I introduce to you my wonderful guest Emily Brant, who is a manifestation business coach. Emily specialises in helping coaches, leaders and lightworkers to share their unique story and gifts, so that they can not only make a positive impact on the world but also on their bank accounts too! Emily is so inspiring and full of so many great insights and knowledge that will help you to shine bright in your genius.

Emily shares her story of overcoming physical challenges and how that affected her throughout her life and starting her business. She also shares all of her secrets on how she keeps her energy on point and her mindset in the right place so that she can genuinely achieve her dream life and dream business.

This episode is a beauty and to say that I’m excited to share this interview with you would be a massive understatement! 

And be sure to check out my interview that I did on Emily’s podcast at the link below, and soak up two hours of Emily and I talking about all things business manifestation. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/work-less-earn-more-with-elley-mae/id1463110418


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Overcoming challenges with mindset
  • Why energy is more important than strategy in business
  • The importance of routines and gratitude
  • How your uniqueness can be your best asset


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The episode breakdown:

Elley: In today’s inspirational guest interview, I introduce you to my wonderful guest Emily Brant, and we delve deep into all things business manifestation, energy and mindset. So Emily, tell us a little bit about your background. Who you are, what you do, who you help and all of that fun stuff! 


Emily: Hello everyone! I’m Emily! I teach manifestation for business which is all about mindset, energy and strategy. I love helping spiritual and soulful entrepreneurs who have a story to tell or gifts that they know are meant to be shared with the world. I love helping them pursue these passions full time and I really love helping them show up fully expressed as their whole selves which will ultimately lead to emotional and financial freedom. Because when you can show up fully expressed like this, it also leads to financial freedom and abundance.


Elley: I just love all of that so much!  So tell us, when did you start your business, what did your journey look like and were you always doing this type of work from the beginning?


Emily: No, my journey has changed so many times. But it’s good, it’s how it should be.


But I have been an entrepreneur for five years now. I spent the first 4 years running an MLM business where I was teaching people about holistic wellness and essential oils. And for four years in a row, that business brought in a total of $1,000 for the entire year. My tax accountant was always concerned every time I filed my taxes and would ask, “are you sure anyone makes any money doing this?”.

But at the time I was determined to make it happen. I wanted it to be my thing and take it all the way to the top. But I soon realised that I was just using it as a stepping stone because I thought that if I reached the top rank in this MLM company, then it would give me a platform where people would want to hear my mindset and success tips and it would give me some sort of permission or credit that I thought I needed to share my personal story. So I spent the next four years hosting essential oils classes and talking about oils when I actually just wanted to talk about the power that you have inside you to manifest your dreams.


Elley: So many people do that! They think they need their certification or a certain time frame spent in business, etc. before they can start talking about the thing they love. But it doesn’t have to be that way. So what happened when you finally decided enough was enough?  Did you think, ‘Alright, I’m just going to go all-in’ or was there a series of events that kind of led up to that?


Emily: It was one defining moment for me actually, it’s so interesting. So with this oils company, we went on a yearly retreat which was basically a personal development retreat and was honestly my favourite part of the year. I have always loved personal development, and reading mindset books and watching great leaders like Tony Robbins and Louise Hays. I used to watch Oprah Winfrey with my mum and that’s where I learned all about the Law of Attraction and The Secret. It was something that I have always loved for a long time. So I was at this retreat with about 30 other women and the leader was having us share a pain that we’ve been through and a gain that came out of it. It’s kind of crazy because I was actually born into a world of pain, with a lot of physical differences and challenges, and it’s something that I’d never shared with anyone up until that point, apart from my family and close friends. 

I was waiting for my turn, ready to cop out and say something easy or something challenging that happened last year. Keep it light and not pour my soul out to every person in the room. But then I realised that those feelings were just ego and fear trying to protect me. I then heard this really clear voice, my voice, come through to me. I’m assuming it was intuition, higher self, or whatever you want to call it, but it was like, No, Emily, this is the year you’re going to finally share your story. You’re going to finally own your truth and use it to empower other people like you’ve always known you’re supposed to – this is your year! And it just felt like the perfect time to declare that.


Elley: Wow, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have chills coming up my spine from listening to you speak about that. That is honestly incredible!


Emily: Yeah, it was just one of those really clear moments that I’ll never forget. So, it got to my turn and I decided to listen to that inner voice and to be brave. I shared my whole story with the room. I was sobbing and shaking and my face was beet red. It was scary, but immediately after I had told my story, the feeling of reward that I felt was amazing. I had an instant connection to all the women in the room and so many of them were telling me how inspired they were after hearing my story and I just kind of got hooked from there. That was back in January 2019, and from that day forward, I knew exactly what I needed to be doing.

