As a business owner, you want your content to be magnetic, on-brand, and to speak to your dream client. Easier said than done, right? 

Today, I’m here to tell you how you can get content ideas effortlessly, all day, every day. Not only that, but content that’s inspired by your ideal clients and will attract your ideal clients. You’re going to have so many content ideas that you’ll be overflowing with them! 

Join me as we go through the 10 best places to get endless content ideas that will magnetise your dream clients. I am so excited to share this with you, so let’s get started!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why creating content starts with knowing your ideal client
  • Share, share and share again
  • How to create & capture content that comes when you least expect it
  • The 10 BEST ways to inspire magical content


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The Episode Breakdown:

Welcome back to another episode of The Empowered CEO Show!

I am pumped – I can’t wait to get into today’s episode with you. Today, we are talking about the 10 best places to get content ideas for your business, for your brand, and that will magnetise your dream clients. 

I am so excited and so ready to get into this, so let’s get started!


Number 1. Know your ideal client’s struggles and desires 

You guys know by now that you should know your ideal client inside and out. If you don’t or you feel like you need to revisit that, then do that ASAP – I promise you, it will help with your content, your pricing, your offers, everything in your business!

One of the best places to get content ideas is by knowing your ideal client’s struggles and desires. 

When I think about creating content where I truly know what my ideal client’s struggles and desires are, I always think about what they’re struggling with TODAY, and what they desire today. Also, what do they need to hear today to feel inspired, motivated or to achieve a quick win? 

This is why knowing your ideal client inside and out is so important. It’s key to growing a successful business, especially when it comes to creating content that resonates with your ideal client and makes them feel empowered to want to work with you. 

Now when I say you need to know your ideal client’s struggles, I’m not talking about throwing their struggles in their face and then running in the opposite direction. Talk about their struggle, share your own struggle with it and empower them to shift their mindset. Empower them to take action and make a change. 

Knowing your ideal client’s struggles and desires is honestly the most important thing you will do for your business. 


Number 2. Share your previous struggles

Create content around your previous struggles. Share your rough patches, your heartbreaks, your disappointments, the moments where you felt so close to giving up. 

The point of this is to get vulnerable with your audience. Get as vulnerable as you want to get – you don’t have to share everything with your audience if you don’t want to. It doesn’t make it inauthentic, and it doesn’t mean that you’re not being true to yourself. You can still be an incredible leader by not sharing those parts that don’t feel good for you to share yet. 

Share the struggles that you feel comfortable sharing, and get vulnerable with your audience in a way that you feel comfortable getting vulnerable with them. 

Show your audience that you’re a human being. You get it. 

People buy from people that they trust. For someone to trust you, they need to see that you aren’t this perfect human being who never makes mistakes and has never been through struggles. They need to see that you are just like them, you understand what they’ve been through. 

When you share those real-life experiences of times when you went through what they’re going through, that is honestly one of the greatest gifts that you could give to your audience. You’re showing your audience that they’re not alone. 

You can empower them through the big struggles from your story that took you from where you came from to where you are now, or you can share the smaller moments that happen day-to-day. 

You are an example of what’s possible for them, because the truth is that we’re all as capable as one another. So share your struggles with your audience to show that you understand and that you’re there for them. 


Number 3. Conversations with your clients

Some of the best pieces of content that I have ever created have come from conversations with my clients, whether we’re planning out launches, or talking through a really difficult situation that’s come up for them with a client of their own. The conversations that I have with my clients are just so expansive, so next-level and so empowering that I can’t *not* be inspired to create content after having them.

My audience is going to love this kind of content because it’s inspired by real-life conversations I’m having with my ideal clients. So of course, it attracts more women who are also my ideal clients because if it’s resonating with my existing ideal clients, then of course it’s going to resonate with potential ideal clients. 

The conversations you have with your clients around their struggles, what’s coming up for them, what’s going on in their life and the questions they’re asking you are naturally going to help inspire some of the best pieces of content that you can create. 

