month that matches their income goals, even when they used to think that was impossible. I’ve had ladies go through the mastermind and become fully booked out in their programs and services on their very first launch.

Honestly, if I was to list off every type of result these ladies have had through the mastermind, I’d be here for at least another hour, so I will avoid that.

But honestly, you guys, the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind is my baby. It is my signature group coaching program. It only runs once or twice a year. And it’s a very intimate program, meaning that I only take in a limited amount of women so that I can give each and every single one of you as much of my focus, attention, energy and support and love throughout our three months together as humanly possible.

You literally get all of me and trust me when I say that you get all of me. Ask any of the ladies that have been in the mastermind and they will vouch for that. So, doors have literally just opened like a couple of days ago.


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Why Changing Your Actions ISN'T Always The Answer   Why Changing Your Actions ISN'T Always The Answer