It’s time for a look behind the scenes into my business and my life as I share with you how I shift my energy when it feels off. 

Let’s be honest, we all have those days where our energy feels off and icky. It can look different for everyone, but I’m talking about those times when you just don’t feel as inspired or motivated as usual. You might be asking yourself – “What’s wrong? What’s missing?”

In today’s episode, I’ll be showing you how to find the answers to these questions and more! I’ll share with you the exact steps that I take to let go of icky energy and work through it, from powerful questions to simple, actionable steps. 

If you’re in a stage of your business or life right now where your energy feels off or you don’t feel totally confident in yourself, then this episode is for you – and one that you can come back to anytime you need a reminder!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to give yourself permission to just be present with yourself
  • How to truly check in with yourself
  • My simple strategy to actually shift your energy
  • Two tips you should ALWAYS be doing – whether your energy is on or off!


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today I want to take you behind the scenes to share what I do when my energy feels off. 

What do I mean by “off”? Well, that looks different for everyone, but sometimes your energy just doesn’t feel right – you don’t feel as inspired or motivated as usual, something inside of you feels wrong, or you just don’t feel completely like yourself. 

You might be in a stage of your business or life right now where you don’t feel completely confident in yourself or maybe you just feel a little overwhelmed and uninspired. If that’s you, then I want this to be an episode that you can come back to at any time to just remind yourself of a few really important things. 

As business owners and human beings, we need to stop putting such high expectations on ourselves and thinking that our energy needs to be on point and we need to be happy and high-vibe 24/7. People place so much pressure on themselves to be happy, excited, motivated and showing up all the time, but in reality that won’t always be true. 

Our energy isn’t always going to feel good. Sometimes we just feel off – and that’s okay. 

So first things first, stop putting so much pressure on yourself to feel good all the time and to always be inspired and motivated. The reality is that everyone has their moments – it’s part of business and it’s part of life. 


Let me take you behind the scenes of my business to show you how I shift my energy when it feels off. 


I give myself permission to cancel everything and focus on myself. 

If my energy is off that day, I will cancel anything in my calendar for that day. I’m not saying that I cancel all my plans for the next week, month or year – I just accept that today, my energy is off and I need to give myself permission to focus on myself. 

If I’m not operating at my best, my business isn’t going to operate at its best. I can’t be the best me for my clients if I’m not feeling good, so I need to cancel my plans and put myself first. 

I give myself permission to cancel everything unapologetically and without feeling guilty. I get off my phone, close my laptop, stop checking my emails and social media, and I stop consuming other people’s content. I allow myself to not be present anywhere other than with myself. 

When your energy is off, the worst thing you can do is to keep working, pushing through, suppressing your emotions and looking at what everyone else is doing. When you do that, you’re avoiding being present with yourself. 

The best thing you can do is to give yourself permission to forget about everything else and focus on you. Take the time to be present with yourself so you can get back to feeling your best. 


I check in with WHY my energy feels off. 

This is something that a lot of people avoid because they’re scared of what they’ll find. When we check in with why our energy feels off, sometimes we’re afraid that we’re going to have to look at things we don’t want to look at, heal things we thought we’d already healed, find limiting beliefs we didn’t realise we had, or come across past trauma that we still haven’t completely let go of. 

But when something feels off and we don’t feel completely like our confident, abundant, aligned selves, it’s so important to check in with *why* we feel off. 

You don’t have to dig or go really deep if you don’t want to – that’s a personal choice. It’s about bringing awareness to the situation and checking in with yourself. 


I ask myself these two questions every day. 

  1. How am I feeling? 
  2. What do I need? 

If your energy is off right now, ask yourself those two questions. 

How are you truly feeling?
So many of us are suppressing our emotions and not allowing ourselves to feel them because we’re scared that if we do, that somehow means that we won’t be successful. We suppress them and push through – we keep opening the laptop, checking our phones or whatever else we’re doing in our business so that we can distract ourselves from our emotions. You need to check in with how you’re truly feeling. 

What do you need?
Once you’ve brought awareness to how you’re feeling, ask yourself what you need. It could be rest, movement, a holiday, sleep, water, food, company or alone time. It doesn’t matter if the answer doesn’t make sense – trust your intuition and do it. 

If we aren’t checking in with how we’re really feeling and what we really need, then it’s a recipe for disaster and it’s no wonder that our energy is off. 

Ask yourself these questions and be truly honest with yourself – whatever comes up is going to be so perfect and true to you. 


I allow myself to feel my emotions to heal my emotions. 

If you want to let go of an emotion, you have to feel it first

If you feel like sh*t, allow yourself to feel like sh*t – but don’t choose to sit in that feeling for longer than you need to. Feel your emotions for as long as you intuitively know that you need to, until you have that moment where you know you’re done with it and you’re shifting it. 

Feel your emotions to heal your emotions. Don’t suppress them, but don’t choose to sit in them for longer than you need to. Trust your intuition and follow it – it’s one thing to hear your intuition and another thing to follow it. 


I do the things that I love.

We all know that we should be prioritising living our lives regardless of our energy and how we feel, but so many of us just forget about it. 

When you reach that moment where you know you’re so done with the emotions that you’re feeling, then all you need to do is do the things that you love in order to shift your energy. 

Prioritise feeling good by taking action and doing the things that you love. 


Start getting back into business. 

When you feel ready, then it’s time to start getting back into business. You can start showing up again, start posting on Instagram Stories, start creating content, start selling more and slowly start looking at what other people are doing. 

This is a really good time to have a digital detox. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do when you get back to showing up on social media after having a break. Go through the people that you’re following and unfollow people that you want to let go of. You don’t have to follow everyone and you don’t have to be consuming everything. 

No matter what’s going on in your life and business, you need to be following people that light you up, excite you, motivate you and push you to be the best version of yourself. 


Finally… there are two really important things you must do once you’ve completed this process – and always. 

1. Form new habits to reduce whatever emotion you were feeling that made you feel off. 

If your energy felt off because you were really overwhelmed, you need to form new habits to reduce overwhelm – it could be meditating everyday, taking less clients, only working 3 days a week or less hours a day. Whatever you need to do to reduce that feeling, do it. 

You’ll still have moments, but forming these new habits is a great way to avoid getting yourself into the exact same situation again where your energy feels off. 


2. Prioritise taking care of yourself and focusing on yourself first – regardless of whether your energy is on or off.

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling good or not – you should be taking care of yourself and focusing on yourself. 

Your business cannot grow to its greatest potential and *you* cannot grow to your greatest potential if you aren’t focusing on taking care of yourself. 

Stop getting consumed by what everyone else is doing. Give yourself permission to cancel all your plans, even if it’s just giving yourself one day a week or carving out time each day to give yourself time to just be with yourself

Prioritise taking care of yourself and focusing on yourself first and just give yourself permission to do it all – I can’t stress that enough. 


If you feel like you’re at a point where you’re ready to shift your energy, then check out this episode about handling bad days in business and getting back to feeling high-vibe. I share some other tips, strategies and mindset shifts that perfectly complement this one. You’ll have all the “aha!” moments you’ll need to get your energy and vibe right where you want them!




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085. How I Shift My Energy When It Feels OFF In Business   085. How I Shift My Energy When It Feels OFF In Business