It’s not about taking the conversation that you had and literally spelling it out for your audience. It’s about sharing the important message that you shared with your client that everyone needs to hear. If I’m having that conversation with an existing client, I know for a fact it’s going to resonate with my audience, because my audience is full of my ideal clients as well. 


Number 4. Ask your clients

This is a very short, simple, no-brainer one, but plenty of people don’t do it – ask your clients. 

There is no harm in just straight-up asking your existing clients what type of content they want to see from you. Are there certain podcasts they wish you had, is there a type of blog post that they’d love to have to go back to when you’ve finished coaching? Literally ask them what type of content they love. 

As we just touched on, the clients that you’re already working with are your ideal clients, so naturally, most of the things that your existing clients are wanting to hear from you in your content is also going to resonate with the potential clients that are in your audience right now. 


Number 5. Share your wins

What are you celebrating in your life? What are you celebrating in your business? What are you celebrating in whatever it is that’s going on for you, or whatever it is that you help your clients with? Share your celebrations and your wins with your audience, share that vibe and that energy. 

They don’t have to be big, shiny results all the time. It can also be the small wins that happen day-to-day. 

Everyone loves to celebrate, everyone loves a party, and everyone loves to be in the vibe of celebration. Don’t hold back from sharing your wins because you’re afraid of what people might think – screw that! Let that go. You’re a CEO, you’re a boss ass bitch, so celebrate yourself

Fun fact – when you celebrate yourself, you’re actually encouraging others to celebrate themselves too. If you want to empower other people to be proud of themselves, you need to go first and encourage others. 

Celebrate yourself and be proud of yourself. I promise you, your audience wants to hear about it! 


Number 6. Share what you believe in

What beliefs do you have that you wish everyone knew? What’s one thing that your ideal client needs to hear today that could help them to believe in themselves, to shift their thinking, to take action? Share that with your audience. 

If you share your beliefs, you show your audience what kind of a person you are and what values you hold. It’s a great way to build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor that we always hear about. When you share the things that you believe in, you’re sharing the things that you’re passionate about and that light you up. It allows you to fully express yourself and share the real you. 

These are the things that you could talk about for hours on end, 24/7, all day, every day. And honestly, if you get a little bit feisty with it, that just adds a bit of spice to the mix!

Share what’s in your heart, in your soul and on your mind. Share what you truly want to share and show your audience the things you truly believe in that you wish they knew. 


Number 7. Share what you don’t believe in

On the flip side of the previous tip, now we’re talking about the things that you *don’t* believe in. This is actually a really great kind of content that can polarise your audience in the best way possible. 

Now, some of you may be worrying – but if I share things that I don’t believe in, won’t I ostracise and alienate people who actually do believe in that thing? 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s okay. It’s not your problem if someone disagrees with you. 

This tip is about you sharing what you don’t believe in. Here’s what I mean: What are some of the common beliefs in your industry that you disagree with? What are people saying in your industry that really grinds your gears? What are your ideal clients believing right now that is keeping them stuck? 

Just like you did with creating content where you’re talking about the things that you do believe in, you want to get as passionate and feisty about the things that you *don’t* believe in. 

It’s not about calling people out. Everyone has their own way of doing things. It’s about sharing what you’re passionate about when it comes to what you *don’t* believe in. Share why you don’t believe in it, and share what you do believe instead. 

People love this kind of content. It’s the type of content that magnetises your true ideal clients. 


Number 8. Journalling

I love journalling. It’s honestly one of my favourite ways to come up with the most magnetic content ideas. They’re just so freakin’ good. 

Sometimes I’ll get an amazing idea for a piece of content when I’m mid-journalling, and I’ll quickly jot it down, just so that I can continue with journalling and then create the content after. Sometimes I’ll be journalling and I won’t get any inspired ideas while I’m doing it, but shortly after I’ve finished I’ll get the best idea for a piece of content. 