Everything happened really quickly from that point. I got certified in NLP and life and success coaching and then started my business with manifestation life coaching. My first few clients and courses were just general manifestation programs where I focused on sharing my story. I was then published in a women’s empowerment book and used that as a platform to give another speech. I then shared another speech about my story in general, and from there, I have never looked back.

Recently this year, I transitioned into specifically talking and guiding entrepreneurs, which is always kind of where my heart has been. I figured since I’d basically had a year experience of building up my own life coaching business, that I clearly knew enough about what I was doing and could help others to do the same!


Elley: That is so awesome. That’s the coolest part about being a coach is that you’ve been there before. You’ve been through the trenches, you’ve experienced all of the growth and learnings yourself then you get to pass those gifts, those lessons and those teachings on to all of the people that you get to help next, which is really cool! But I think it’s so crazy how everything along your path has just led you to this moment now. It just gives me chills hearing you speak about it, I love it so much! 


Emily: Yes, it really has. Even the physical issues I endured that weren’t business related have led me here. For most of my life, I hated all of my differences but now I see them as my greatest gifts because they are something that I can use to connect with people and show people that if I can be born with all these odds stacked against me, then it just goes to show the power of positive mindset, because here I am now living a life that I am absolutely in love with. There are no excuses.


Elley: That’s so inspiring. I’m sure there’s a lot of women listening that can really relate to you or who feel like maybe they’re in the same situation as you, and have doubts about fitting in. So can you share more info on how you overcome these sorts of doubts and thoughts in your mind, because like you said, if you can do it, other women can do it too!


Emily: Yes, I am so open about it now. So, I was born with a really rare connective tissue disorder called Beals Syndrome. It’s so rare that most doctors haven’t even heard of it. It causes a mutation of a gene that affects your connective tissue which results in really tight joints. So I have elbows, fingers and toes that don’t straighten all the way. I was also born with clubbed feet, which means I could not stand up and it took multiple surgeries for me to begin to start walking. Beals Syndrome also causes underdevelopment of all your bone and muscle mass, meaning it is extremely hard to put on weight and your limbs are extra long. So I grew up very very tall, very very skinny and had fingers and toes that were contracted. At 10-years-old, scoliosis kicked in and progressed very quickly and created a huge lump and curvature in my spine. I used to wear baggy clothes to hide my body and was literally hiding who I was. But it’s funny because I am so opposite of that now. 


Elley: I know, it’s crazy that you were literally hiding yourself. Not only metaphorically, but literally too. And now, you’re not only showing who you are to the world very visibly but you’re also inspiring, helping and supporting other women to do the same. It’s so incredible. 


Emily: I’m so passionate about this. When I was 14 my back actually became so curved that the doctors told my parents that we need to operate ASAP or my spine was going to crush me because it’s getting so severe. Naive 14-year-old me thought everything was going to be fine and that I would wake up with a straight back.

I didn’t realise how risky the 10-hour surgery would be or that they were cutting open my entire side and the whole midback to lower back of my spine which would leave massive scars forever. I also had a near-death experience in the hospital just after the surgery. I had a dream that felt so real and my grandmother was there. She had been in my dreams before and we were really close, but in this dream, I was running towards her and she was screaming at me to go back and be with my mother because I don’t want you here. I remember waking up covered in sweat and crying. My mum told me it was a bad dream, but she ran outside and told my dad that she thinks that I had almost died and that my grandma sent me back.


Elley: Wow, I have chills again! 


Emily: I actually forgot about that experience until years later when I was 20. My sister brought it up and it all came flooding back to me. It was like a wake-up call. I was like, holy crap, I could have not been here today! I need to start pursuing the things I want to pursue and show other people that there is an urgency to life. There is such an urgency for you to share the message that you’re here to share – the differences, the insecurities, the hardships. All of that is just part of the human experience, and they’re here to serve you! 

So it took me until my 20’s to start running with that but it’s a big contributing factor as to why I’m so passionate about helping other people pursue their passion and pursue it now.


Elley: Yes, no more waiting! Let’s take ownership and control of the moment because we never know when we are going to leave this earth. Harnessing what we have today and who we are today is really beautiful. I think so many women will be inspired by your story and motivated by just how strong and incredible you have come out on the other side. So, I do have a question for you in relation to all of this. Do you think that all of your surgeries, the hiding yourself, and the feeling different to others has shown up for you in business? And if so, how do you overcome and work through that? 


