Welcome back to another guest interview! Today, I am speaking with Ellie Blakeney. Now, not only does Ellie have the world’s best name, but she’s also a social media coach, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and the founder of Styling Social. She helps ambitious, female entrepreneurs and influencers to monetize their personal brands and maximize their income.

Today, she didn’t hold back, she gave it all in this interview. She gave so many different insights into Instagram and how to really focus on those key areas of Instagram that are going to help you move your business forward. That are going to help you build your personal brand whilst you’re having fun at the same time because I know we all fall into the trap of falling out of consistency and falling out of love with Instagram.

This interview with Ellie is so high vibe. So motivational, so fun. You are going to finish this feeling so good and ready to jump on Instagram. So, I’m so excited.

Be sure to stick around to the end so that you can find out how to connect with Ellie!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Ellie left her job in retail to start her business,
  • What Ellie believes are the most important aspects of Instagram to focus on when trying to grow your account,
  • Why knowing your ideal customer and consistency are key to that growth,
  • And how you can batch your Instagram to get ahead and stay consistent on the platform.


Tune in to the episode here:

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How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Instagram with Ellie Blakeney   How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Instagram with Ellie Blakeney