It is honestly, hands-down one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing. It involves you writing, which is a really great way to just get the words flowing, but also tapping into your mind and intuition. Sometimes those creative juices are bottled up and journalling is like unscrewing the lid on the jar to your mind, and allowing all those creative ideas that are bottled up inside you to come out. 

Another benefit of creating content ideas from your journalling is that when you’re journalling on topics that you help your ideal clients with, that’s sometimes the best type of content you can create. Some of my actual journalling and what I’m working through myself can make really great content. Sometimes, I’ll just flip back through my journal and look at what resonates and what stands out. Are there any patterns or recurring themes? Is there something I’ve personally worked through that I know could help my ideal client? You might find that there’s a piece of content hidden within your journalling already. 

By the way, if you want to learn more about how to tap into the power of journalling, I’ve just created a brand new program called Magnetic Journalling, which you can join through my website anytime. Go check it out!


Number 9. Creating content after you’ve consumed content

This could be books that you’re ready, podcasts that you’re listening to, movies that you’re watching… Sometimes consuming other content can inspire you to create your own. 

Now, I do have two really important things to say on this:

  1. When I’m talking about getting creative content ideas by consuming other people’s content, I am NOT talking about copying content. I’m talking about being inspired by the content. Consume the content, be inspired, but don’t straight-up copy. 
  2. Although consuming content can sometimes be a really great way to get inspired to create your own, sometimes it actually has the complete opposite effect. 

That second point is why this tip may not be for everyone. I actually sometimes tell my clients not to consume before they create. When I say this, I’m talking specifically about consuming content from other people in your industry before you create your own content. 

Let’s say you’re a mindset coach. If you watch someone else’s YouTube video around mindset coaching and then sit down to create a podcast on mindset coaching, you’re probably going to struggle and have a lot of hesitation, because that person’s beliefs are fresh in your mind. Especially if you disagree with something they say, it’s going to be hard to block that out and just share your truth. If you’re someone who struggles to drown out the noise and share your truth, this tip probably isn’t going to work for you just yet. 

Consuming content can be a great way to get content ideas, it just depends on the specific type of content you’re consuming. But take this one with a grain of salt and only use it when you know that you’re in the right mindset to use it. 


Number 10. Do the things that you love

Here’s the thing. Content ideas don’t always flow when you’re sitting at your laptop, ready to batch a bajillion posts, blog posts or podcast episodes. We can all put our hand up and say that we’ve sat down to create content and then just been blocked. 

Often the greatest ideas will come when you are tuned OUT of your business and tuned IN to your life.

It’s so easy to come up with content ideas when you’re living your life instead of being in business mode because, duh, you’re living your life. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re having fun. You’re living in the moment and doing what you love. It’s no wonder you feel creatively inspired to actually create content, because you’re prioritising your happiness and your mental health, and you’re putting yourself first. 

Whatever your quiet or happy space is, it’s a place where you can take a breath, calm down and just be. There’s no pressure. There’s no rules. There’s no deadlines. 

It’s when you’re least expecting it that you get the best content ideas. In fact, make sure you always have a list in your phone or whatever you always have with you for all those creative ideas that you get on a day-to-day basis. Write your ideas down as they come to you because it’s often when you’re doing the things that you love and when you least expect it that you’ll get the best creative content ideas. 

Honestly, even if you threw out every other tip I’ve given you in this episode and just took on this one piece of advice, you would have plenty of content ideas flowing to you all day, every day, so freakin’ effortlessly. 


This is a piece of advice that I want you to take. Prioritise living your life and loving your life, and I swear the content ideas will come. The content ideas will flow. You will be so inundated with creative ideas you won’t even be able to keep up with it. 

If you’re living your life and loving your life, there’s no possible way that you can’t be creatively inspired to create content. 




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069. The 10 Best Places to Get ENDLESS Content Ideas   069. The 10 Best Places to Get ENDLESS Content Ideas