Emily: So I just want to mention that this has not been an overnight process for me. I still have insecurities that I work through and I am still very much on my journey!  But yes, it definitely comes up in my business. If I have to get up in front of a camera then I get self-conscious that mean people on the internet will see my bent fingers or call me anorexic. But I honestly feel so connected with my audience and I feel like they know me and my story so well that when I get up on stage, I feel like I am just talking to family members. So it is really empowering to dive into and talk about now.


Elley: Yes I definitely still play into some insecurities too. But like you said, we are all on this journey of finding and showing up as our true selves, and hats off to you for still trying because there is probably a lot of people out there that aren’t at that point yet. So it’s a really great achievement in itself. 

I want to talk to you a bit more about energy and mindset because a lot of what you do in business revolves around helping your clients feel empowered by sharing their stories and by finding their emotional and financial freedom and a lot of that comes from energy and mindset. It’s about more than just gathering a bunch of generic business strategies and putting them into place. So can you share with us what that looks like for you? I’m sure, probably like most people, you went into business thinking that you had to have all of these complex strategies in place to be successful, so was there a point that you realised that there was actually a lot more mindset work involved in business than strategy?


Emily: Yeah, I think I knew coming in that it was going to involve a lot of mindset shifts and mindset work. But of course, like any entrepreneur, I was looking for the strategies for the right funnel. I thought, should I do a 5-day challenge as that worked for my favourite coach? Or maybe if I use what this coach used, then I’ll be successful because I’m just plugging in exactly what they did (yeah right). I think being naive in that way actually benefited me, a lot. Because in the beginning, I had no clue about industry standards, I had no clue that if you wanted one person to join up for your offer that you should have 100 people in your webinar. So I went into my first-course launch in November 2019, super naive, and I had 28 people opt into my little 3-day challenge and 7 of them enrolled for my first ever program. It ended up being over 25% closing, and then I later found out that the average is 1% -2%. But I did get caught up in strategy a little bit later on. I thought that my next level must require some sort of strategy and that there was going to be some magic formula that I tried that would take me there. 


Elley: Everyone wants to know what the magic formula is! 


Emily: Even my clients say, I know you say it’s like 90% mindset and 10% strategy, but what is the 10% – What’s the strategy?!

When I say energy over strategy, I don’t mean to not have any strategy at all, of course, you need to have a strategy. You just need to pick one that feels good and commit to it. Are you going to do a webinar launch, a 3-day challenge, a 5-day challenge, are you going to pitch on stories and Facebook Lives? It doesn’t matter. Just pick one that feels good, easy and exciting, and then stick to it. The other 90% is seriously just your energy, which I consider to be mindset, beliefs, emotions, feelings and your vibration. 


Elley: It’s so true! So many people look for the magic formula and hang on to the strategy. I mean, we’ve all done it. So let’s dive more into the energy stuff because I think this is so cool. I think energy is everything. You can have the best strategy in the world but if your energy is off, if you’re in a low vibration if you aren’t in a good place, then the strategy doesn’t mean shit. It’s not going to work. 

So what are the few key things around energy? You mentioned thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions. So what would be a bad energy to be in business? What’s a bad vibe to be in when you’re trying to bring in clients for example?


Emily: I just want to say before we dive into good vibes vs bad vibes, that this was recently a breakthrough for me. That I get to decide my desires and I get to have awesome months in business even when I’m in a low vibe or am angry. If you have the belief that you have to be high-vibe to attract sales, then that’ll be your truth, right? But in general, you obviously want to keep your vibe good and your mindset and energy right as often as possible because it does matter! 

Here’s an example, If you are in an energy of, I need to fill 4 more spots this month or I knew I wasn’t good enough. That vibration is either not going to attract you any clients at all or attract you nightmare clients because you are desperate. I’ve been there before, looking back now there were red flags that I just ignored because I was just taking anyone on. 

On the flip side, a good vibration would be like, I’m only available for this type of client and be really clear on who your client is and only hold the expectation for that. Just trust that it’s coming to you. Go have fun and live your best life while you wait. Don’t get in the really bad vibe of being needy or desperate. 


Elley: It’s so true and when you do take on anyone, you don’t end up happy because it turns into this negative, never-ending loop or the client doesn’t show up, doesn’t pay, doesn’t respect your boundaries and just expects so much of you. You think, why did I take on this person? So another question I want to ask is, if you don’t have clients, how do you get the clients without seeming needy? And how do you get yourself into a good energy of trusting that they’ll come, but not be obsessed with it to the point that if it doesn’t happen you feel like you suck? 


