I recently decided to close one of my offers – The Flow Mastermind. Today, I want to share with you why I did that, what my thinking was, and what has happened since then – honestly, the result has been so crazy but just makes SO much sense at the same time. 

In this episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes into my business and sharing my lessons on how to let things go when they’re no longer aligned for you. It’s something that comes up for all of us at some stage, but it can be so hard to recognise when something needs to change and when it’s actually time to let it go. And trust me, there’s a difference! 

I’ll be taking you through my decision-making process for closing my mastermind, my journey through business when it comes to letting things go, the lessons I’ve learned along the way (and am still learning!), and how I step back into my power to feel free, aligned and invigorated. 

When it’s time to let something go, it’s okay to just let it go. Today I’m going to show you how to listen to that instinct and follow your intuition.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why I decided to close my mastermind
  • What changed for me when I let it go
  • Finding out how the heck I got here – and how to change it
  • How I know when I’m in alignment and when to let things go


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today, I want to take you behind the scenes into my business and my brain to share some lessons around letting things go when they’re no longer aligned. It’s a topic that all of us come across at some point or another – when to change something, when to tweak something, and when to just let it go. 

Learning to let go is something that I’m always teaching to my clients, and I believe that the things we teach others are also the things we should be integrating and embodying in ourselves. It’s part of being a great coach and mentor. 

Very recently, I decided to close my Flow Mastermind. I want to share with you why I did that, what my thinking was, and what has happened since then. 


Let’s rewind to earlier this year… 

When I opened up the mastermind for this year, I was already feeling like it was something I *had* to do. I was going through the motions – I created it, I put it out there, I had some women join and at the time, it was really good. 

Then over time, it just started to feel different. Something was feeling off and misaligned. I loved supporting my clients in it, but I knew something was off when I just didn’t really want to show up and sell it. 

The idea of bringing new people into it didn’t excite me. The idea of showing up on Instagram Stories and talking about the mastermind didn’t excite me. 

If I’m not excited to show up and sell something, then I know it’s not aligned. 

If it’s not something I could talk about all day, every day, then it’s not aligned for me and I shouldn’t be selling it. That’s what I believe about how we sell and the offers that we put out there. 

First, I tried changing it. I tweaked the messaging, created new graphics, updated the sales page, played with the price and inclusions and added in bonuses. Some of it worked and did make me feel good about the program and bringing people in – just for a moment. But I realised I needed to start thinking really seriously about whether this mastermind was actually in the future for my business. 

I had a moment where I was thinking about the rest of 2021 and checking in with the programs I wanted to create and the clients I wanted to bring in, and I thought, “I really think that now is my time to let it go. The mastermind isn’t in my vision for the future, so I need to let it go.” 

This long-term mastermind just didn’t feel good to me anymore and it really hadn’t for a while. I’d been ignoring my own intuition for so long. I kept trying to fix it and change it when really, I should have just listened to my intuition in the first place. 

When I finally listened to my intuition and made that decision to let the mastermind go, I felt so freaking good. I felt so free and back to feeling invigorated, energised and aligned. It was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders because I’d finally let go of something that didn’t feel aligned. I was doing it from my power instead of forcing it. I’d been trying these band-aid solutions to try and fix it when really, if I’d trusted my intuition and done the “scary thing” of letting go of it, I wouldn’t have been in that position. 

Since then, I kid you not – I’ve had *so* many ideas for programs, shorter-term masterminds, content ideas, different things I want to be doing with my 1:1 clients and different ways that I can support them. My income has not dropped at all and money is flowing to me in ways that I could never have imagined. 

I feel like I’ve just opened up a portal with all these expansive ideas that were already inside me, but I wasn’t allowing them to come out. I was blocking myself with this mastermind and I wasn’t listening to my intuition at a point where I really needed to. 


So why am I sharing this with you? 

I want to share this with you so that you can see behind the scenes in my business, but I also want you to see that it doesn’t matter what level of business you’re at – if you aren’t trusting and following your intuition, then you’re going to keep feeling out of alignment until you do something about it. 

Maybe you have something right now that you’re selling or offering where it’s not feeling good to you and you’re constantly trying to change it. If that’s the case – it’s probably time to let it go. 


Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. 

The same thing actually happened in early 2020 with my previous membership, The Becoming Boss Society. It was for women who were building their businesses as a side-hustle and wanting to go full-time. 

I had this membership for a long time and in the beginning, I was obsessed. Everyone in there loved it, it was such a freaking vibe and it felt so aligned for me. But over time, I realised that I had overcommitted to this membership by putting so much in there with little to no return on investment to me. 

Every month, I had to deliver training, a live group call, hotseat coaching, a workbook and member bonuses. I was giving people everything and putting so much into it that I started to resent it. 

I want to be really clear – I wasn’t resenting the people in the membership, I was resenting the fact that I’d gotten myself into this situation where I was selling this membership for $20 a month in the beginning (I mean, who’s going to put any effort into showing up for something they paid $20 a month for?) but I was pouring as much energy into it as I was for my group programs, masterminds and 1:1 coaching. It didn’t make sense. 

It doesn’t make sense for your high-level clients because they’re paying thousands of dollars to work with you in a high-level way, but you’re literally putting as much energy, effort and value into a lower-level offer. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t show up and support your clients no matter what price point they’re at, but it just doesn’t make sense to put as much effort into a $20 membership as a $10k coaching package. 

Over time, I tweaked it, stripped it back and upgraded it, just like I was doing with my Flow Mastermind, but it still felt really unaligned. I still didn’t feel good about it, so I really didn’t want to sell it and of course no one joined. 

I ended up having a moment one day, just like I did with the mastermind, where I just realised it wasn’t working, it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t fitting into the future of my business – it was time to let it go. It just didn’t fit into the future of my business and it didn’t make sense for me to keep it open at that rate. 

Again, like the mastermind, I felt so freaking relieved after making that decision. I felt so free to put my focus into my 1:1 coaching and my signature group program that honestly, I wish I had closed it sooner. 

A lot of the women that were in that membership went on to work with me and still work with me to this day. As soon as I let go of the membership, all of these ideas, amazing clients and sales came through. I could never have predicted that would happen, but it happened because I trusted my intuition. 


It’s a lesson that I’m still learning and integrating, but I wanted to share it with you because it’s a common thing that a lot of people go through, but maybe not enough people talk about openly. It’s the type of open, honest, vulnerable and transparent conversations that I love having with my clients. 

No one has their sh*t figured out 24/7. No one knows exactly what they’re going to be doing in 6 months’ time. No one knows that what they’re doing is going to work or feel aligned. 

By sharing these two stories, I want to show you that we all go through these moments where we have to check in with ourselves and ask if what we’re doing really feels aligned and if we can see ourselves still selling this in the future. 

I know that for me, when something is aligned, I could show up and sell it all day every day. I could talk endlessly about offers that I’m really passionate about because it’s aligned, I’m lit up by it and it feels so freaking good. I feel that way about my 1:1 coaching and my masterclasses. Whether it’s $100 or $20k is irrelevant to me – I don’t think about the money, I think about how much I love the program and am ready to support people in it. 

For me, it’s funny to look back on those two offers and see why it’s no wonder I wasn’t feeling like showing up and selling them because my heart wasn’t in it, it didn’t feel aligned and I wasn’t excited to bring clients in. Your ego gets in the way and tells you that you’ve put in the effort and you want to make more money, but you have to listen to your intuition telling you that it’s not feeling aligned, and that it’s time to stop trying to fix it and just let it go

You just have to trust yourself. It’s something you’ll always be learning, integrating and embodying. I still am and I think that makes me a great mentor and a great coach.

Always check in with your niche, your offers, your clients, your content and the platforms that you’re showing up on. Have the self-awareness to be able to ask yourself whether something needs to be shifted and tweaked because it isn’t feeling aligned, or whether it’s *that* unaligned that it needs to be let go of – because there’s a difference. 

I hope you enjoyed that peek behind the scenes into my business, and to see that we’re all on the same journey. If you want to see more behind the scenes episodes, send me a DM on Instagram and I will absolutely make it happen! 



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095. Why I Closed My Mastermind (Letting Things Go)  095. Why I Closed My Mastermind (Letting Things Go)