Emily: That’s such a good question, and it’s kind of a balancing act. Manifestation in general is this paradox. You have to desire something, see it really clearly and visualise it. Like visualising your calls with those clients. Think of their personality and how you would vibe together. Think about the type of things you would talk about and how energised you’re going to feel after your calls with them because they’re more like a friend than a client. Get into all of that excitement and visualisation, and then just let it go. That’s the paradox of manifestation. You have to have this burning desire to see it, to feel it, and to almost taste it. But then you also need to be okay with it not happening because you saw it so vividly in your mind it’s like you already lived it anyway, so who cares if it actually happens. You already had so much fun envisioning it and trusting in it.

The book ‘Creating Money’ really helps me with this. It talks over and over about how when you’re pursuing your passion and you’re following your life’s work, you’re always going to be supported by the universe. So I just kept repeating that and telling myself that, ‘I’m following my passion and I’m in alignment with what I’m meant to be doing – I feel it, I know it. I know my worth, so of course I’m going to be supported. If it not through these clients, then through a course or something else. It didn’t matter what it was, I knew that I would be supported by the universe. 


Elley: That energy of positive expectation is so fun!  And something that you said earlier that I absolutely love, is that if something doesn’t show up in one way then maybe it’ll just show up in a different way. That’s totally cool as well. Let the universe surprise you, let money surprise you. I love setting goals and seeing what the universe brings to me.

So what are some tools, techniques, habits and rituals that you love? I know you have a morning routine and you do things throughout your day to keep your energy right. Could you share a couple of those things that you love with us?


Emily: Of course! I think it’s so important to have a morning routine because how you start your day really does shape how the whole day ends up turning out. I’ll actually be sharing my free download with your audience which has some journal prompts that I’m really loving right now. One of them is to actually ‘vision how you want to feel at the end of your day today’, which is actually really fun because you get to visualise your achievements and how you’re going to feel at the end of your day, first thing in the morning. I also like to write up dream client testimonials and imagine my audience talking about my offers in a positive way, that really gets me in the vibration. I also meditate every day and try to move my body every day too. I really take my time and indulge in my self care because I think that it’s such a big part of business and it really does equal your success. 

But if you’re strapped for time, make sure that you at least practice gratitude on a daily basis as it’s the most powerful –  what you appreciate, appreciates you. You can find so many handy gratitude journals online, so find one that fits your schedule and take it with you on the go!


Elley: At the moment, I love just journaling and then reading for half an hour. That’s my morning routine. But it has definitely changed over time. Whatever it is that you love doing, whatever lights you up, just do it! Even if you have to slip it into your lunch break. You will feel so much better. 


Emily: Yeah it can be so quick. I was talking to a friend the other day about how we sometimes get caught up in this belief that maybe were not doing enough meditation or that we have to do a certain amount of mindset work, which sounds so funny, but you only have to do something if you have the belief that you have to do it. If you believe you need a longer morning routine to hit $10k months, then what’s going to happen when you go for $20k months? You’re then going to have to double it again. So don’t limit yourself.


Elley: And that’s what I was saying before with strategy in business we think that there’s a better strategy or that we need to be showing up more or doing more ads. Sometimes, yeah, there’s room for improvement but sometimes it’s just about trusting. Trusting that what you’re doing is enough is so important. Just go with the flow and listen to what your energy is feeling. 

I could literally talk about this all day, but we, unfortunately, need to start wrapping things up. I am so grateful for your time and all the amazing insights that you gave us today, Emily. I do have one last question for you though, in your opinion and your personal experience of working with clients, do you think that there are one to two personality traits (or habits) of a really empowered female CEO or empowered businesswoman?


Emily: I think that she shows up fully expressed and she is 100% herself with everything she’s doing in her business. She doesn’t waver on her goals and she finishes everything that she starts. I think they are really good traits that are needed. It’s important to hold the vision of what you said you wanted to do and don’t change it just because your current reality doesn’t reflect your outcome. 


Elley: Yes I love that. I’m all about holding the goal. Loving what you said and crossing the finish line. So good. Can you please tell our listeners where they can follow you, learn more about you and even get their hands on that freebie with the journal prompts in it?


Emily: You can follow me at @essentiallyemm on Instagram, and head to my link in bio to get your hands on the freebie. It’s been an absolute pleasure being here. Thanks so much for having me. Hopefully I can connect with you all!


Elley: Oh, anytime! I will also post the link for both Em’s Instagram and her freebie in the show notes, as well as, the link to my interview that I did on Emily’s podcast. It was so much fun and if you love learning about all things energy, mindset and showing up as your true self, then definitely head on over and check it out. Thank you so much to Emily, and to you all for listening to today’s episode. See you next time!


You can follow Emily here:


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051. Sharing Your Story & Owning Your Unique Gifts in Business with Emily Brant   051. Sharing Your Story & Owning Your Unique Gifts in Business with Emily Brant